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House Dem "leadership" to force floor vote on "health" "care" "reform"?

Well, this explains why no hearings on the Weiner amendment:

Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said negotiations with fiscally conservative Democrats on his panel cannot continue indefinitely. But a floor vote would put fellow Democrats in an exposed position, having to cast a vote on a $544-billion upper-income tax increase that the Senate is unlikely to embrace to help pay for covering the millions of uninsured Americans.

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Poor Jello Jay!

Humans glow in visible light

Amazing. If breath is the spirit, is light the soul? Read below the fold...

Alan Grayson at Yves' place

"Peak Finance"

After administering the obligatory but entertaining beat-down to Goldman Sachs bumboy and Obama appointee -- sorry for the redundancy -- Larry Summers, Simon Johnson concludes:

If the bubble (or metaboom with a series of bubbles) was in finance and pulled resources into that sector, we face an adjustment away from Peak Finance – and perhaps this will even more overshadow the next decade than Peak Oil.

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You know, in the primariez...

... the image in this post would have elicited, well, a rather predictable reaction from the usual suspects. (I like Christie a lot, and she's 100% right to be disgusted at staffers and lobbyists using the rooms that you paid for to write legislation to fuck you, but can you imagine the shitstorm if that image had been at the Confluence?) Read below the fold...

Revisionist history and premature triumphalism

Do feel free to set the record straight at here at Digby's in comments. There's plenty of rich material today.... Read below the fold...

Maybe these guys should be flogging public option?

Just saying:

“We just changed the script and changed the product we were selling,”

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Goodnight, moon

Moved my solar spectrum lamp out of my bedroom, where I hadn't even been using it, next to computer. Shit, SAD in fucking July. Read below the fold...


Reid: No health care vote in Senate until fall. Good. Gives us more time to agitate in the district for single payer.

Now, if only "progressives" would tell Rahm to go fuck himself, and use their big megaphones to start advocating for the best policy -- single payer -- instead of the second best, we might get somewhere. Read below the fold...

What Avedon said



Jane Hamsher wants me to sign this petition telling Congress they should pass healthcare reform before they go on vacation. I want a petition saying they should pass single-payer or go to jail for the massive fraud they are perpetrating against us.

Yeah, that's about it.

The criminals never go to jail, Avedon! What's wrong with you? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Well, I'm crossing my fingers, but it looks like the (organic!) Critter Ridder works. I left a thin stalk across the hole in the tomato patch where the chipmunk used to come out, and it hasn't been disturbed for two days. And I don't see any other holes dug.

Yay! Plus, I have a good three-quarters of the can left. I wonder if it would work on woodchucks? Read below the fold...

Obama: Taking the profit motive out of health care will incentivize the private sector

Just... Wow. But let's get the dishonesty out of the way first; then we can go on to the incoherence. CNN transcript:

Now, one of the plans that we talked about is a public option. And part of the reason we want to have a public option is just to help keep the insurance companies honest.

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