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Out of curiosity, has Grayson ever passed any legislation or held a substantive hearing?

Our access bloggers are positioning him as a populist in their most recent fund-raising letter, but despite being on the financial services committee, the best his advocates can seem to come up with is the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Did Grayson do anything to nobble this abomination from Barney Frank, which crippled the Consumer Financial Protection Agency? Read below the fold...

Truer words

Obama, stumping for NJ former Golden Sacks CEO Jon Corzine:

[Obama] told a crowd of about 5,000 people in Camden that Corzine was "not going to rest until not only is Wall Street doing well, but Main Street is doing well, and businesses are hiring again."

"Not only." I just love that.

I'm gonna name my pony "Not Only" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read below the fold...

Nancy's Band-Aid

Thank gawd, some serious analysis of HR3962 at last!* Plenty of detail from letsgetitdone at FDL. Go read the whole thing; I'll just excerpt this: Read below the fold...

Wonderful Halloween costumes

"Asshole is the new 'hippie'."

Interesting stat on "Grandma"

Holly Sklar:

Grandma could be dead from lack of health insurance before she turns 65 and gets Medicare - 80 percent of first-time grandparents are in their 40s and 50s.

I'm guessing that younger marriage is strongly class-based, and so the "grandmas" in their 40s and 50s are likely to be unterbussen, and hence not of concern to "progressives."

Read below the fold...

Keynes and Edmund Burke

This gem from Neiman Watchdog:

There is no end of irony in that J. M. Keynes took his approach to current problems from his political hero and conservative political philosopher, Edmund Burke. Robert Skidelsky, Keynes’s biographer, found this quote from an undergraduate paper Keynes wrote at Cambridge:

Read below the fold...

Golden Sacks can't "show the note," couple saves own house

Miami Herald:

When California wildfires ruined their jewelry business, Tony Becker and his wife fell months behind on their mortgage payments and experienced firsthand the perils of subprime mortgages.

The couple wound up in a desperate, six-year fight to keep their modest, 1,500-square-foot San Jose home, a struggle that pushed them into bankruptcy.

The lender with whom they sparred, however, wasn't the one that had written their loans. It was an obscure subsidiary of Wall Street colossus Goldman Sachs Group.

Read below the fold...

Shock doctrine from Michelle Rhee

EdWize. Caveat:

That's the framing; Daily Howler is my go-to source for all things education, so I'd check there for Somerby's views as well. Read below the fold...

What The General said


The people who are sagely advising that America can't afford to provide basic health care to most Americans, and especially to the poorest Americans, all have the best possible health care and health insurance available — and often, it's health care provided by public funds. The people who are advising that America must keep borrowing and spending to continue waging wars in the Middle East do not themselves have to worry about ever going abroad to be put in harm's way, nor are they likely to have children and other close relatives who are asked to risk their lives in this way.

Read below the fold...

Trying to stay out of debt peonage to Bank of America

A great, great post from Yves. Go read, rage, think, and ask yourself why financial reform is off the table for the administration and, oddly, or not, off the table on the A-list ("Access List") blogs as well.

Always nice to read about people who make their own soap -- on the econoblogs, of course. Read below the fold...

Default assumption

One of the default assumptions that most everyone in the health care insurance debate seems to share is that the Democrats will make things better, if not much better. That's the basis of the "progressive" incremental strategy, for example.

But in at least three very big policy areas -- surveillance, executive powers, and financial regulation -- the Democrats have not made things better, and at least in the case of surveillance, have demonstrably made things worse, by consolidating and normalizing Bush's policies. Read below the fold...

New hard drive needed at Pottersville

James Galbraith: "Confidence" will never be restored until bankster fraud is addressed

Via Yves:

JAMES GALBRAITH: That’s the point about the crisis, is that it could have been prevented. The people in authority two, three, five years ago, knew how to prevent it. They chose not to act, because they were getting a political and an economic benefit out of the speculative explosion that was occurring.

Read below the fold...

New post from Kip Sullivan on who will administer "public option"

Go read. I don't have time to post on this right now, but if readers can pick this up in comments, it would be great. Also, somebody who hasn't been banned over at OL might consider posting a Quick Hit on it. Be sure to put "single payer" in the subject line and, just for shits and grins, take a screen dump.

Read below the fold...


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