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Something to Pass Around


Not news to anyone here, but still worth repeating:

But it's not just wealthy individuals who grotesquely manipulate the system for their benefit. It's the multinational corporations they own and control. In 2009, Exxon Mobil, the most profitable corporation in history made $19 billion in profits and not only paid no federal income tax—they actually received a $156 million refund from the government. In 2005, one out of every four large corporations in the United States paid no federal income taxes while earning $1.1 trillion in revenue.
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Friday Night Sex Blogging

So my gf du jour won't be by until Sunday, and I'm stuck with a Working Friday Night anyway, due to...well, that doesn't matter. But I was reading one of Corrente's fabulous blogroll links, and the author was talking about the perils of dating online as an older woman. I guess that's me too, now! I'm a bit of an, um, well, [fill in your grandmother's favorite naughty word for bad grrls here]. Just out of silliness and curiosity, what dating sites do you use, and why? Read more about Friday Night Sex Blogging

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Mountain Oysters and Blue Hairs for Money!

Would you pay $2 for that plant?
The following pic is potentially NSFW, you've been warned.

2010_07220001 Read more about Mountain Oysters and Blue Hairs for Money!

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Greenroofing, Mr. Chu! Don't listen to that fool Hoss.

Atrios is applauding Sec. Chu's initiative for painting roofs white to save the government money on energy costs. Of course I am in agreement and approve. But I'm the silly DFH dreamer who only will be satisfied with rainbows and ponies, so I'm just going to remind them both: white paint is fine, but green roofs are much, much better. Read more about Greenroofing, Mr. Chu! Don't listen to that fool Hoss.

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Why Aren't We in Space?

So a couple of my Netflix this week are space related. It's got me wondering: why aren't we there? "We" being the whole globe, not just NASA and the US. Yes, I know that China and other nations have been moving along in terms of space explorations. Still, it's interesting to think about today, and just a few decades ago, when popular writers and thinkers and even politicians believed we'd have bases on the Moon and spaceships near Saturn by now. I have my own conspiracy theories, but they are mostly silly. Read more about Why Aren't We in Space?

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no, silly. not that kind, at least, not in this post. :-)

So Lambert has been asking questions in the CHRR series like these about weeds in the garden. I think he and I have different weed issues, so I'll post mine here and if you have any links or thoughts, go for it in the comments. One of the more frustrating things for me as a gardener is just when I get one under control, it seems like a new species discovers my space. Sigh. Read more about Weed!

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Friday Penis Cucumber Blogging

Because we all need a laugh and it's Friday and Lambert has Issues. :-)
for lambert

No, I didn't grow it. But I wish I had.
Read more about Friday Penis Cucumber Blogging

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Summer Garden Blogging

I blew it for the "End of the Month" series, but today is close enough. Standard warning for those on dial up.
DSCF1271 I told you it was weird.
Read more about Summer Garden Blogging

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End of Spring Productive Garden Blogging

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End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

Welcome to Spring, Correntians! It's here, for all we're still getting a tad frosty at night. Normal Warning: lots of pics, long load for dial up folk. Read more about End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

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Everything They Owned, Gone: Why I Will Never Be an Obama Fan


Papers won't protect you, Little Faggot. This one really, really resonates with me, as I could be in a similar situation myself someday and I'm currently hip-deep in dealing with "the county" and eldercare for which I'm responsible. They are like sharks, the social workers, nurses, therapists... They're always watching you, waiting for a person to make a "mistake," so they can bring in their guns and rearrange your life. Read more about Everything They Owned, Gone: Why I Will Never Be an Obama Fan

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Sunday Bulb Explosion

I need a new computer. It was way too much work to get these uploaded. So I'm going to have to limit the pics here to a few and send you to my flickr page, sorry. When I have some time (hah) I really should figure out if there's a faster way to do this, suggestions are appreciated. Now, on to Spring Glory! As always, if you've got any you want to add in the comments, please feel free.


F-something, a bulb I picked up last fall in Holland, MI (TOTALLY WORTH THE TRIP, btw) It's only a little thing today, but it should get to 5 feet high with these fabulous flowers draping down a long stem. Read more about Sunday Bulb Explosion

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Sunday Atheism Blogging

I like Anthony, a lot. We often "speak" on the blogs we frequent; his own, others, etc. But this post made me lose my cookies. Here's the part that got my wafers in a bunch:
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