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The filthy rich, the filthy stinky rich, and the pornoscanners


I have been thinking about the airport porno scanners and class divisions. One of my ideas is that the interests of the filthy rich and the interests of the filthy stinking rich are in conflict.

The filthy stinking rich have their own planes, they don't go through security. The merely filthy rich, by contrast, ride first class and have to submit to this humiliating procedure. I am guessing they don't like it one little bit.

The filthy rich are a major stay of partisan fundraising. They have the power to sit down and write a check for $2,000 if they are so inclined. Now they are intensly practical people, how do you suppose they became filthy rich? They are not interested in pissing away money on emergent party dreams. Read more about The filthy rich, the filthy stinky rich, and the pornoscanners

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Defending Sherriff Dupnik

Crooks and Liars has the details on Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County Arizona and how he told the truth about how hateful rhetoric contributes to this sort of tragedy.

Part of how the right wing gets away with their outrageous behaviour is that everytime someone calls them on their outrageousness, that person is shouted down. Certain things have become unsayable. That needs to change. Read more about Defending Sherriff Dupnik

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Liberal infrastructure

It is something that gets talked about a lot in lefty blogosphere, we have no liberal infrastructure. There is no lefty version of the elaborate network of foundations, think tanks, and publishing deals that nourishes the right. It has taken the right wing decades to get their talking points into our social fabric. We have only just begun the work of pushing back.

Because our proposals, a job guarantee, Medicare for All, no more torture, have inherent popular appeal, it won't take us as long to get them back into public discourse, but the lack of infrastructure is a HUGE handicap. Read more about Liberal infrastructure

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Comic relief

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Take a look at the photos in this great post by Digby. Now ask yourself how our precious media would be reacting if these fellows were Mexican, Arab, or heaven forfend, black.

The entire celebrity press corps, not just Fox, would be going crazy. But because they are white, no one beyond lefty bloggers and a handful of activists are taking note.

This is how extremism succeeds, a small determined group moves relentlessly to a predetermined goal while the unorganized majority whirls in disbelief. Read more about Race

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Independents at an all time high

yahoo news

This poll is being universally spun as bad news for Dems is good news for Republicans. Not so. Read more about Independents at an all time high

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Call the Republican's bluff

Scott Pelley interviews Ben Bernanke:

Asked if it's tax money the Fed is spending, Bernanke said, "It's not tax money. The banks have accounts with the Fed, much the same way that you have an account in a commercial bank. So, to lend to a bank, we simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account that they have with the Fed. It's much more akin to printing money than it is to borrowing."

"You've been printing money?" Pelley asked.

"Well, effectively," Bernanke said.

This quote captures it all, which is why Warren Mosler used it in his book. Read more about Call the Republican's bluff

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The voters don't have any influence

That is what a friend of mine said last summer and I have been trying ever since to come up with a reason what she is wrong and coming up short.

It is simply incredible to me that with a Dem president and Dem Senate we are going to spend the next several months defending social security.

And how is it possible that Obama is considering hiring someone from JP morgan Chase as his Chief of Staff???? If the voters had any influence at all no one would even mention such a thing. Read more about The voters don't have any influence

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How to stop the freak show

Contrary to what Atrios suggests, there is a way to stop the freak show, or at least stop it from mattering.

Tell Capitol Hill to TURN OFF THE TV!. Every office on Capitol Hill has the cable harpies on, which is why they can warp our politics so easily. Moreover, no one else watches the cable harpies, let it be known that Capitol Hill had turned off the freak show and their advertising dollars would dry up. The ratings on these shows are not very good. Read more about How to stop the freak show

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is on cable TV. This got me thinking about defectors.

Wendell Potter, another defector and Martin Jay Levitt, author of Confessions of a Union Buster.

I call them defectors because like the defectors during the cold war, the lies and contradictions of their former way of life finally overwhelmed them, and they had to cross over to the other side as it were. Read more about Defectors

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What Susie said

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Crony journalism at the NewsHour

Check out this transcript from a show run on November 16th of this year:

JIM LEHRER: In the worst-case scenario, the panel says courts could block foreclosures. Banks would be left holding bad mortgage loans that cost them billions of dollars. That in turn would deepen disruption in the housing market.

But, in the best case, the Oversight Panel acknowledges, concerns about mortgage documents may prove to be overblown, a view embraced by the financial industry. This afternoon, executives from two major lenders, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America, appeared before the Senate Banking Committee.

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2%, 1 year reduction in FICA taxes

Warren Mosler

With the 2%, 1 year reduction in FICA taxes for individuals, arguably traceable to my efforts, there was some consideration of declaring victory and moving on, but I’m feeling more the opposite.

First, it’s tiny and at the macro level the propensity to spend of the recipients is trivial.

And it probably doesn’t even offset the drag from prices for imported crude and products.

And it may just be an interim step in letting the next Congress ‘pay for it’ with Social Security cuts.

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PCCC: Move your money!

wanderindiana asked a great question last summer:

So, yes, PCCC does good work; does that excuse them for keeping their money in Bank of America?

It is a great question, and one that so far has not been answered. You know why our parasitic overlords do not take us seriously? Because we form organizations that lambast them and then we give them our money.

Move Your Money! Read more about PCCC: Move your money!

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Legacy parties EPIC FAIL

NONE of the basic appropriations bills have passed. NONE. They have all passed the House of Representatives, the House did its job.

The ONLY thing the House and Senate are REQUIRED to do is pass the appropriations. They don't actually have to pass any legislation at all.

This is an EPIC FAIL for Harry Reid and Obama. To go in with overwhelming majorities and not even perform basic tasks such as passing appropriations is indicative of their arrogance and indifference to the concerns or ordinary people to say nothing of their obliviousness to basic accountability. Read more about Legacy parties EPIC FAIL


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