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Salad for 3

mixed salad greens, grown locally
mixed fresh herbs [parsley, dill, whatever], grown locally
one or two satsumas, grown locally
pecan halves, grown locally
green onions, chopped
fresh cranberries

put a handful of greens on each salad plate
toss some of the herbs on top of the greens
add chopped onions
arrange satsuma sections on top of greens
add just enough cranberries for color
top with pecan halves
drizzle with olive oil and white wine vinegar Read more about Salad for 3

I've never been to Spain

(Almost) One Year In: Barack Obama and Views from the Black Left

It's a podcast, with no transcript, but you should listen when you get an extra couple of hours. Jared Ball and Dedrick Muhammad and the audience cover a wide range of topics. Some random examples, remembering off the top of my head:

running for President as an obscure third party [Green] candidate,

Obama's beer with the white cop who arrested a black Ivy League professor and his complete silence on Oscar Grant,

I Was a Teenage Underground Abortion Provider

[cultural reference]

I was a not-quite-teenager, living in Texas, home of the big fight for a woman to make her own decisions about abortion, during the time leading up to Roe v Wade. My best friend's mom and older sister were members of an underground organization that operated illegally to provide both birth control pills and abortions for women who needed them. Read more about I Was a Teenage Underground Abortion Provider

Eric Massa, on his No vote on HR 3962


I sent an email to Eric Massa some time back, thanking him for voting against HR 3962, and specified that I didn't need a reply, as I'm not one of his constituents. I got a 'form letter' response anyway, and thought I would share it.

Dear [hipparchia]:

Because you have previously been in touch about health issues, I am writing to let you know why I voted "no" on the 2009 major health care reform bill (H.R. 3962). Being accountable to you for my actions, perhaps you will forgive a detailed response.

The Weiner Not-Quite-HR676 Amendment

John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich are correct, it isn't HR 676 and it's not as good as HR 676. It is however a very good compromise, and for all the incrementalists and political realists out there in TVland, it provides a good foundation to build on.

What it is is HR 676 with a chunk of HR 3200 added on at the end, some revenue provisions added, illegal aliens excluded, covered benefits slightly less generous, and the part about turning the hospitals and other institutions into non-profits removed. Read more about The Weiner Not-Quite-HR676 Amendment

A Modest Proposal

And we don't even have to eat any babies!

From hctomorrow at FDL:

It is grossly unfair to require both men and women to purchase a product, then sabotage said product so that it is harmful only to women. Since we have, as a nation, apparently decided that it is somehow immoral to provide proper and affordable women’s healthcare in either the public option or the Exchange, it is only just that we exempt women from the mandate.

That's an opt-out I could support. Read more about A Modest Proposal

Marcy Kaptur praises Bart Stupak... Eric Massa and Dennis Kucinich vote NO... Anti-abortionists can't shut up...

Marcy Kaptur is on C-Span right now talking glowingly about the anti-women's rights addition to the Insurance Industry Protection Act.


Now somebody else [Christopher Smith] is up, talking about the huge number of babies who would have been killed and all the mothers who would have been wounded without the intervention of the brave right-to-life souls who got this amendment into the bill.

Eric Massa and Dennis Kucinich voted against the bill. Thank you.

Alan Grayson, John Conyers, and Anthony Weiner voted for the bill. Hard to blame them, as there are good things tucked into this bill among all the other stuff we could really have done without. Thanks, guys [not]. Read more about Marcy Kaptur praises Bart Stupak... Eric Massa and Dennis Kucinich vote NO... Anti-abortionists can't shut up...

Not to interrupt your idyllic Saturday afternoon or anything, but ...

... d-day is liveblogging the House voting on health care deform.

Weiner amendment? No. Kucinich amendment? No. Stupak and the Republicans otoh are sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Again.

Stupak's amendment is all about making abortion more unavailable than it already is, and the Republicans, of course, want to make all health care more unavailable than it already is.

You can't make this stuff up. Read more about Not to interrupt your idyllic Saturday afternoon or anything, but ...

2950 Days of War

Are you sure you want to be covered by the public option?


You may get the chance to be a guinea pig for those "cost-cutting" and "prevention and wellness" payment "innovations" the technocrats are so eager to try out on somebody [else].

Subtitle B—Public Health Insurance Option



    Stuff only a health care wonk could love

    Timothy Jost is an extraordinarily readable health care wonk [I've borrowed from him before on Switzerland and the Netherlands] and he has a 3-part series on HR 3962 at the Health Affairs blog, if you're interested. Read more about Stuff only a health care wonk could love

    Bernie Sanders is God. Still.

    He's apparently still planning to introduce both a full single payer bill in the Senate, a la Anthony Weiner's substitution move last I heard, and he's planning to introduce a Kucinich-style states' rights single payer amendment too.

    Times-Argus (Vt.)
    Oct. 29, 2009

    MONTPELIER — U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders will likely make history this year when — for the first time ever — he brings a bill creating a national single-payer health care system to the floor of the Senate for a vote.


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