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Green Party Rich Whitney campaigning in Illinois


Two major events this week strikingly illustrate how the leadership of the Democratic Party makes a pretense of defending the interests of working people – while actually attacking those interests on behalf of their corporate paymasters, including Wall Street.

The first is the signing of the so-called Health Insurance reform bill in Washington – which should properly be named the "Health Insurance Company Enrichment Act of 2010."

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Save Renee's House: Stop the Bank of America Foreclosure!

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PNHP on the health care bill

PNHP: 23 million people will remain uninsured nine years out under the new health care bill.

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The Public Option Trojan Pony Rides Again

First a flashback from Robert Parry:

However, the fear of the insurance industry and parts of the medical establishment, such as the American Medical Association, is that so many Americans are so dissatisfied with how they’ve been treated by insurers and hospitals that they would flee to almost any public plan, voting with their pocketbooks and their health in a way that might lead to a de facto single-payer system eventually.

In other words, from AHIP's point of view, there was never any difference between Medicare for All and some sort of genuine public option. Read below the fold...

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Why Democrats are going to lose in 2010

As Yoggi Berra said, predictions are hard, especially about the future. Even so, I think the Massachusetts special election for US Senate offers us a preview of what is about to unfold. It is not 1994 all over again.

There was a steady drum beat of pseudo scandals that dominated the air waves in 1994 which has no equivalent today. Moreover, we did not have blogosphere to push back in those days. There is only a faint resemblance between now and then. Read below the fold...

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Don't stop thinking about tomorrow

Dear Healthcare-NOW! Supporter:

Join Healthcare-NOW! for a conference call exposing the last minute negotiations of the health care bill and the ramifications of the mandate to purchase private insurance when public programs like Medicaid and Medicare suffer.

The conference call is tomorrow, Monday, March 22nd at 8 PM EST.

Guest speakers include:
- Michael Lighty, Policy Director for National Nurses United
- Ajamu Sankofa, Esq., founder of Private Health Insurance Must Go!
- And voices on the ground in Massachusetts, where the insurance mandate was first implemented

The discussion will be moderated by Katie Robbins.

Here is the dial-in information:
Conference Dial-In: 1-218-862-1300
Conference Code: 441086 Read below the fold...

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Who do you like in 2010?

While we wait for the FKDP to sell us to AHIP parasites, I thought it might be nice to send out a little link love to politicians who we think are doing the right thing.

Speaking for myself only, I will be voting for Sulaimon Brown for mayor. Read below the fold...

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Secure Communities Program

I just got this email from Empower DC. I was going to post this on my blog, and then it occurred to me that this has national significance:


Empower DC urges you to converge on the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Room 500) TOMORROW - FRIDAY MARCH 19TH AT 10:45 AM in protest of a very misguided DEPORTATION PROGRAM that has been declared unjust by the American Civil Liberties Union. We can not let DC become more of an oppressive police state for our immigrant brothers and sisters!

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If I could afford to run an opinion poll

If I had the resources to do an opinion poll, I would poll on the generic ballot for Democrats, Republicans, Greens, left wing third party, Libertarian, right wing third party.

I think one of the reasons that Versailles doesn't get it, even after the Massachusetts senate race, is because they don't poll for third parties, so they don't see the growth of support of third parties.

Or they think that the enforcer routine of crying Nader Nader is going to work.

There are a lot of women who are going to walk. Not just women, but women are the most dissatisfied group right now. Read below the fold...

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Connie Saltonstall for Congress


This week supporters of Saltonstall launched a petition drive to collect the 1,000 signatures required to place her name on the August primary ballot.

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Human Rights blogging


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