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Baucus: Insurance companies should pay for the uninsured with a cut from their bailout (which they'll pass on to the insured...)


In a last effort to give the Senate a bipartisan health care bill, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee circulated a comprehensive proposal on Sunday to overhaul the health care system and proposed a new fee on insurance companies to help pay for coverage of the uninsured.

Mr. Schumer said, “The health insurance industry should pay its fair share of the cost because it stands to gain over 40 million new consumers under health care* reform legislation.

Translation: We bailed you out with the mandate. Now, give a cut to the uninsured with this fee.

Of course, the insurance companies will immediately pass the fee on to their existing policy holders: Read below the fold...

Happy Labor Day

Or at least happy until you read this column by Harold Meyerson.

Actually, I'm confident that, as usual, there's a lot working for our good that bubbles beneath the surface, unnoticed by our Versailles elite and their camp followers; the continued advocacy for single payer, which every insider and wannabe insider wishes would just go away, is one indicator of that. So let's hope by this time next year, the heat has been turned up just a little, and we're at a rolling boil! Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Well, tomorrow is Labor Day! I was in the labor force, once! Now I'm a discouraged -- make that a deeply cynical realistic and enraged -- worker! It feels like a promotion... Read below the fold...

Dems find a sure-fire political winner: Taxing the insured to pay for the uninsured!


Given this reality, if the public insurance plan promoted by liberals is deemed politically unacceptable, and if there is an unwillingness to shift safety-net funds, the government will have to raise new sources of revenue.

Read below the fold...

DC Blogger needs your help

Banksters to bet trillions on decreased life expectancy with "securitized life insurance"

From today's Times:

After the mortgage business imploded last year, Wall Street investment banks began searching for another big idea to make money. They think they may have found one.

Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Health reform: "A clusterfuck of epic proportions"

Via Susie, this CNN story. There are way too many highlights -- I recommend you read the whole thing -- but this one is my favorite:

A Democratic source close to the process told CNN Friday that the White House was very conscious of the potential congressional fallout: "How do you [get the deal passed] without a revolt in the House? It can be done, but very delicately."

Read below the fold...

Olympia, WA single payer activists join Mad As Hell Doctors caravan

The Olympian:

[Sandy Mayes, an Olympia resident] carried a sign saying “Medicare for All” to U.S. Rep. Brian Baird’s town hall meeting Monday. But Baird told his audience he didn’t think a single-payer plan like Medicare was politically achievable, and one night later Mayes and others formed the Olympia Single Payer Action group.

“The first project for OSPA will be to promote and participate in the Mad As Hell Doctors carea-van: a national tour which will stop in 28 towns and cities, largely coordinated by local Physicians For a National Health Plan (PNHP) chapters,” Mayes wrote.

Read below the fold...


Banana Republic

Simon Johnson, who knows cheesy oligarchs when he sees them from his time at the IMF:

[T]he unfortunate side effects of finance lie much more in the future than in the past. It’s not lowering recent growth by some fraction of a percentage point that should bother us, it’s the likely behavior of large-scale finance, now more powerful and with greater concentration of power.

Read below the fold...

Dean Baker asks a good question: Did you hear anyone say "Thank you?"

That is, a "thank you" from the banksters that we bailed out?

This should deal with the question of bankster profits (and the subsidiary question of TARP payback:

Most of us work for a living; the rest are bankers. These days the news is filled with great tales about how the banks are coming back. ...

Read below the fold...


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