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If you can weird out Keith Richards...

Profiles in courage, as "Open" "Left" makes its single payer censorship policy explicit

[A warm welcome to the usual suspects. What took you so long? -- lambert]

Mr. Bowers loses his touch, and makes a clumsy attempt to conflate snark in a Quick Hit with commentary: "Progressive bloggers don’t write about single-payer because they are afraid of Rahm"*.

Fortunately, I assumed that "progressives" like Bowers would stoop to outright censorship at some point, so here is the post Bowers censored in order to replace with that link: Read below the fold...

Not a parody! I swear!

Common household remedies request

I'm getting tired of waiting for my furnace guy. Any of you with old houses and single pipe steam systems know if this is true?

A representative of the company told me that old-house owners have reported great success with his company's product, J-B Weld on old cast-iron radiators.

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Pigs fly

And Bareback Andy says something nice about She Who Must Not Be Named:

She can say things that are true, and which Obama can then walk back a little. I'm sure this is deliberate. And I have to say that her performance as secretary-of-state seems to me to be a real highlight of the administration.

Film at 11: Hillary Clinton is a team player and a loyal Democrat.

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"Half a loaf"

Nice post from The Grumpy Forester.

Don't you love it when "progressives" happily force working folks into choices between what they know is best for everyone*, and what's best for themselves?

NOTE * I love this post from Will Bunch. Read it all to see how what I'm saying here applies. Read below the fold...

Why I love Philly

July 8, 2007.

Although I love some parts of Philly more than others.

NOTE Via Susie. Read below the fold...

Hilarity at Kos: [a|the] [strong|robust]? [Federalist]? [health insurance]? [option|plan] never clearly defined

Knock me over with a feather. Anyhow, front-paged:

[I]n August at Netroots Nation when I asked progressive strategists and activists to think ahead to the end game, and about what our reaction ought to be when Members who'd apparently pledged to oppose any bill without a "robust" public option claimed they needed the latitude to do some other thing, ranging all the way up to... doing the exact opposite of that.

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nycweboy, who I obviously should read more often, has a post that captures the zeitgeist perfectly:

Off year election season is just kind of weird; in the "24 hour news" age, there's a whole political evaluation machine sitting around, little to do... and there's always a "trend report" needed for the next year.

And of course, there's the off chance that something real is actually happening.

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"Silence of the DudeBros"

Heh. nycweboy:

I was struck - but not surprised - by the relative silence over a Sunday front page NYT article about the White House's "DudeBro" problem: the reality that the President is surrounded by the lefty equivalent of the all male "boys club" mentality that can be found many places, including Washington politics. ...

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At Skookum, in its entirety:

Good News!

Good news! Only half the members of the House subcommittee controlling Pentagon spending are under investigation for influence peddling.


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Central banking and you, in two sentences

The Disempowerment of Positive Thinking

Great post on Ehrenriech's book, with a sting in the tail.

sacrifice Read below the fold...

Comment of the day

So, will Pelosi keep her promise to give single payer a floor vote, or not?

I'm guessing No, but perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) secured a commitment from Pelosi and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) for a vote on a fully government-run, “single-payer” insurance program in July to get liberal support for moving the bill out of committee. Weiner said Thursday that he'd been told “all systems are go,” but leaders have pointedly declined to confirm that.

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