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Halloween Cat

Deforming Medicare into a Competitive Bidding System (interlude)

Okay, so part 3 will just have to wait another day or two... this popularity of Medicare Advantage is related, actually.

From the article that lambert links to:

In New York, Medicare Advantage is even more popular, particularly in New York City, where more than one-third of eligible seniors in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are signed up.

Read below the fold...

Deforming Medicare into a Competitive Bidding System (part 2)

For lambert, who asks for a takedown of this JAMA article, Potential Consequences of Reforming Medicare Into a Competitive Bidding System.

When I wrote part 1, I hadn't read the entire article, since it was behind a paywall. Lucky for you, lambert has provided a link to the article itself, so now you get to read a second blog post on this stuff! Read below the fold...

Deforming Medicare into a Competitive Bidding System (part 1)

For lambert, who asks for a takedown of this JAMA article, Potential Consequences of Reforming Medicare Into a Competitive Bidding System.

The article is behind a paywall but you can buy one day's access to it for $30 if you want to read it. I'm not going to give them 2 weeks' worth of my catfood money, so rather than writing a rebuttal of that particular article, I'll happily make your eyes glaze over with lots of stuff on privatizing Medicare in general.

First, a couple of definitions... Read below the fold...

Howard Waitzkin on commodification and the search for a universal health program

As I was reading this at PNHP's Quote of the Day, I was thinking: this could be the most important blog post ever written about health care. Sure enough, at the end, Don McCanne wrote: Howard Waitzkin's article is too important to edit it for Quote of the Day. It is presented here in its entirety. No comment necessary.

So here it is. Read below the fold...

At least Paul Ryan was going to wait a few years before killing Medicare. Barack Obama, on the other hand...

... is apparently going to start killing Medicare as we know it in 2013.

If you have Medicare now and are reasonably prosperous and healthy, you'll get to keep your benefits, your choice of doctor and hospital and pharmacy and so forth.

But if you have the audacity to become expensively sick and very, very poor, so sick and so poor as to require not only Medicare but Medicaid too to pay for your health care, you are in danger of essentially being pushed out of Medicare and shoved into Medicaid, whether you like it or not. Read below the fold...

Thoughts on watersheds and stuff

Friday the 13th Black Cat Blogging

funny pictures - The Society to Put Basement Cats on Top of Other Things

They start off so tiny and harmless-looking Read below the fold...

Prediction: The Supreme Court, 7-2 (or maybe 6-3), will find PPACA, including the individual mandate, to be constitutional

And find is perhaps the operative word here, because they're each going to have to come up with their own (probably wildly diverging) reasons for supporting it.

My impression tallies with this one, the justices in order from most conservative to less conservative are: Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg. Read below the fold...

Movie review: "Brave" is awesome, and not just because all the heroes are grrrls [also, spoiler alert]

When asked what he thought of the movie, my eight-year-old nephew said: It was awesome!

He's right, it is awesome.

Note to movie-makers: I was saying just recently that the Harry Potter stories would have been just as good if they'd been the Hermione Granger stories instead and now you have another data point - yes, boys do like movies where the hero is a grrrl.

Note to self: thank brother for not raising his kid to be a sexist jerk. Read below the fold...

Common household remedies request

I'm cautiously optimistic that a significant portion of the second garden is going to recover from the little rainstorm we had, so it's time to think about stakes, trellises, and cages.

I have stakes, nothing to buy except something to tie the squash and beans to the stakes with - so what's best to use for tying?

I could, if it's truly a much better option, construct some trellises, as I have scrap bits of this and that lying around, but I'm lazy and don't really want to do this - am I later going to regret using stakes instead? Read below the fold...

What is a libertarian? And should you ever adopt one (or more) of them as a political ally? [part 1]

[carrying on the conversation that started here, because I think it's important that some of these points not stay buried in comments]

What is a libertarian?

lambert: far as I can tell there are as many libertarian factions as there are protestant sects.

Read below the fold...

The rain in the lane stays mainly undrained

So, we got a little rain today: officially 12.99" in less than 24 hours (what, they're superstitious about the number 13?).

Read below the fold...

Thank you, lambert, for the peat moss! I think.

funny pictures of cats with captions

While lambert is spending his Memorial Day weekend planting his garden, I thought I'd brag on my here-in-Florida-where-you-plant-at-Easter garden a bit (hence the cute little bunny rabbit). Read below the fold...

For Earth Day 2012

a blast from the past

It's still the iconic image of Earth from Space as far as I'm concerned. I had one of the original posters made from that image, and carried it from place to place for years and years as I moved around the country. Read below the fold...


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