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Even the lowliest worm can turn

This is heartbreaking, in so many ways -- not least when we imagine what Jay Rockefeller might have become, had he, throughout his long career, always acted from the heart. Go read the transcript at Susie's place. [This may not show up; it seems to be Flash from CSPAN, not YouTube.] Read below the fold...

People whose incomes range from the lower six to the upper eight digits

Angry Bear is runs the go-to series on Social Security -- you know, the "entitlement reform" that Versailles, including the administration, is so enthusiastic about. Bruce Webb, who covers Social Security, responds to the latest round of tendentious pearl-clutching from the usual suspects: Read below the fold...

Why listen to NPR when you can listen to Elizabeth Warren?

Truth [no-glossary]Partisan[/no-glossary] sends me this; I know we've linked to it before, but it bears a second listening.

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Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unterbussen

I meant to post on this awhile back, but RL intervened, and so but I want to lay down a marker, because this is an important story to watch.

It seems Our Betters are in the process of deciding that more of us will never have jobs, like, ever again. Fortunately, few of us will lose our homes, because of HOLC... Well, fortunately, none of us will die sick and poor because we have single payer, so health care is a right... Oh, wait.* Read below the fold...

Watch for who writes the regulations in whatever health insurance "reform" the Dems actually manage to pass

Wendell Potter sounds the alarm on the Baucus "Healthy Forests" -- whoops, "America’s Healthy Future Act". RL is still calling, so I don't have time to look at the other bills, so I'll just laying down the marker here:

AHFA designates the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to write key regulations. This is of great concern to me because this proposal delegates to the NAIC, a private organization, with rule-making authority that is generally reserved for an agency of the federal government.

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More on Koufax

Many thanks!

Very quick thanks to all who helped out by throwing some kibble to the hamsters -- I've been away in RL, and I'm happy to be back. Read below the fold...

Word of the Day


The Motor and Sin Cities.

NOTE Via LOLfed. Read below the fold...

Insolvent banksters and a merry-go-round called denial

Read the whole post from George Washington at Yves place -- the list of 17 experts, regulators, Nobelists, and other DFHs who believe that the economy can never recover unless the banks are broken up is choice. Here's the conclusion: Read below the fold...

Just shoot me

Even -- "even," haw -- WaPo has become infected with the noxious meme that the "public option" and Medicare are the same*:

Reid has compared himself to the late Mike Mansfield (Mont.), who succeeded Johnson and served as Democratic leader for 16 years, the longest tenure ever for a Senate party leader. Mansfield's soft cajoling helped lead to the 1965 passage of Medicare and Medicaid, the largest "public options" ever created in the health-care system.

Read below the fold...

Insurance companies will still game the system under "health" "care" "reform." Who knew?

And [a|the] public [health insurance]? [plan|option] won't make a damn bit of difference. Even WaPo's figured this out (and do click through and read to the end for a totally buried quote-of-the-decade from Baucus):

Any health-care overhaul that Congress and President Obama enact is likely to have as its centerpiece a fundamental reform: Insurers would not be allowed to reject individuals or charge them higher premiums based on their medical history.

Read below the fold...

Doing the same thing while expecting a different result

One for Avedon


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