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"Shoot the ducks and grab the bucks"

Say, wasn't that a line in Once Upon A Mattress? Read below the fold...


I, too, have been irritated with the growing currency of the idea that (to translate) "the future lies ahead":

I'm not saying that this was Emanuel's plan all along. I think his strategy has been fairly sophisticated, but not here. He'll probably fight to see that the deal is honored. The mystery will be whether he does that for show, or he really means it.

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Food, glorious good

Anglachel points out what should be obvious: Read below the fold...

If you're a blogger who doesn't want to go on the teebee...

... and especially if you're not on the A list or you're old school, then go read this post at Wampum immediately.

NOTE And do read the final paragraph. Is there anyone we know who can help "put one's feet on the earth and push"?

UPDATE Jeebus, wrong link to Wampum's main page all day. Too little sleep. Well, you should read whatever Wampum writes anyhow. Read below the fold...

Grayson's anatomy lesson

Nice headline:

What Grayson gave the country and the news media was a much needed anatomy lesson in how to govern, how to make a point, how to stand up for what you believe is right, how to fight for it, and how to handle bullies. Which is smack them back and they stop. A teachable moment and anatomy lesson for everyone, not the least of which, hopefully was President Obama.

Policy aside, yes, that's what Grayson did. Read below the fold...

Shorter Warmongers

Stump Lane:

It’s going to become a pain in the ass to conquer the entire Middle East if we don’t act soon. “Soon” meaning immediately. If it isn’t too late already. The time for inspections and diplomacy is over. Et cetera.

Well, that's sorted.

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War is a force that gives us meaning

Or at least makes us rich and powerful. And it's bipartisan!

Some more rich and powerful than others, of course. Read below the fold...

Simple answers to simple questions

At Yves' place, George Washington asks a question:

The overwhelming majority of derivatives contracts are held by just 5 banks. So are we really basing our entire strategy on CDS on protecting those 5 banks?

Simple answers to simple questions:

Yes. Read below the fold...

Health Exchanges in TX, FL, NC, CA: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

Cappy McGarr in the Times, today:

Back in the 1990s, I was the founding chairman of Texas’ state-run purchasing alliance — an exchange, essentially — which ultimately failed. There are lessons to be learned from that experience, as well as the similar failures of other states to create useful exchanges.

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People get it

Bob Herbert in the Times:

The survey for the Economic Policy Institute was conducted in September by Hart Research Associates. Respondents said that they had more faith in President Obama’s ability to handle the economy than Congressional Republicans. The tally was 43 percent to 32 percent. But when asked who had been helped most by government stimulus efforts, substantial majorities said “large banks” and “Wall Street investment companies.”

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WellPoint sues the state of Maine to guarantee themselves a profit

Unbelievable? All too believable.

I'm so glad "progressives" are guaranteeing the health insurance companies a market with the mandate. What could go wrong?

NOTE Somebody should really ask Olympia Snowe what she thinks about this. Read below the fold...

Mr. Bowers writes a lead

Mr. Bowers serves up a mixed metaphor:

The $810 billion Wall Street Bailout is a loadstone [sic] hanging around the neck of the Democratic Party.

Of course, Mr. Bowers wrote "loadstone" when he meant "millstone."

Here's a definition of "loadstone" (or "lodestone"): Read below the fold...

"Crushing Fear"

The laptop of death

I haven't followed the Iranian nuke story, since so far as I can tell, nobody's met the burden of proving it's not disinformation. I know that's quite a hurdle in contemporary Versailles, but after the WMD debacle, it's the only sensible stance. Anyhow, the inimitably never-quite-enough-foil-to-be-foily Cannonfire has an interesting story on The Laptop of Death. Maybe somebody can make sense of it all....

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