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Deep thought

The way to destroy the Democratic strategerists, and leave most of Versailles a smoking ruin, is public financing of campaigns. How come we don't hear a lot about that from "progressives," anyhow? Read below the fold...

ME results

Results here. TABOR went down to defeat; Yay! Now ME won't slide into the Atlantic, like CA into the Pacific, by subjecting every tax to a referendum. And medical marijuana is legalized; Yay! And the state actually rejected cutting the excise tax on automobiles. That's really three black eyes for the right. (The other question was about rolling back an undemocratic and painful school consolidation program imposed by the governor; voters, I think, decided that it would be even more painful to undo what had been done.) Read below the fold...

Golden Sacks CEO Corzine goes down to defeat in NJ

I'm playing the world's smallest violin. And at this time, I think it a propos to quote, once more, Michael Lewis:

Rumor No. 1: “Goldman Sachs controls the U.S. government.”

Every time we hear the phrase “the United States of Goldman Sachs” we shake our heads in wonder. Every ninth-grader knows that the U.S. government consists of three branches. Goldman owns just one of these outright; the second we simply rent, and the third we have no interest in at all. (Note there isn’t a single former Goldman employee on the Supreme Court.)

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When did Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button go away, anyhow?

Reid slips deadline for health care deform to next year

AP. But then suddenly everybody agrees! Health care deform by Christmas! Yay! Read below the fold...

Sit-in for single payer at Pelosi's office in SF

Via email, Mobilize for Health Care:

Dear Friend,
CALL PELOSI NOW! (415) 556-4862 and (202) 225-0100
There are 8 people sitting in RIGHT NOW in Nancy Pelosi's Office in San Francisco!

They are not leaving until they get an answer to their demands! Their demands are that the Kucinich amendment MUST be in the health care bill that the House votes on, and that the House MUST vote on the Weiner amendment.

Pelosi PROMISED the American people that she would ensure BOTH of the above would happen, and she has betrayed us by renigging on those promises!

Read below the fold...

Golden Sacks left foreign investors holding the subprime bag

More from McClatchy. Say, why aren't Pravda and Izvestia covering this?

And when access blogger Mike Lux posts on yesterday's McClatchy blockbuster, why don't comments like this ever make it out of moderation?

gs Read below the fold...

Third world

SF Chronicle:

Nearly half of all U.S. children and 90 percent of black youngsters will be on food stamps at some point during childhood, and fallout from the current recession could push those numbers even higher, researchers say.

The greatest country on earth!

Read below the fold...

Dems HR3962 throws women under the bus on exams, birth control, abortion

Really. Could access bloggers, progressive boiz, and the FKDP be giving women the big "Fuck you" any more obviously? The Nation: Read below the fold...

Status of the Weiner Amendment

Call #1 to Pelosi's Office [(202) 225-4965]:

LAMBERT: Hi, I'd like to know the status of the Kucinich and Weiner amendments to HR3962.

PELOSI STAFFER: [CLICK... Voice mail hell].

Call #2 to Pelosi's Office [(202) 225-4965]:

LAMBERT: Hi, I'd like to know the status of two amendents.

PELOSI STAFFER: Let me transfer you [CLICK... Voice mail hell].

Call #3 to Pelosi's Office [(202) 225-4965]:

LAMBERT: Hi, I'd like an answer to a question, not voice mail.

Read below the fold...

Claude Levi-Strauss dies at 100

Health care: One side is lying, and the other side is not telling the truth

What Avedon said:

So Orrin Hatch spilled the beans from the GOP side - that we can't pass health care reform because it would be good for the Democratic Party - as if the recent eight years of Republican rule haven't already had a similar effect. Now, if only the Democratic leadership would come clean about their reasons for not wanting good health care reform, which, while not particularly partisan, seems to be just plain corruption. Not that the Republicans aren't at least as corrupt, but they're focus on partisanship is tied directly to their ideology, while the Democratic leadership's focus on "bipartisanship" is in direct opposition to their claimed ideology.

Read below the fold...

While we weren't looking: More on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Via Morningstar. Excellent read, but I have no time to post.

NOTE Hat tip, danps. Read below the fold...

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