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Transit Advertising

Russia Today is running a very aggressive advertising campaign on DC buses. A large banner asks "what happens when you don't have a second opinion" with a very sinsiter picture of Colin Powell holding the infamous vial, and another banner saying "get a second opinion" RT,com.

Clearly Putin has learned from Radio Liberty and Voice of America and wants to give us a taste of our own medicine. Personally, I am all for it. Read more about Transit Advertising

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Anyone here from Las Vegas?

Town Hall: Bernie Sanders
TIME Tue Mar 31 2015 at 10:00 am
VENUE Culinary Workers Union Local 226, 1630 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, United States Read more about Anyone here from Las Vegas?

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Anyone here from Austin?

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C. Douglas Mcmillon leadership FAIL


The Republican Plan To Sabotage The Food Stamp Program

House Republicans are set to unveil a budget on Tuesday morning that will reportedly slice over a hundred billion dollars out of the food stamps program over the coming decade.

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Why does James Comey have a job?


Clearly the current Director of the FBI does not take violence against women seriously.

Rep. Katherine Clark: The FBI Needs to Make Gamergate 'A Priority'

Clark is the congresswoman for Brianna Wu, the Boston-based game developer who's been relentlessly trolled for months by Gamergaters. Clark's office, she says, has been "watching Gamergate unfold" for several months.

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Clinton email, who knew?

Jason Leopold

The email sent to Clinton and senior officials at State shows that numerous people were aware that Clinton used a private email account. According to an Associated Press report, however, the White House Counsel's office did not know Clinton used a personal email account. Nor did a congressional committee investigating the Benghazi attacks, which obtained several hundred of her emails last month.

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How to opt-out of Flordia tests

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Bernie Sanders in Iowa

Des Moine Register

Solutions can't happen, Sanders said, until progressive Americans turn out en masse to participate in the political process. He lamented turnouts for the 2014 midterms, in which only 36 percent of registered voters went to polls.


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