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Let not my love be called idolatry

Glenn Greenwald:

I recently watched this video -- posted below -- containing interviews with numerous individuals who attended a Sarah Palin book event in Ohio. Most of them profess their deep respect and admiration for Palin even though they're barely able to defend a single substantive position she holds. The video is clearly intended to depict Palin supporters as some sort of uniquely ignorant and vacuous fan club devotees more appropriate for a movie star than a politician. ...

Monday Night Lo-Fi blogging

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Via Violet (via Shannon (quoting MN State Senator John Marty))):

If 21st Century ["]Progressives["] led the 19th Century Abolition Movement, we’d still have slavery, but we’d have limited it to 40 hour work weeks, and we’d be so proud of the progress we’d made.

A low dishonest decade

Maybe nobody wants to name the decade that started with 2000 because the name wouldn't be printable:

I sit in one of the dives
On Fifty-second Street
Uncertain and afraid
As the clever hopes expire
Of a low dishonest decade:
Waves of anger and fear
Circulate over the bright
And darkened lands of the earth,
Obsessing our private lives;
The unmentionable odour of death
Offends the September night.

Access bloggers still think they're hippies...

Via Eschaton, quoting Digby in toto (go read), since I need to quote all the way to the end:

From a personal perspective, this would be a godsend:

Senate Democrats are discussing the idea of expanding Medicare by lowering the age at which the elderly could enter the government-run insurance program, Democratic sources on the Hill tell the Huffington Post.

Thank god for the econoblogs!

Quote of the day

"Ax Max"

Go read. She's singing our song!

Gotta go, RL calls.

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Bowers gets tetchy, and gives others the model for setting up a "progressive" organization. The subtext: "See if you can do it better, assholes!"

But obviously, if you care about policy results, the model is broken -- Exhibit A, the health care debacle and the "progressive" access bloggers who did so much to enable it -- so why is Bowers propagating it? To spread the despair around?

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Turning off the spinning globe

If the spinning globe causes you problems, you can turn it off in from the Update My Account link at top right. Look for "Block Configuration" and uncheck Globe.

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The pissant "public option" as a symbol of political power

The privatized war in Afghanistan

An index from Facing South.

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