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How to generate scientific controversy


NOTE Via PZ Myers, where they're building a Creation Museum right next to his house! At least my Minnesota standards; it's a big state. Anyone ever notice that Creation Museums aren't museums either? It's a two-fer! Read below the fold...

The peace candidate


I like that The Obama's "four options" for Afghanistan are all the same option. I like the fact that he has bravely rejected any of the final four options in favor of finding a "compromise," a "hybrid." A fifth option? Barack Obama is calling audibles, yo. He's runnin' the wildcat offense! He's in the empty set. It's a reverse double onside punt fake kick passing lateral play....

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"Poor little primitives. Of COURSE it wasn't just about taking their oil. "

No, no, of course not. Go read Chris Floyd for a spectacularly jaundiced -- and by "spectacularly jaundiced" I mean "superbly written and correct in every respect" -- view of American official corruption -- and by "official corruption" I mean "business as usual for the elite" -- in Iraq. Peter Galbraith, Zalmay Khalilzad, Jay Garner, and Neil Bush join a cast of thousands! Read below the fold...


Pravda buries the lead:

Allies [of departing White House counsel Gregory Craig] also note that he oversaw the successful confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and praised him for trying to keep Obama in synch with some of the ideologically liberal ideas he promoted in the campaign.

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Is wood a Constitutional right?


This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions. Read below the fold...

If you want jobs, end the empire

As Anthony Weiner asked, "What do insurance companies bring to the transaction?"

Nothing. PNHP's Oliver Fein:

Insurance companies play no constructive role in providing health care.

They do not give you a physical exam; they do not perform your surgery. What they do instead is fight claims, issue denials and screen out the sick, diverting huge sums away from much-needed care.

The savings rendered by cutting out private insurance companies and establishing a single-payer plan would be sufficient to cover everyone who lacks insurance now and to upgrade insurance for everyone else.

Our nation spends twice as much per person on health care as other industrialized countries do, but our health outcomes are significantly worse.

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Keen rotating globe

I thought the rotating globe widget was fun, so I added it. Because we all need more fun!

Readers, any issues? Read below the fold...

Perhaps there will be a speech?


Oooh, breaking!

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Oh, dear

Here we go again.

Apparently, it's OK for a Confluence poster to write, in 2009:

As hard as it is for me to accept, I now have to face the face that the forces of theocracy not only control of the Republican Party, but also they are well on the way to taking over the Democratic party.

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At FDL, HCAN't shill Jason Rosenbaum defiles dead veterans

Is "defiles" too strong a word? Let's see! The set-up:

2,266 Veterans Die Because They Are Uninsured

The pitch:

nahant brings to our attention an extremely important and tragic statistic this Veteran’s Day. Via the Huffington Post:

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Dems to throw elders under the bus

Look, I'm totally sure that paying to bail out the insurance companies by cutting Medicare won't have any real effects on old people who are going to die soon anyhow. Especially given this great news:

Senators from both parties on Tuesday put new pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to turn the power to trim entitlement benefits over to an independent commission.

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Comment of the day

Jonathan in comments at the sideshow:

Prediction: If the senate passes the health bill, the public option will devolve into a dumping ground for sick people that the private insurance companies don't want-- which is one of the reasons the bill doesn't kick in right away-- to give them time to thoroughly comb through their lists to cull millions of us from eligibility before they supposedly won't be able to any more.

Haw. Why am I never cynical enough? Read below the fold...


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