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Larry Sanders running as Green Party Candidate in Oxfordshire

Larry Sanders, Bernie Sanders’s Brother, Is Running in Oxfordshire

Larry Sanders, is running in the British parliamentary election, as a Green Party candidate in Oxfordshire.

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House parties for Bernie

I stumbled upon a tool that lets you find a house party for Bernie Sanders. It is a great example of how the Web has leveled the playing field, Bernie supporters can find each other and organize without campaign staff, and more importantly, campaign expenditure. It also demonstrates that Bernie has support all over the country,

It is not clear to me if the campaign can harvest the data from this tool, and the data is everything in a campaign. Read more about House parties for Bernie

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Torybots on Twitter

Strong Commands From HQ Send Tories Into a Spin Over Cameron

As David Cameron bounded off the “Question Time” stage, Jim Messina, the former Obama staffer now advising the U.K. prime minister, gave his verdict. Read more about Torybots on Twitter

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Bernie Sanders to speak to South Carolina Democrats

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Good news for labor

From Kentucky of all places:
'RTW' clown car seems to be shedding its wheels


It looks like the wheels have come off the scab-built “right to work” clown car.

The union-busters predicted 30 counties would pass RTW ordinances by the end of January, according to Bill Londrigan, Kentucky State AFL-CIO president.

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Rice and beans

Cannonfire has an excellent post on eating on food stamps. I agree with him, it was nice that Gwennyth Paltrow at least tried to imagine what it would be like to live on food stamps. It is nice to see rich people with an agenda that goes beyond more tax breaks for me, so kudos to Paltrow for at least trying. However, I disagree with his solution. Read more about Rice and beans

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Should Bernie Run

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Why we can't have nice things

You are what you vote for. If you vote for horrible people like Chris Chistie, Andrew Cuomo, or Rahm Emanuel you get horrible government. Seriously, all of these characters wracked up horrible records, that should have gotten them bounced out by a landslide, instead they have been reelected. Even if the competing candidates may not have been FDR, that is no excuse. All of these crooks should have sunk like lead.

We just have to elect better people, that is all there is to it. Read more about Why we can't have nice things

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Yevno Azef

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Transit Advertising

Russia Today is running a very aggressive advertising campaign on DC buses. A large banner asks "what happens when you don't have a second opinion" with a very sinsiter picture of Colin Powell holding the infamous vial, and another banner saying "get a second opinion" RT,com.

Clearly Putin has learned from Radio Liberty and Voice of America and wants to give us a taste of our own medicine. Personally, I am all for it. Read more about Transit Advertising


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