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MH17 from the Ukraine villagers' perspective

Read it all, a very good piece. Makes most of the work by the reporters who parachuted in look childish. For example, if I'd been picking up, or even guarding, body parts for two days, I would probably welcome a good stiff drink too.

UPDATE Oops, pasted the headline instead of the URL. Here's the headline in case the link doesn't work; Google it, and that link should work: Read below the fold...

Ilan Pappe: Israeli Myths and Propaganda

Hat tip, Rangoon78. This really is an awesome video. I have to say that I like the professorial tone; professors are my people....

Tweet of the day

The Chavez font


Supporters of Venezuela's late socialist leader Hugo Chavez on Monday unveiled yet another novel way of keeping his memory alive - a font for typing in "El Comandante's" handwriting style.

The distinctive 'ChavezPro' font was launched by a group of young "anti-imperialists" to coincide with nationwide commemorations of the 60th anniversary of his birth.

Chavez's bold scrawl became famous to Venezuelans as he used to spend hours on national TV writing and drawing on boards and papers to explain policies, develop ideas and sign deals.

His signature, in red for socialist, adorns T-shirts, baseball caps and the walls of buildings around the nation.

They used letters written by Chavez while he was in jail for a failed 1992 coup attempt to digitalize his handwriting.

Here's what it looks like (definitely better than Comic Sans): Read below the fold...

In the garden: If I want to know where the sun's coming from, I can just ask the squash

And here is the answer!

("Bad Lambert" because I should have weeded that quack grass. I have been very remiss in my weeding, and after the rain, the weeds are humongous!)

Here's another tropism: Read below the fold...

This one chart shows why the fear and loathing of the Clintons that some factions of the political class feel does not translate to normal human beings

This 1 chart shows why the fear and loathing of the Clintons felt by some factions of the political class does not translate to normal human beings

The Clinton administration was the only administration since Nixon where take-home pay increased over a sustained period. The only one.

But NAFTA! But Glass-Steagall! But dot com bubble! But great moderation! But Bob Rubin! But wag the dog! But et cetera! Read below the fold...

Chuck Schumer is a horrible human being

"False economy"

I spotted that phrase on this site here, and filed it away mentally. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Squash are up!

Look, I know this isn't hard, mkay?

Read below the fold...

DCCC poses as debt collection agency in sleazy online fundraising gambit

I can see some vulnerable elders actually falling for this. Shame, DCCC! Oh, wait, that won't work... Read below the fold...

Republicans have a 60% chance of winning the Senate

Brilliant graphic by the Upshot team at the Times (and Fuck you, Nate!). Too bad they're not applying all that talent to something useful, but whatever. Advice for Democrats: Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day (2)

It's like we got socialism without the socialist part. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

Dear Lord. Read below the fold...

Pot and circuses

Putting Google+ accounts in Google News enables hasbara


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