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Maine voters decisively rejected same-sex marriage yesterday, 53% to 47%. Last November, when California voters overturned gay marriage there, the exit polls indicated that out of the Obama constituencies, overwhelming opposition from African-American (and, to a lesser extent, Hispanic) voters helped tip the balance. This was controversial, to put it mildly. Well, Maine is 97% white, and Obama won it in a landslide, 58%-42%.

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Swine flu vaccine for swine at Golden Sacks

The Lords get the vaccine while the peasants wait in line. What could be more natural or fair?

Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) asked Health and Human Service (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to investigate why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved the distribution of the H1NI vaccine to Wall Street firms at a time when the vaccine is unavailable to most Americans.

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Obama = Bush on DRM and DMCA (just like on torture)


According to documents leaked earlier this week, the United States favors forcing international ISPs to proactively police copyright on user-contributed material and would require ISPs to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. In addition, the U.S. negotiators [on ACTA (International Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)] are seeking international notice and take down agreements and mandatory prohibitions on breaking DRM systems. The provisions are all favored by major U.S. content owners.

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Kids these days...

Gore on civil disobedience for climate change


Al Gore has sought to inject fresh momentum into the Copenhagen build-up, saying he is certain Barack Obama will attend and predicting a rise in civil disobedience against fossil-fuel polluters unless drastic action is taken over global warming.

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Bittergate: The untold story, from Mayhill Fowler

Mayhill Fowler in HuffPo on "bitter ... cling to" (interestingly, she writes it was the cling to, not the bitter). A fine, interesting retrospective on winning, "losing," how the discourse gets shaped, and who gets credit (all senses). The bottom line:

If [Obama] did not figure out how to talk about small-town Americans [that is, working class Americans who live in small towns like those in PA that the banksters have de-industrialized] to more worldly coastal folk then even if he were President he would get no chance at "change."

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Why not a WPA?

Krugman asks, and answers "politics" (that is, right wing bromides like "government is the problem"). Of course:

1. Obama hasn't done anything to fight the right wing bromides and has, if anything, reinforced them; and

2. Why would on earth would anybody imagine that the FKDP has any other constituency than Big Money, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and all the other Mr. Bigs? Read below the fold...

Nobody could have predicted...

Dem's Saturday health insurance reform to slip?

The health insurance industry and the tobacco lobby

Samuel Metz in the Oregonian:

Smoking kills. So does the health insurance industry.

In the 20th century our tobacco industry, threatened by associations between its product and a lung cancer epidemic, diverted public discussion to a multitude of highly charged and largely irrelevant issues. It succeeded so well that even now, 50 years later, it still freely markets its dangerous products with only minor packaging concessions.

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And then there's the Wyden Amendment...

Via a single story in from the Montana Missoulian*, we learn:

Still alive is an amendment from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., that allows states to ask for a waiver from the federal government to create their own universal coverage plan for their citizens.

The Wyden amendment is in the bill sponsored by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. Senate Democratic leaders are working to meld parts of the Baucus bill with another health reform bill to create one bill that will come to the floor for debate, before the end of the year.

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Followup on econoblogger meeting with Treasury officials

Via the excellent Interfluidity. Other reactions at the bottom of their post. Read below the fold...

Courage works

Baseline Scenario has the charts for gay marriage support over time.

Yes, time is on our side.

This is not a plea to "be patient," but a plea to redouble the effort! All credit to gay people with the courage to come out to their neighbors. Honestly, I think that's the driving force, here.

NOTE Single payer advocates can take heart as well. Read below the fold...

Another deep thought

The Yankees suck!

Not that there's anything wrong with that... Read below the fold...

Wouldn't it be nice, if once, just once...

... I could get a message from David Plouffe without a DONATE button at the bottom? Read below the fold...


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