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The demise of Editor and Publisher

Just a fraction of a single bankster's bonus would have kept them going, I'm sure.

Not with a bang, but a whimper. Read more about The demise of Editor and Publisher

Deadly Innocent Frauds

A book to collect letsgetitdone's posts on that topic. Read more about Deadly Innocent Frauds

Because Versailles is out to fuck us

Yes, the legacy parties -- led in this case by Kent Gregg (D) and Judd Conrad (R) -- really are out to loot Social Security and Medicare*, by setting up a board to do the cuts so Congress doesn't have to vote on them.

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Melissa Bean and the Chicago Way

Because Versailles is out to fuck us

And that includes both legacy parties. Krugman:

It was truly amazing the way last week’s employment report was hailed by many people as a sign that our troubles are over.

No, it wasn't.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to create a sort of benchmark for the level of job growth that would really count as good news.

Bullish on pitchforks

One fashion-forward consumer good that just could be coming back into style!

Here's one reason why. Read more about Bullish on pitchforks


Cute video on the legacy parties.

Read more about "Toodles"

"The bonus class"

Good one.

There's the "bonus class" and then there's the rest of us.

Yeah, my dog has a bonus... As Chico Marx once said. Read more about "The bonus class"

Don't say "disaffected" or "discouraged" Democrats

Say "detached."

As in "detach with love."

Well, maybe not with love. But you see what I mean. Read more about Don't say "disaffected" or "discouraged" Democrats

Headline of the century

Obama defends wars as he accepts Nobel.

"Wars," plural, is an especially nice touch.

NOTE Can't win the midterms without military Keynesianism! And since the blue states subsidize military installations in the red states, military Keynesianism is a winner for both legacy parties! Read more about Headline of the century

Xmas blegging post

I have a family member in cable cut-off mode who would welcome anything you could throw their way.

So, thanks if you can, and I know times are tough! No PayPal account is required to donate.

Yeah, I know cable cut-off is good. But they don't think of it that way.

NOTE This is not a desperate "OMG, I'm out of fuel and I'm losing my house!" post, thanks to your generosity. Read more about Xmas blegging post

"Patriarchal household economic rent"


Sounds like a grand unified theory, anyhow. Could it be? Read more about "Patriarchal household economic rent"

You're on the bus or off the bus

Ian calls his shot for 2010 and the next few decades:

We’re going to hear a lot of triumphalism over the next year, because the economy is probably going to “recover” more strongly than many expect, not primarily because of the stimulus, but because of increased military spending. Military Keynesianism is the only type of Keynesianism both parties agree with...

Ian Welsh and Stirling Newberry in Second Life today

9:00PM EST.(There is also a feed at blog talk radio.)

Be there or be square! Read more about Ian Welsh and Stirling Newberry in Second Life today


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