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Surviving hard times


For what it might be worth, this is what hard times has taught me:

Get on food stamps. What little money you have will go farther. If you do not qualify for food stamps, learn where the local food pantries are; same principle, your money will go farther. Also, places with food sometimes have used clothing.

Craigslist is your friend, especially the free section. Even if you are comfortably circumstanced, get to know Craigslist. You can get whatever it is for less with the satisfaction of knowing that your hard earned dollars are going to someone who needs them.

Get on Medicaid if you can. You really have to be poor for this, but at least it is some medical care. Read more about Surviving hard times

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Social investment


At one point I found a web site that documented how every $1 invested in food stamps generated $1.60 in economic activity. Sadly, I did not bookmark it so can't find it. But one of the things that liberals have failed to do is document how social investment stimulates the economy.

A friend of mine, an active Democrat, used to complain about all the Hispanics who came into county offices to apply for welfare. She would have been less resentful if she understood how money that goes into their pockets comes right back to the rest of us and how cuts to anti-poverty and income maintenance programs comes out of all our pockets and destablizes the entire economy. Read more about Social investment

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Health whatever reform


Firms to cut health plans as reform starts: survey

30% of companies say they’ll stop offering coverage

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Once provisions of the Affordable Care Act start to kick in during 2014, at least three of every 10 employers will probably stop offering health coverage, a survey released Monday shows.

While only 7% of employees will be forced to switch to subsidized-exchange programs, at least 30% of companies say they will “definitely or probably” stop offering employer-sponsored coverage, according to the study published in McKinsey Quarterly.

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Hilliary Clinton in Pakistan

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Saleem Shehzad

Najam Sethi writing for the Friday Times:

According to news reports, journalist Saleem Shehzad was “lifted” in broad daylight in Islamabad on 29th May, tortured, killed and dumped in a canal two days later by “unknown” assailants. The only problem with this version of events is Shehzad’s last written testament to Human Rights Watch in Pakistan some months ago in which he communicated his fear that the ISI, rather than some unknown forces, had warned him off for wading into troubled waters and might exact punishment. Additionally, his wife has confirmed that a senior ISI officer was in touch with her husband and had even “interrogated” him some time ago.

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Solidarity blogging, Ohio and Wisconsin

Garry Golsmith collecting signatures for the repeal of Ohio sb5 part 1

Garry Golsmith collecting signatures for the repeal of Ohio sb5 part 2

Live Against 5

Quinnipiac Poll Shows Ohians Will Vote to Repeal SB5

Memorial Day Solidarity Sing-a Long, Madison WI

Breaking Huebsch and Fitz Up, Song Circle in Espanol, and GAB Protest!!!

We Shall Not Be Moved

I don't watch TV news anymore, am I correct that the solidarity story has been buried? Read more about Solidarity blogging, Ohio and Wisconsin

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Obama and the Hispanic vote

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UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring


Britain is training Saudi Arabia's national guard – the elite security force deployed during the recent protests in Bahrain – in public order enforcement measures and the use of sniper rifles.
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Don't take advice from dictators


Saudi Prince Offers Fiscal Policy Advice; Tell him to Take a Powder

This guy owns a huge chunk of News Corp and a big chunk of CitiCorp, so people actually listen to this fool. Read more about Don't take advice from dictators

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Roger Ailes, the bad one

From Rolling Stone magazine, the latest in a rash of negative articles about Faux News:
How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

The onetime Nixon operative has created the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Inside America's Unfair and Imbalanced Network

Fascinating look at Ailes career. One thing you learn is that political astroturf predates the Internet. Read more about Roger Ailes, the bad one

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Debt ceiling follies

Marshall Auerbach

Pat Toomey has called the Democrats’ bluff by indicating that a failure to extend the debt ceiling does not automatically mean a default. He is making the point that because debt payments are an executive priority, and tax receipts are more than sufficient for interest payments, the government can continue to make them to bondholders. It will simply mean shutting down other parts of the government to offset those payments.

The obvious thing to do would be to shut down the Congressional payroll to show these blowhards that there are consequences for their misconduct. Read more about Debt ceiling follies

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Solidarity blogging, great lakes edition

Reaction from the People in the Gallery of WI Senate

Here is video of the reaction of the people in the Gallery of the WI Senate following the "vote" on the Voter"ID Bill."

GRITtv: Locked-Out Steelworkers Bring Fight to Honeywell

Solidarity Sing-a-Long, Madison, WI; 20 May 2011

Crowd chanting "One day longer, one day stronger!" ~ May 14th We Are Wisconsin Rally

Marching with the firefighters down State street! ~ May 14th We Are Wisconsin Rally Read more about Solidarity blogging, great lakes edition

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Orbitz not ready to drop Fox


Orbitz Snubs Media Matters’ ‘Drop Fox’ Campaign: ‘We Aren’t Going To Engage In That Fight’

The effort by liberal media watchdog group Media Matters to convince half a dozen leading national advertisers to pull their dollars from the Fox News Channel got a high-profile snub Thursday when Orbitz, the travel company, not only declined to participate, but fired back at Media Matters, calling the “Drop Fox” campaign a “smear effort.”


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