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Food Fight III: Father

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Humpday Sci Fi Musings

What do you think intelligent alien life would make of us? Read more about Humpday Sci Fi Musings

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Late Night Post Roto-Tiling Blogging


Fuckers. They won't let me embed. Oh well, it's not about the video. Portishead. Only the Blood can appreciate their depths. No, I'm not a "Twilight" fan. Heh.

Call me, Bitch. Read more about Late Night Post Roto-Tiling Blogging

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Dan Savage and "Activism"

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Regulation: So Last Century

You won't be surprised to learn of even more change you can't believe in.

Meet the newest addition to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. If you've been reading Mother Jones recently, then you already know quite a bit about Scott O'Malia. Like the fact that he once worked as a top in-house lobbyist for an energy company, Mirant, that manipulated California's market Enron-style. Or that, while on this company's payroll, he lobbied against a bill to expand the CFTC's authority to police derivatives. Or that the Senate Agriculture Committee, which reviewed his nomination, declined to ask him any specific questions about his pro-deregulation lobbying on not one but two occasions.
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Food Fight II: Fat

So I guess I hit a nerve with my food fight post, or rather, several of them. I think it's worth breaking down some of the comments and sub-discussions into a longer series. One topic that seemed to bring out the very Correntian best in folks: how we define "obese." Read more about Food Fight II: Fat

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Deep Thoughts from my Pajamas

Update: Well, at least they don't hate me because I'm queer. Whew. I feel so much better:

In an email to the Huffington Post on Monday, Harwood clarified that the quote was not meant to convey any displeasure on the part of the administration for the gay community's public advocacy.

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Food Fight!

Tristero recently caused a bona fide flame war at the normally staid and Serious Hullaballoo comment community, in those two posts about food. I didn't really find too much of what he said outrageous or stupid, and I respect the fact that he came right out and admits that he eats what he likes because it tastes good. Read more about Food Fight!

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Things that Make You Go "Hmmm"


It's probably just me. But still, of course it makes me wonder. Just now, here at Chez Dyke, a lot of blogs aren't working for me. That is, I can load them, but the comment functions don't seem to be enabled. I'm no intertube expert, I have no idea how this sort of thing happens (or if it is just my old, funky Mac and my unwillingness to "upgrade" to the latest browsing platforms) but I'm always reminded at times like these: Read more about Things that Make You Go "Hmmm"

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Another Reason to Love Grayson: On Afghanistan

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She Just Keeps Getting Better

Just wanted to give a little link love to my grrl Southern Beale, who has been turning out some increasingly stellar material lately. She also suffers the internet's most annoying trolls, so if you're inclined to stop by and show her some support she'd appreciate it. I really enjoyed this rant:
Read more about She Just Keeps Getting Better

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A Simple Thought


There is nothing, *nothing* that is "funny" nor "entertaining" nor easily dismissed, about the act of torture. Ever.

This is not hard for civilized people to understand. And religious people, too. Their sacred texts agree. And decent atheists, and humanists, and people who love children, or care for the weak and helpless. Or have been such. Read more about A Simple Thought

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Pt. 1

I'm only able to write part one tonight, more later.
Gosh, Obama pissed me off today ["clean" internet users: skim down to the end for the non-DFH related point to this post].Yes, that's not new, and no news to this blog. Ironically, he did so on one of those verboten issues that "stains" bloggers like me just by their very mention: he giggled at the idea, put forth by lots of 'reglar' folks at one of his outreach websites/media tools, that marijuana normalization is Serious. Worse, he slurred the online political community in the process, furthering the meme that all of us who write, speak, read and think about policy with online tools are Dirty Fucking Hippies and Hopheads. You know, not like Real Americans, such as the Two Wetsuits Good guy, or Senator Diapers 'n' Hookers.

I guess I don't write about pot policy more because to me, it's beyond obvious. Everything that our government does with respect to pot is ass-backwards. It's racist, expensive, wasteful, hypocritical, stupid, anti-environmental, supportive of terrorism, and a lost cause. I assume that all thinking people more or less agree with me, or at least admit that research, science, the history of policy, and the example of other nations, pro and con, back that up. It annoys me how many "progressives" and liberals remain silent, in this period in which we make all the mistakes of alcohol prohibition, but more seriously and at greater cost. But such is the price of being a Loyalist- no Serious Democrat speaks about legalization, ever, nor of any kind. We've spent a lot of time talking about Big Problems like why the "bailout" plans are a horror; I'm going to spend a little time talking about why Obama's remarks today are a smaller scale version, but big example of the same problem.

How many reasons can you come up with, which suggest and prove that marijuana normalization is the right and proper course for a civilized society? Never mind me, Glennzilla will be speaking on this topic at CATO on the 16th of April; I'll let him throw down hard data and numbers for me. But just tossing off, let's see what I can come up with: Read more about How Does Your Garden Grow? Pt. 1


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