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Liberals, Families, NPR

So, I had an ugly encounter with a family member yesterday. Here's the short version:

Her: So I heard this on NPR yesterday /insert Republican propaganda/.

Me: That comes from the Heritage Foundation. And it's factually untrue. Do you know that?

Her: What makes you smarter than NPR? We give them money, you know. They're Liberal! /indignant pose/

Me: Well, actually, they're not anymore /litany of facts about Heritage, NPR, Diane Rheem, Terry Gross/

Her: Fuck you, you fucking DFH! I make more money than you!


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Made of WIN! vs EPIC FAIL: Afghanistan

An Open Letter to Very Important Democrats and their Associates:

Hey, y'all. I had some thoughts I wanted to share about that Afghanistan situation. Hope it's not too long, but I thought you may not have heard some of these ideas before, based on what I know you consider US "options" there. Hope you enjoy the jocular and whimsical tone, I know serious and long-winded writing can get boring so I funned it up a bit. Read more about Made of WIN! vs EPIC FAIL: Afghanistan

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Please Help in Haitian Relief Efforts


Correntians, I'd like to make a request. Please take a moment and help the Haitian people, in this dire hour of their need. There are many charitable organizations mobilizing right now, and you can help in those efforts. My first choice: Doctors Without Borders, who report that three of their hospitals in Haiti have been destroyed. There's also these easy steps you can take to aid in the relief efforts:
Read more about Please Help in Haitian Relief Efforts

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On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

This essay is very good and I'd encourage you to pass it around, but it likely has too many big words and doesn't have shiny flashy stuff in the sidebar, so I doubt I'll be able to get many folks to read it. Still, this part struck me especially:
Read more about On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

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Sunday Morning Movie Review: Avatar

By now everyone who isn't living under a rock has heard about the new movie "Avatar," a very visually impressive movie that is a testament to just how hard it's going to be in the future to tell "real" from "fake" on glowing boxes everywhere. I've seen it twice now, and given how rarely I get to go out to the movies, I thought I'd share my thoughts and get your reactions. Bottom line: go see it. For no other reason than this: it pisses off Republicans. Be petty for once, and know there's a good chance you may even have a good time. Read more about Sunday Morning Movie Review: Avatar

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One Down

Mock me for it, but I still worry about Palin. Not that I'm sure she could ever win, but more for what her presence does in our political landscape. So I count this as a victory: Read more about One Down

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Resources for Voters: A Good Thing

So I just spent 1.25 hours with my sister trying to help her decide her local election choices. It's an off year, so generally only those of us who are Hard Core about voting bother to do so. That just makes our votes that much more powerful. I appreciate the irony of someone like me, frequent Doomsayer on the sad state of our video poker voting reality, talking about good voting. But I'll do so anyway, cause part of me wants to Hope. /scampers away from Lambert/ Read more about Resources for Voters: A Good Thing

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Guerrilla Gardeners Gone Galt, or, "Beyond Food Production Thunderdome"


So it's true: I'm a troll. The worst kind, too: condescending, pedantic, annoying, concerned. I guess we all have our failings, and these are mine. But so long as I'm going to be a purist, I have to rant like one. I like eating and I bet most people do too, that's my "motivation" here.

Hoss asks why urban (commercial) [not/for profit] {large scale/vertical} non-residential gardening is worthwhile. I was a good grrl, I didn't lose my cookies, immediately. But it's Saturday and I'm relaxed and silly, so this comment made me have a Sad: Read more about Guerrilla Gardeners Gone Galt, or, "Beyond Food Production Thunderdome"

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Memes We Should Promote: Taxation is Good

SoBe is at it again, with another powerhouse common sense post. Be sure to check out the graph, although I suspect most of you have seen its like before. And this is not exactly unexpected, and I bet we'll see more of it:

Even more alarmingly, Putnam County, TN, is in such dire straights it has considered doing away with county primary elections:

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Putnam County is looking at the prospect of eliminating primary elections in hopes of saving $60,000.

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Goddess E has just one of many examples of how the SuperFreaks mostly write dumb books filled with generalizations and incorrect, unscientific conclusions. FWIW, I never thought "Freakonomics" was very impressive or persuasive. It annoyed me that my Republican gf thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, when she read it. It annoys me more that she's not alone. Read more about SuperFreakingStupid

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Privatizing Paula

Look out Paula! Looks like you've got some competition. Although, I confess to being curious: which of you will be better hunting down embarrassing blog comments posted by your boss' political enemies? Shutting down bloggers focused upon issues the rest of the media ignores? Cause that's really what all this mostly unConstitutional and anti-democratic domestic spying monitoring is all about. Read more about Privatizing Paula

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Showdown in Chicago

Are you going?

I can't, but believe me if I could, I would be there. It's hard not to like stuff like this:

The same financial institutions that caused the economic crisis and took billions in taxpayer bailouts are back to earning incredible profits. Meanwhile, Americans face shrinking pensions, rising foreclosures and unemployment, state budget cuts, predatory lending, outrageous overdraft fees, and sky-high credit card interest rates.

The American people want oversight, accountability and common-sense financial reform NOW. This is the classic David vs. Goliath fight, with Wall Street spending millions and millions on lobbying to defeat reforms that would protect the American people and our economy

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Jeebus! Finally!

Oh, good Krist, this is wonderful Combined with this, I nearly fainted today, it's so nice to see this sort of thing. Stark is showing the Way, for those truly interested in being a New Media or whatever. It's so frakking simple. Read more about Jeebus! Finally!

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Fall Food and Flowers

Sorry I haven't had the time to gardenblog. I've been, well, in the garden too much, and too wiped out after canning and harvesting to do pics. But I have some. I missed a period for good pics but I'll show some results instead. First up: Fleurs. Hecate has some going still, and I do too:
DSCF0305Mums did well, if a tad slow, this year. Nice and bright. Read more about Fall Food and Flowers


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