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Cats (remember cats?)


As I was saying last November…***

Sophia on the table. ©editor_u, All Rights Reserved

No Plantidote, no Petidote, no Fruit-of-the-Month Club, no Friday Cat Blogging, even. Only, here and there, a glimpse of random beauty. Otherwise gloom, pre-revolutionary cell meetings, and whatnot. Well, at least we haven't had an earthquake lately. Read more about Cats (remember cats?)

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Concerning the recent lack of cats at Corrente.


A remedy. Alex, Niki, Emily, and visitor. (Click image for larger version.)

[June 9, 2013: For some reason the intended image no longer appears here. But the link still works, so if you click in the box below, you will see the picture on its Flickr page.] FIXED December 2, 2013 (what was i doing all this time?). Read more about Concerning the recent lack of cats at Corrente.

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