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On (Re)Educating the "Progressive" Creative Class

So Lambert put up an old Newberry post recently and the comments deserve further discussion. Given that it's a popular topic in the blogosphere right now, let me oversimplify the matter:

How can we make the overclass/creative class/political leadership/policy makers truly understand the plight of the people who make/do/are the things that are affected by the policy the overclass shapes? Tony Wikrent's comment included this quote from an author he respects: Read more about On (Re)Educating the "Progressive" Creative Class

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The Pool Riddle

This is the blog that says Fuck! proudly, so this shouldn't shock anyone too much. I recently came across a nifty little comment/riddle and I thought I'd share it.

So let's say your standing in a pool, neck-deep in vomit. There's a person standing above you on the pool side, with a big hunk of dogshit that they are about to throw at your face. Do you duck, and immerse yourself totally in vomit? Or do you stand firm, and get a face full of shit?

Applying this to voting in the fall, the vomit = GOP and shit = Dems. Read more about The Pool Riddle

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Sunday Atheism Blogging: Mawwage Ed.

The NSA is really giving me the widdershins today. Meh. Hopefully, this will work. Starting link. My Comment:

well, f*ck it. this is the atheist blog, after all.

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Common Household Remedies Request: Working From Home (And Actually Getting Paid)

[And I'm leaving this sticky since I don't think CD's the only one. In fact, I know she's not. --lambert]

I won't lie to you: I could use more money. I'm not a slob (well, mostly; don't look in that lower floor toilet right now, m'kay?) and I like working hard. Not hard like certain Bread-licking dykes from the Left Coast, of course /naughty/, but still, hard work and I are old friends. Like most of you, I am experiencing personally just how bad this economy sux, and how difficult it is to manage health care realities with paying the bills on time. Read more about Common Household Remedies Request: Working From Home (And Actually Getting Paid)

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A Rare Lesbian Rant



Meh, I'm trying to think of a way to keep this short. Bottom line: it's much, much nicer to be an out gay man, today, than it is to be an out gay woman or transperson. It... annoys me that I have to dispute this, even at popular gay blogs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing anyone at this post or blog or in particular. I just don't think I should have to argue that. And I doubt most of you care! And that's fine! But as intra-PC wars that no one cares about go, this makes me crazy. Read more about A Rare Lesbian Rant

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Common Household Remedies Request: Depression

Heh, I won't even pretend that I'm not talking about myself. But not just myself; my bouts with depression are pretty mild and I manage them well mostly with yoga and healthy food and the occasional blunt. But I've got a couple people I dearly love who are in the depths of Hell right now, and I want to help them. Without Big Pharma, obviously. Read more about Common Household Remedies Request: Depression

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Corrente Reads Books, Lite: Books That Help Us

Quickie Drive Thru Posting: So do you keep "throne room" books by your, um, area? I do. They are usually "light" books, books I can read for 5 or 10 pages at a time while taking care of business, but that I don't miss or long for when I'm doing serious work or reading. Mostly, I re-read favorite fiction in these times (sorry if that's TMI). Anyway, I had the thought today in a similar experience:

If you woke up one night and your house was on fire and you suddenly understood our whole society was collapsing around you, and you only had five minutes to grab something and rush out, which books would you choose? If any? Read more about Corrente Reads Books, Lite: Books That Help Us

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A Deeply Serious, Personal and Health Care Related Post, or, "Common Household Remedies, Vol.XXXIII"

I'll make it simple and short. How much time and effort should we spend, as individuals, caring for our elder (or younger, or more helpless) relatives who are caught in the meat grinder of the American Health "care" system?

My options:

1. Give up. Move on. Let them die. But, letting them die, probably have a degree of financial and professional "success" I can't have if I'm caring for others.
2. Try to balance 4.5 jobs, as opposed to 3.5, and try to support some dying, sick old folks related to me, giving them a degree of comfort they can't manage on their own. Read more about A Deeply Serious, Personal and Health Care Related Post, or, "Common Household Remedies, Vol.XXXIII"

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August Bloom Day Blogging

For once, I thought I'd make the deadline for Bloom Day posts. I just realized I only posted flowers once last month, so a lot of the good stuff is in here, even though officially it's done flowering. Bloom Days folks, consider this Double BD posting, or something. Anyway, lots of pics warning for the slow loaders. There's a bit from the food crops in here, but I'll do a dedicated food related post later. This was taken today, at least: Read more about August Bloom Day Blogging

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Is Higher Education a Waste of Time for Little People?

This is probably the wrong time to post this, but I just discovered this blog and the angry posts about education, employment and debt there. Don't get me wrong; I can wax plenty angry on those subjects and the way they interact today in this country. But I'm disturbed. It seems to me more and more people are giving up on the idea that education, the real and good kind, is of value in and of itself. I could never believe that. Read more about Is Higher Education a Waste of Time for Little People?

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Home Farming News

I can't recall if I linked to El before, but I will now. She's one of the most serious home farmers with a blog I know, and I think everyone here who has been following the environmental posts here will enjoy her work and her lively community of fellow growers and farmers. She doesn't post often these days, but you'll see why when you take a look at all the work she does! Truly impressive and inspiring. Read more about Home Farming News

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Sunday Atheism Blogging

I haven't even made it through the comments yet, but I just have to pass along this great Sunday blog topic from my girl, Greta Christina. Why won't she call me, oh why oh why? Heh, anyway:

Atheists and unbelievers: What, if anything, would make you believe? Worship? Read more about Sunday Atheism Blogging

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Why Do You Consume It?

Heh, look at me. It's like I'm a real blogger again or something. I blame all that rain we had; there was no way I was getting squat done in the garden this past week. But clearly my old addiction was just masqued by planting; I admit that and this post is as much to myself as it is to you all. Read more about Why Do You Consume It?

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Abused, Confused, and Gosh We've All Been There

I've actually had a little time this week to blog, and it's been fun. Catching up after months of 24/7 nursing duty and spring rush gardening is always entertaining. Is this typical of what is out there these days? I suppose it is right about now. I remember talking like that, when I was an abused wife trying to "justify" to my girlfriends why my husband "needed" to beat me. Read more about Abused, Confused, and Gosh We've All Been There


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