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Notice Who Is Missing Here?

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Deep Thought

I don't think I've ever read more ridiculous justifications than I'm reading right now about why it was a "good idea" for Obama to appoint a Republican to Sec. of Commerce, and agree to have a Democratic Gov replace him, with another Republican.

Because the massive filibuster-proof uberliberal majority Dems have in the Senate is so Huge! Or something...

I guess we have to wait for the "eats babies" moment before some people will see past the skin color = automatic liberal thang. He's not. It's not even a month, and already, he's made my job way to easy, proving so. Read more about Deep Thought

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Insider Baseball Humor

Pam catches a funny part of the whole explosion of the the Jammy folk:
Read more about Insider Baseball Humor

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Friday Nite Sister Blogging


You know how a song just sticks in your head for no reason, even if you haven't actually heard it in a long time? "Pure and simple happiness" is the line I like best from this tune. Thank you, Hegel, for giving me this CD all those years ago. I love you like the breath of life itself, and always will. Gosh I miss London.

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Meaningless Health Care Anecdotes from the Front

So one of my jobs is "caregiver" for several elderly family members. Tonight I was out at the Adult Foster Care unit where my Evil Grandmother lives, to meet her new doctor. Someone always has to be there for the intitial visits, as she has a tendency to lie and make up health problems she doesn't really have. Let me stress: Evil. Read more about Meaningless Health Care Anecdotes from the Front

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Arguing for More Push-Back

David notes:

This super-durable bungee cord must have the force of law, meaning it will be woven by Democratic legislators now exerting as much pressure on President Obama's left as congressional Republicans focused on President Bush's right.

When, for instance, Obama hedged on his promise to revoke $226 billion worth of Bush's upper-income tax cuts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) pushed him to fulfill the pledge and put the money into programs that better guarantee job creation.

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Deep Thoughts on Pussy


So, if it's a "moral necessity" to spend over $100B a year to enforce "women's rights" in Afghanistan, why is it so hard to spend a couple of hundred million on American women who are poor but supposedly already have the right to choose? Just wonderin'. Read more about Deep Thoughts on Pussy

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A TARP Clarification

A more informed person than I am just helped me better understand: the assets we'll be buying in TARP 2 are toxic, where the ones we've already bought are merely "worthless." That is, the bank "assets" we purchased in round one had no value, but the next round will be in fact a negative on the government budget sheet. This will becoming an important point in upcoming discussions about various types of "stimulus" and "liquidity." Read more about A TARP Clarification

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A Valid Question

No, Really. I think this is worth more discussion:

Play dirty against the BlueDogs how? In what way?
By bringiton on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 2:21pm

Seriously, I'm asking.

Through what mechanism? By what means? What is it you would have the Dem Leadership do, keeping in mind that Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, elected by the Caucus, is a BlueDog through and through?

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Why Should Slutty Bitches Get Jobs, Anyway? They'll Just Quit Later and Have Babies


Gosh, I'm actually glad I found this. I should thank the author for being so blunt; I've read plenty much like this, however variously coded in softer, gentler misogyny:
Read more about Why Should Slutty Bitches Get Jobs, Anyway? They'll Just Quit Later and Have Babies

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Deep Thoughts On The First Internet Preznit

When is President Obama going to employ is Massive Army of Internet Based supporters to rally Congress for support for his stimulus bill? If it's "so hard" to pass truly liberal policies in the package, resist Republican whining for the inclusion of their failed crap, and discipline the naughty Blue Dogs...well, isn't that what the Screaming O-Hoarde is for? Read more about Deep Thoughts On The First Internet Preznit

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A Tall Order for All of Us: Taxes are Good

A friend of mine likes to joke that "all Republicans are socialists," meaning that when it comes to the government handing out free money to bankers, large off-shore HQ'd corporations, or Red Staters sucking the Federal tit, they just can't say "No." We've spent a lot of time mocking them for the hypocrisy in this, as it comes from those people who are at the same time, the most loudly against "welfare" and other entitlements and funding for the rest of us. Read more about A Tall Order for All of Us: Taxes are Good


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