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Courage works

Baseline Scenario has the charts for gay marriage support over time.

Yes, time is on our side.

This is not a plea to "be patient," but a plea to redouble the effort! All credit to gay people with the courage to come out to their neighbors. Honestly, I think that's the driving force, here.

NOTE Single payer advocates can take heart as well. Read below the fold...

Another deep thought

The Yankees suck!

Not that there's anything wrong with that... Read below the fold...

Wouldn't it be nice, if once, just once...

... I could get a message from David Plouffe without a DONATE button at the bottom? Read below the fold...

Financial bloggers get a two hour session with Treasury

Missed this. Somehow, I don't think the econobloggers were as impressed as our access bloggers would have been. Read below the fold...

Pelosi to graciously grant single payer (HR676) twenty (20) minutes of debate on Friday?

After all, single payer would only save $350 billion dollars a year! And where do we read about this? Our famously free press? Not. Our tribunes of the people on the "progressive" access blogs? You're joking. Read below the fold...

The HR3962 rule for Saturday debate

Here. I've been involved in RL today, so I'm not clear whether these rules can still be changed by the Saturday vote, or not. Read below the fold...

Go local

With your data.

This will involve both social and technical challenges. Read below the fold...

Question to Pelosi's office: "Will the Weiner amendment make it to the floor?"

Staffer: "We don't know yet."

Pelosi's Versailles Office: (202) 225-4965

Pelosi's SF Office: (415) 556-4862

Well, well. Read below the fold...

Pelosi: Don't say "public option." Say "consumer option"

I just wish "public option" advocates could figure out what to call whatever it is they're advocating. Leader Pelosi:

Ms. Pelosi said the public plan, which she prefers to call a "consumer option," would compete with private insurers. But the speaker was apparently unable to muster the votes needed for the 'robust' liberal version of a public plan, which she has repeatedly said would save more money for consumers and the government.

Dammit! Now I've got to change: Read below the fold...

On the ME gay marriage setback

Bangor Daily News:

“We’re not short-timers; we are here for the long haul,” [No on 1 campaign manager Jesse] Connolly told the crowd, some of whom wiped away tears as he spoke. “Whether it’s just all night and into the morning, or next week or next month or next year, we will be here. We’ll be fighting, we’ll be working. We will regroup.”

I think that's exactly right.

The Yes on 1 campaign, led by the group Stand for Marriage Maine, built its lead by winning votes in rural Maine as well as in some larger towns such as the Roman Catholic and Franco-American stronghold of Lewiston*.

Read below the fold...

Deep thought

The way to destroy the Democratic strategerists, and leave most of Versailles a smoking ruin, is public financing of campaigns. How come we don't hear a lot about that from "progressives," anyhow? Read below the fold...

ME results

Results here. TABOR went down to defeat; Yay! Now ME won't slide into the Atlantic, like CA into the Pacific, by subjecting every tax to a referendum. And medical marijuana is legalized; Yay! And the state actually rejected cutting the excise tax on automobiles. That's really three black eyes for the right. (The other question was about rolling back an undemocratic and painful school consolidation program imposed by the governor; voters, I think, decided that it would be even more painful to undo what had been done.) Read below the fold...

Golden Sacks CEO Corzine goes down to defeat in NJ

I'm playing the world's smallest violin. And at this time, I think it a propos to quote, once more, Michael Lewis:

Rumor No. 1: “Goldman Sachs controls the U.S. government.”

Every time we hear the phrase “the United States of Goldman Sachs” we shake our heads in wonder. Every ninth-grader knows that the U.S. government consists of three branches. Goldman owns just one of these outright; the second we simply rent, and the third we have no interest in at all. (Note there isn’t a single former Goldman employee on the Supreme Court.)

Read below the fold...

When did Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button go away, anyhow?

Reid slips deadline for health care deform to next year

AP. But then suddenly everybody agrees! Health care deform by Christmas! Yay! Read below the fold...


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