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Versailles best kept secret


The best kept secret in Versailles is that the bad guys are nice agreeable people and the good guys are REALLY annoying. Partly it is a matter of poverty, it is easier to be agreeable when your house and both your vacation homes are paid for. Read more about Versailles best kept secret

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Why won't the stupid socialist quit?

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Anyone from Cincinnati? Ohio?

Former Democratic party chair questions direction of state party

In an e-mail circulated among Ohio news reporters, Ruvolo said he was “appalled” that Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper told the Cincinnati Enquirer last week that Sittenfeld — a Cincinnati city councilman — should focus more on curbing crime in Cincinnati.

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Alan Grayson on the Export Import Bank


Central Florida Congressman Alan Grayson derides the bank.

“Well it’s the clearest case of corporate welfare you’re going to find anywhere in the U.S. budget. We are literally paying foreigners to compete against U.S. workers and take away our jobs so good riddance.” Grayson says.

Grayson goes on to say he could support a completely revamped form of the bank, but in its current form he says it’s a nonstarter.

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Would you know a revolution if you saw one?

Clinton and Sanders Take Aim at Different Targets as Democrats Gather in Iowa

Hillary Clinton trains her attacks on Republicans, while Bernie Sanders says the real problem is the ‘billionaire class’

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Rep. Donna Edwards calls for support of Obama's Iran deal

Edwards attacks Democratic primary opponent Van Hollen over Iran deal

President Obama’s Iran agreement is dividing Democrats in Maryland’s Senate primary, reflecting the difficult choice many in the party face.

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The Saudi lobby

WikiLeaks Shows a Saudi Obsession With Iran

The documents from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry illustrate a near obsession with Iran, with diplomats in Africa, Asia and Europe monitoring Iranian activities in minute detail and top government agencies plotting moves to limit the spread of Shiite Islam.

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Democratic party vacuum

Under Obama the Democratic party has lost its majorities in the House, Senate, Governors, and state legislatures. That opens up a lot of opportunities for the left wing of the Democratic party, and for emergent parties with an eye to the main chance. Bernie is right, it won't matter who is in the White House if we do not have a mass movement, which will include, amongst other things, hundreds of new lefty elected officials. Read more about Democratic party vacuum


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