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What's the reality on the Medicare Trust Fund?

Since Obama and the rest of Versailles seem to be gearing up for gutting Social Security by cutting the weaker trust fund out of the pack.

Anybody got reliable, that is, not FKDP, access blog, or Republican, information on this?

And now, RL calls. Really! Enjoy the day... Read more about What's the reality on the Medicare Trust Fund?


My favorite holiday -- notice how there's never any Thanksgiving muzak? No marching bands or flags? No drooling suits performing market segmentation on the unwitting populace? Just lots and lots of wine and root vegetables and dessert and passing of dishes and plates. And, of course, the tryptophans.

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Georgia church robber: "Sorry, but I'm poor"

Wall Street banksters: "Sorry, but I'm rich."

NOTE Via. Read more about Georgia church robber: "Sorry, but I'm poor"

Dems health care reform: Taxes raised immediately, benefits, if any, to come later


WASHINGTON — Americans could pay billions of dollars more in new taxes for a few years before they're likely to see significant change in the nation's health care system under legislation that Congress is considering.

Some analysts said that's not necessarily bad. Delaying major health care changes until at least 2013, as the pending Senate and House of Representatives bills would do, would give the government sufficient money and time to get things right.

You mean save the country $400 billion a year by implementing single payer after all?

Sweet Jeebus

Hilarity at Big Orange

Top rated:

You Are Losing Me, Kossacks

I found your hard work so inspiring. I found your continual contributions so encouraging. I also saw that you were getting wrapped up in rhetoric and ideas and not paying attention to the facts.

Still, I have stood back and watched as you have taken every opportunity to attack a President for behaving in the ways he told us he would behave as our [sic] candidate. ...

What Ian said

Strange bedfellows

Dallas Morning News:

Reps. Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson, and Alan Grayson, D-Fla., may not agree on a whole lot politically. But they seem to share a formidable distaste for the Federal Reserve.

The two teamed up to write a proposal that would increase oversight of the Fed and possibly force an audit of the nation's central bank. And to the surprise of some, the amendment passed last week. ...

Traders: Testosterone-levels predict risk-taking, not skill

FT. I think this is the really interesting paragraph, however:

As an aside, learning, like outperformance, is incompatible with the efficient markets hypothesis, according to which the markets follow a random walk and you can no more learn to trade them than you can improve at flipping coins. Our data therefore suggest the markets are not in fact random.

Well, so much for the efficient markets hypothesis... Read more about Traders: Testosterone-levels predict risk-taking, not skill

Have a drink!

And then another.

But not before helping Arthur with the rent money. As usual, I can't summarize what he says faithfully, so read and internalize. Read more about Have a drink!

Since the states are hurting for money...

... why not close the most antiquated and expensive prison units?

Heck, why not legalize marijuana and give all the dealers retroactive immunity? If that's good enough for the telcos, why isn't it good enough for real persons? Maybe somebody could ask a prominent instructor in Constitutional law about that? Oh, wait... Read more about Since the states are hurting for money...


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