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Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies


Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

No on SB-5 Rally, Medina, Ohio

SN5 Rally Youngstown Ohio

SB5 Rally Youngstown Ohio 3/30/2011

Senate Bill 5 Rally

Anti-SB5 Anthem: Come on Kasich, Don't sell us out!

AFSCME Ohio United We Stand

Mike Williams Ellet Town Hall Meeting Pt 2of2

Ohio Statehouse SB5 final protest/vote Read more about Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies

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Privatizing Medicare

As long as Medicare exists, it poses a threat to health insurance parasites, because it could always be extended to all of us, so the Republicans want to privatize it. So this has to be treated very seriously.

Now, if any Democratic Senator wanted to filibuster this, he or she could fill the Capitol with protestors, a la Madison.

So do we still have any friends on Capitol Hill? Read more about Privatizing Medicare

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If I were King of the World, I would order a massive blog swarm with the subject line JOBS.

It has been a long time since there was a true netroots blogswarm, so long I cannot even remember. But maybe if we picked one day, assuming we could reassemble a long since shattered coalition, and posted about jobs, we could get the attention of our benighted elite.

Just a thought. Read more about Jobs

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Emergent Party registration trends in New Jersey

I chose New Jersey because it has voter registration by party and has elections this year.

12,944 registered Independents, no other emergent parties listed

18,077 registered Independents
632 registered Green
448 Libertarian
56 Natural Law Party
97 Reform Party
62 US Constitution Party

154 Conservative Party
953 Green Party
1023 Libertarian
29 Natural Law
67 Reform
117 US Constitution

1001 Green Party
1387 Libertarian
65 Reform Party
136 Constitution
31 Natural Law
317 Conservative

1008 Green
1441 Libertarian
63 Reform
138 Constitution
31 Natural Law
337 Conservative

note - the Independent Party disappears after 2004 Read more about Emergent Party registration trends in New Jersey

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The Republican playbook

Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 because Bush messed up and the economy was a mess. Also Katrina and Iraq.

So what did the Republicans learn? When the economy is a mess the incumbent party loses power. So clearly to the Republicans, they needed to do whatever necessary to mess up the economy even more.

It seemed to me that initially the Republicans were worried that Obama would try to be FDR 2.0 and were determined to block his actions. Clearly they need not have worried. Obama does not seem to think that unemployment is a serious political problem for him and he might even be correct. Read more about The Republican playbook

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Ohio rallys against SB 5


SB5 Vote Rally - Day 1

SB 5 - Insights From a European Perspective

March 29 Statehouse Hallway Protesters Read more about Ohio rallys against SB 5

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Susie asks a question


Susie on the Libya blogger call

“We sell massive amounts of arms to repressive regimes in the Middle East, and now in Libya, we’re using our arms to stop them from using their arms against their own people,” I said. “Wouldn’t it make more sense not to sell arms to repressive regimes in the first place?”

She is the new Helen Thomas. So when is she going to be on the Colbert Report? Read more about Susie asks a question

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Another one leaves the bus

Leaving the Democrats

After being told by Senator Tom Harkin that “half a loaf is better than none” during the health care debate; sold out by Obama’s back room dealings with big pharma; having Rahm Emanuel spit in the face of liberals as a hobby; having Obama double crossing us on the public option; Chris (banker boy) Dodd, and Barney Frank pretending to be populist crusaders, while selling us out to the “banksters”; watching Obama totally reversing his position on NSA spying on US citizens; Max Baucus and Obama taking single payer off the table; Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment off the table; on to infinity….

I have decided to join the Green Party.

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Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the recent protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and now Michigan. We are witnessing a real uprising; a new citizens movement being born.

Presidential elections are the culmination of political movements, not the beginning, or even middle. To permit ourselves to be distracted by the 2012 Presidential election from what is clearly the issue of our time would be a real shame. Read more about Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

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Why we fight in Libya

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What Obama and the Dems could learn from NPR

What is the sound of that deafening silence? It is the sound of liberals not caring about the fate of NPR. The House Republicans have put it on the chopping block and liberals simply don't care.

We tried to tell NPR, but they didn't listen. They kept repeating right wing talking points. But the more you bow down to bullies, the more empowered bullies become. You can't reason with bullies, you have to stand up to them. Now their very existence is on the line and we are too busy trying to defend important things like the Center for Disease Control and Social Security that we simply don't have time for NPR. Read more about What Obama and the Dems could learn from NPR

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Medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts


Massachusetts reform hasn’t stopped medical bankruptcies: Harvard study

Considering health-whatever reform was based on the Massachusetts model we can see where we are going. Read more about Medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts

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What pragmatism looks like


The death toll in Japan would have been far higher save for their strict building codes and sea wall.

It is amazing what humans can do if they are not restrained by ideology or parasitic overlords. Read more about What pragmatism looks like


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