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Spring Is Here

It's spring in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought we should take a break from hard science and just stop to enjoy the flowers. I saw these at one of the local gas stations today. At first, the flowers looked like azaleas to me, but when I looked at the leaves and the structure of the plants, it seemed pretty clear that they were rhododendrons. Both flowers tend to be among the first perennials to bloom here. So we'll call them rhodies, though opposing viewpoints are welcome.

More importantly, they're magenta:

no flowers to see here
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No Climate Change To See Here

While trying to photograph a passing airplane Friday, my camera caught this instead:

You should be seeing blossoms here

Image credit: Cujo359

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Occupy Dallas Cleared Out (Title Now Final)


Happened to notice these things on the Twitter: Read more about Occupy Dallas Cleared Out (Title Now Final)

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