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Feinstein: Torture report will be released "in days"

Now Nashville, TN handled its Ferguson protests

Ben Swann:

Chief Steve Anderson, who made news in October when his department refused to cooperate with Secret Service agents who asked Nashville police to falsify a warrant so that they could search the home of an Obama critic, is making headlines again for his unique approach to dealing with protesters angry about a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, MO Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown. Rather than confronting protesters with militarized hardware, tear gas, and rubber bullets, Nashville police treated the protest more like a parade or community event, essentially providing security while protesters made their statement.

Incidentally, the protests, though they were emotionally-charged and attended by 450 people, did not descend into the type of violence, rioting, and looting that has been seen in other cities. Said Chief Anderson, “We had people that took to the streets, took to the forums to express their thoughts, their ideas, and they were extremely well-behaved. We had no incidents of any vandalism of any violence of any type. What I noted [is] that people were even picking up the trash that they had left behind at the scene.” Read more about Now Nashville, TN handled its Ferguson protests

In the garden: Rocks in the dusk

Last year I complained about the pebbles and clods of tar the plows threw up on my front garden. This year they threw up a whole chunk of road! (I just don't see how tar, being petroleum-based, can be good for the soil, but maybe tar is less vicious than other sorts of the stuff we should leave in the ground; it's been out in the weather, so perhaps its taboo, evil nature has been attenuated). Read more about In the garden: Rocks in the dusk

Foam armor at Occupy Hong Kong

Tweet of the day

Common Household Remedies Request

This one not medical, thank heavens. I have a nest of racoons in my crawl space. Read more about Common Household Remedies Request

Let's not forget that Missouri's Governor Jay Nixon is a Democrat, mkay?

Because "Nixon," and because of the total pro-cop mentality, I just assumed he was a Republican. Silly me.

In the garden: After the first real snow

Democrats explicitly adopt strategic hate management

St Louis Galleria shut down in mass "die in"

"I'm in!" (except not)

Common Household Remedies Request

Readers, I'm suffering from what I think its a mild case of food poisoning. Assuming I sleep, and I wake up tomorrow, and still have it, what do I take? Read more about Common Household Remedies Request

In the garden: Here we go

Rushing out quickly while there's still light, contrast, and color. Read more about In the garden: Here we go


Pro-cop twits bully school superintendent into submission

This, from the Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools:

I apologize for the misunderstanding around my first tweet Monday night in which I reacted emotionally to the Ferguson grand jury's decision.

My purpose was not to challenge the judgment of the police or the grand jury, but to express my sadness about this tragic situation. I deleted the tweet because it was being misinterpreted and it was distracting from the larger conversation about Ferguson.

Here's the original tweet (via the Times): Read more about Pro-cop twits bully school superintendent into submission


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