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Wrong, and wrong

BooMan writes:

What's really going on is that there are two political bases in this country that do not see each other as legitimate.

Wrong. Off by one. There are three political bases in this country that do not see each other as legitimate.

And then there are a bunch of apathetic people who hate those party bases and can't understand why they can't work together to get anything done.

Wrong. To hate a party is not to hate the party's base. Give me an honest conservative local over any FKDP "leader" any day of the week. Read below the fold...


Black Friday (4)

C-list round up: Ellen of the Tenth on Thanksgiving history I didn't know; White Collar Crime has round-ups I really should follow more often; and "Um, unemployment?" As Joe Bageant remarks: Read below the fold...

Black Friday (3)

This series of stories -- a trip through the epicenters of the American recession -- from Reuters is actually pretty good, once you cut through the journamalism. (Click the map for each story in the series.)

Read below the fold...

Black Friday (2)

Well, let's hope the celebrities who put all their money into Dubai World don't lose it all, or, worse, thinking they'll lose it all, spark a panic. It's certainly our duty to prevent that. (One imagines the calls: "Don't you know who I am?") Felix Salmon has a nice post, with a chart, and makes this point: Read below the fold...

Black Friday (1)

I hate the very term "Black Friday," since it's one of those "traditions" of unknown origin doubtless invented by marketing weasels to encroach on Thanksgiving, which has remained resolutely non-monetized, or at least non-commercial, certainly compared to Xmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Money Day.... Read below the fold...

Stan Freberg: Why the Thanksgiving Turkey (and the United States of America)

Inspired by Susie, here's another "LP" we were listening to at about the same time as "Alice's Restaurant." Read below the fold...

Answer: Because Versailles sucks

That's a headline, and answer, I expect to keep using for some time. This time, it's occasioned by these two posts from Paul Krugman:

[T]he Fed expects unemployment to come down only very gradually — over 9 percent at the end of 2010, over 8 percent at the end of 2011, around 7 percent at the end of 2012. Inflation, meanwhile is expected to remain consistently below the Fed’s target.

Disastrously high unemployment, persisting years into the future, combined with inflation consistently below the Fed’s 2 percent target (and I’d argue both that the prediction is too high and that the target is too low).

Read below the fold...

What's the reality on the Medicare Trust Fund?

Since Obama and the rest of Versailles seem to be gearing up for gutting Social Security by cutting the weaker trust fund out of the pack.

Anybody got reliable, that is, not FKDP, access blog, or Republican, information on this?

And now, RL calls. Really! Enjoy the day... Read below the fold...


My favorite holiday -- notice how there's never any Thanksgiving muzak? No marching bands or flags? No drooling suits performing market segmentation on the unwitting populace? Just lots and lots of wine and root vegetables and dessert and passing of dishes and plates. And, of course, the tryptophans.

Read below the fold...

Obama outsourcing war crimes to Blackwater in Pakistan

Georgia church robber: "Sorry, but I'm poor"

Wall Street banksters: "Sorry, but I'm rich."

NOTE Via. Read below the fold...

Dems health care reform: Taxes raised immediately, benefits, if any, to come later


WASHINGTON — Americans could pay billions of dollars more in new taxes for a few years before they're likely to see significant change in the nation's health care system under legislation that Congress is considering.

Some analysts said that's not necessarily bad. Delaying major health care changes until at least 2013, as the pending Senate and House of Representatives bills would do, would give the government sufficient money and time to get things right.

You mean save the country $400 billion a year by implementing single payer after all?

Read below the fold...

$1000 prize for political blogging, deadline 11/29

Sweet Jeebus


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