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How Reid's bill hands Obama the knife to cut treatment under Medicare

One more reason to kill the bill. Politico links to a post from Ron Brownstein in the Atlantic they say is "mandatory reading" at the White House. The key paragraphs describe two institutions, the Medicare Advisory Board and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Both circumvent the democratic process -- that is, the voters, although the latter looks more dangerous. Call me foily, but that translates, to me, to cuts in care. Why else would they not want to face the voters? Read more about How Reid's bill hands Obama the knife to cut treatment under Medicare

"Moral pathology" at Golden Sacks

The "break the bill in two" concept

Single payer advocates argue that the only way forward with health care is to pull out the good parts that help people right away, declare victory, and reboot with an open and transparent process -- this time, for real. Naturally, the "progressive" access bloggers never refute these arguments directly, since that would give oxygen those who advocate the only policy on offer that can be shown to save money and lives, but apparently they've been talking privately among themselves about it. Read more about The "break the bill in two" concept

Nobel peace prize winner Obama to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan?

McClatchy. Fortunately, we've got at least one Friedman Unit to play with:

"We have to start showing progress within six months on the political side or military side or that's it," the U.S. defense official said. ...

It splits the difference between two other McChrystal options: a "high-risk" approach that called for 20,000 additional troops and a "medium-risk" option that would add 40,000 to 45,000 troops.

Now that Bill Moyers is ending Bill Moyers Journal...

... (here) is there any reason to own a teebee?

I say No! One less addiction! And detox doesn't take all that long; only a year or so.... Read more about Now that Bill Moyers is ending Bill Moyers Journal...

Other than that, Mr. Ackroyd, how was the farce?

And you thought pinning the bogometer on public option was no longer possible. Jay Ackroyd:

The only argument in opposition to a public option is that it will lower executive compensation and shareholder value in the health care industry.

"An active member of a small clique"


Maybe somebody could add this link to the "What Do You Want To See Fixed at Open Left" thread. Just a thought. And do feel free to propagate to the lists. Read more about "An active member of a small clique"

Enjoy fish while you can

Ian Welsh. The BC salmon fishery is collapsing, just like the Grand Banks cod fishery already has. Once again, Charles Eisenstein:

Essentially, for the economy to continue growing and for the (interest-based) money system to remain viable, more and more of nature and human relationship must be monetized. For example, thirty years ago most meals were prepared at home; today some two-thirds are prepared outside, in restaurants or supermarket delis. A once unpaid function, cooking, has become a "service". And we are the richer for it. Right? ...

Declare independence

Violet finds an amazing article in the Guardian; turns out men broke everything and now women are taking the lead in fixing it all (haw; and haw). I'm going to cut to the chase on values, and then give the background. On values, green venture capitalist Halla Tómasdóttir: Read more about Declare independence


See Marcy on How Dick Cheney Cowed Obama.

She's got a timeline and everything! Read more about p0wned

If Soros is funding HCAN't...

... he should take away their money. Letsgetitdone writes:

In my other life, in the field of Knowledge Management, I sometimes work on the idea of reflexivity, a favorite notion of George Soros’s, and also on complex systems, a field having to do with the rise, maintenance, and fall of various types of systems, including human organizations of various kinds. Both of these notions are closely related to the idea that to some degree at least we make our own realities, or, as some in systems theory put it, we constantly "bring forth our world."

Never happen

Fear the cloud


Missed this one at time. Doesn't April, 2009 seem like a long, long time ago?

Just adding to my incredibly superficial knowledge of feminist waves, here. Read more about Blub


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