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On Coming Out

Monday is National Coming Out Day. Joe has a terrific thread in which he asks his readers to share their own stories about when they did:

Who was the very first person you came out to? How'd they handle the news? What about your parents? And since they say coming out is a never-ending process, who was the most recent person you came out to?

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Wed Late Night Lo-Fi, Classical Ed. Williams Rawks My World. You?


Tallis Fantasia indeed. Just to show you, I'm not all about the new and electronica, and sometimes it's good to just let happiness and beauty wash thru one, no matter what the crisis or difficulty at hand. Imho, it's hard for "classical" music to get better than my boy VW. Good night, Corrente. Heh, you'll miss lb so much before he comes back and relieves you of me, I have no doubt. Read more about Wed Late Night Lo-Fi, Classical Ed. Williams Rawks My World. You?

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Self Centered BD Posting and the Curse of Tobacco


OK, Corrente: let me be boringly personal for a sec. Tomorrow, I will become officially Old. Yep, it's my big 4-0 tomorrow, and I'm going to give myself a present I really need. I'm going to quit smoking. It's this silly thing I've always told myself, that 40 should be a milestone in as many ways as possible. Quitting smoking will be the first step in a new journey on the road to becoming a better person. Read more about Self Centered BD Posting and the Curse of Tobacco

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Torture Has Consequences

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Combatting Fear: Answer this Youtube

This annoyed the crap out of me. Have at it, Corrente.It's been making the rounds on the blogs and is the very embodiment of the 'fear strategy' that Dems are using to convince people to vote for them. What pisses me off most about it is the "you'll get what you deserve" part at the end. Fuck you, Dem strategist who came up with that. No, you will get what you deserve, when this is all over. I won't forget this threat. Read more about Combatting Fear: Answer this Youtube

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The Battle Begins

I suspect this is only among the first in a coming wave of lawsuits.

Citigroup Inc. and Ally Financial Inc. units were sued by homeowners in Kentucky for allegedly conspiring with Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to falsely foreclose on loans.

The lawsuit, filed as a civil-racketeering class action on behalf of all Kentucky homeowners facing foreclosure, also names as a defendant Reston, Virginia-based MERS, the company that handles mortgage transfers among member banks. The suit claims that through MERS the banks are foreclosing on homes even when they don’t hold titles to the properties.

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Late Night Not Lo-Fi Blogging: Play with Teh Gaii


Heh, LB is in an undisclosed location, so he can't stop me. /evil superhero laugh/ Yes, I will impose Pete upon you. Deal, Youtube? Pete's only the greatest person to wear an eyepatch since, well, pick your 30s movie hero/ine. I don't love him as an old blonde, but in his weave days? Oh good lord. Boy George was a fag, to paraquote "The Usual Suspects" with all the ironic incorrectness I can muster. Flame, etc, away. Pete? The Real Man we all wanted to be. The Brave Gay Man when none of us could be. Read more about Late Night Not Lo-Fi Blogging: Play with Teh Gaii

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Fox Losing Popularity?

Y'all know I don't watch TV, but tell me what you think is going on here:

The cable news ratings for the third quarter of 2010 were released today, and Fox News is showing signs of decline as their viewership has decreased by 21%, and their top shows all posted double digit losses, while MSNBC’s shows grew and the network attracted more younger viewers.

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Hail to the Hackers!

Hail, Hail to the Champions of the West!

I probably don't have to remind folks here that many electronic voting systems that are not for "online" voting are in fact, well, online.

Brad has a short list in his top post this morning, just to remind everyone of what's really going on out there.
Read more about Hail to the Hackers!

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I just loafed this over at S'ville.

I 'd like to add a bit about the "how." that is, how "he could've done better." one of the frequent critiques of "far" lefties is "well, what more could he have done, smarty pants?" and i'd like to point to the model of LBJ and Truman, for two recent dem examples. nobody ever, not ever, asks "why do the rethugs maintain a United Front, but dems don't?"

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Sunday Atheism Blogging

May I use the opportunity of Holy Power Daddy to introduce the concept of "The Queer Strategy?" It's like the "Southern Strategy" but for progressives.

Never mind the pit of despair, delusion, hypocrisy, and shock the African American believing community finds itself in this morning. I have little pity for people who find out that an obvious con artist and liar to whom they've uncritically and enthusiastically given money is... a con artist and liar. Oh, and Rev. Wright, Rev. Jackson? You better come correct this morning, or all your "moral" authority is forever lost. Read more about Sunday Atheism Blogging

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Baby Name Emergency!!!


Heh, there aren't many better opportunities to Go For It. The Facts: male, my nephews, twins, new on the scene, right around this astrological sign, eastern yurpean, likely pale and blonde, well off, it's still unclear if they'll be raised in any particular "tradition." Very American, in that way. So... names, anyone? Think twin boys. You've got 7 days. Last name starts with "d" and rhymes with "eat." We're shooting for first, or middle. My vote? Berengar. What kid wouldn't want a cool name like that? Second choice/twin #2: Joachim Sebastian. Hokey, but there you go. Read more about Baby Name Emergency!!!

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Morning View: The Woods Between the Worlds

So you know how Joe and Hoss are always braggin on their urban hellhole views and how Fabulous they are. When they're not dissin us Flatlanders in burbs where Nobody lives and Nothing ever happens. I just thought I'd share a little from puppy's morning exercise routine, cause this is what we do when we're not paving everything over to inflate bubbles on Wall St and completing consumerist rituals in mindless excess. Read more about Morning View: The Woods Between the Worlds

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Goodbye, Billy Lucas

When will people understand, it's war. On us. On you. On your family. Because of what you are.

The next time you think, "CD is too strident and angry in her atheism and/or rhetoric against homophobia. She should be more patient and forgiving," think of this post.

Wars are not always fought on battlefields with guns and bombs, but people still die in them. Read more about Goodbye, Billy Lucas


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