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Finally! We get some criminal investigations!

Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash

May 18 (Bloomberg) -- A telephone call between a financial adviser in Beverly Hills and a trader in New York was all it took to fleece taxpayers on a water-and-sewer financing deal in West Virginia. The secret conversation was part of a conspiracy stretching across the U.S. by Wall Street banks in the $2.8 trillion municipal bond market.

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Preach it Brother Kohl!

Kohl To Debt Panel: Easy On Social Security

"Contrary to popular belief, the sky is absolutely not falling for Social Security," said Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, in a statement today. "Social Security has never been responsible for one penny of the federal deficit." A report released today by the committee describing various options for reforming Social Security was sent to members of Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

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Why does NewsCorp have a broadcast license?


Once again Fox news is inciting hatred at a specific person. Why do we tolerate radio Radio Rwanda? [no-glossary]The 1934[/no-glossary] act that created the FCC specifically forbids hate speech directed against a specific person. Even if it is the cable property being used in this way, why do we permit corporations who use their cable properties in this way to also hold broadcast licenses? Read more about Why does NewsCorp have a broadcast license?

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Pennsylvania Democratic Primary

As my screen name suggests, I don't live in Pennsylvania, and would not presume to tell readers how to vote. But I thought I would share my view of it.

First of all, many thanks to all those volunteering for Hoeffel. Even if your candidate does not win, the structures and network you build now will serve you well in the future. That is what so many people fail to understand about long shot campaigns. Dean went down in flames, but the forces put in to play by the Dean campaign remain highly influential. Read more about Pennsylvania Democratic Primary

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David Fanning says that Frontline is hiring


According to Media Bistro, Frontline is hiring.

Ask Frontline to hire Robert Parry of Consortium News. It won't happen, but it is good to keep the pressure up and remind them what we want from reporters. Read more about David Fanning says that Frontline is hiring

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Fannie Mae wants another bail out

Fannie Seeks $8.4 Billion After First-Quarter Loss (Update2)

May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Fannie Mae, the mortgage-finance company operating under federal conservatorship, said it will seek $8.4 billion in aid from the U.S. Treasury Department after reporting an 11th-straight quarterly loss. ...

...Even with the assistance, Fannie Mae increased foreclosures to almost 62,000 homes from about 47,000 in the prior quarter, according to the filing. The company’s foreclosure rate increased and its inventory of homes grew from $8.5 billion to $11.4 billion during the first quarter.

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ZOMG, Huffington Post discovers Medicare for All

Round 2: The Battle for Single Payer (Improved Medicare for All) Continues

It is about the meeting on April 24. The posters who attended and wrote about it, please put the links in the comments and I will update this post.

Check out the quote at the beginning. Clearly Korn has been reading lambert! Read more about ZOMG, Huffington Post discovers Medicare for All

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The take money from children and give it to Banksters tax credit


UPDATE: Corrente Wire, the boldly shrill blog that everybody hates and nobody reads. Hey Paul, would it kill you to throw us a via link? Your analysis is much more thorough than mine, but could you spare a link?

Via Education Notes Online and Democracy Now!: Read more about The take money from children and give it to Banksters tax credit

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How to break up the big banks

Chris Bowers is absolutely correct:

We are going to have to break up the big banks ourselves by getting people, organizations, companies and governments to move their money (check out the Move Your Money campaign). It may be a long slog, but right now it seems like the only way.

If you have not already done so, do a search on your zip code and see what you find. You might also consider emailing the Move Your Money link to your city council or county board. The beauty of this campaign is that Bankster lobbyists are powerless to stop if. If you take your money they don't have it, it is as simple as that. Read more about How to break up the big banks

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TSA full body scanning follies


Small dick joke has TSA worker beaten up after security scanner incident

During a training session at Miami International Airport, a TSA supervisor joked about the size of the manhood of one of his colleagues who had just stepped into the machine. The supervisor was operating the equipment when he made the remark - so his joke could have been based on facts.

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Transocean tries to cheat workers


Rig Survivors Felt Coerced To Sign Waivers

Lawyers for the oil rig's owner, Transocean, requested that workers who had survived the blast sign the form in the wake of the April 20 blowout on the Deepwater Horizon. This was hours before the workers had been allowed to see their families.

RPT-BP's US Gulf project exempted from enviro analysis Read more about Transocean tries to cheat workers

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Just when you thought it could not get any worse


British Petroleum and government disaster-relief agencies are using a toxic chemical (Corexit 9500) to disperse oil in the Gulf of Mexico, even though a better alternative appears to be available.

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Why one citizen will be voting Democratic this year

miasmo at Open Left

"Yay! I voted for the shit sandwich instead of the arsenic burger!"


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