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Why I love Philly

July 8, 2007.

Although I love some parts of Philly more than others.

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Hilarity at Kos: [a|the] [strong|robust]? [Federalist]? [health insurance]? [option|plan] never clearly defined

Knock me over with a feather. Anyhow, front-paged:

[I]n August at Netroots Nation when I asked progressive strategists and activists to think ahead to the end game, and about what our reaction ought to be when Members who'd apparently pledged to oppose any bill without a "robust" public option claimed they needed the latitude to do some other thing, ranging all the way up to... doing the exact opposite of that.


nycweboy, who I obviously should read more often, has a post that captures the zeitgeist perfectly:

Off year election season is just kind of weird; in the "24 hour news" age, there's a whole political evaluation machine sitting around, little to do... and there's always a "trend report" needed for the next year.

And of course, there's the off chance that something real is actually happening.

"Silence of the DudeBros"

Heh. nycweboy:

I was struck - but not surprised - by the relative silence over a Sunday front page NYT article about the White House's "DudeBro" problem: the reality that the President is surrounded by the lefty equivalent of the all male "boys club" mentality that can be found many places, including Washington politics. ...


At Skookum, in its entirety:

Good News!

Good news! Only half the members of the House subcommittee controlling Pentagon spending are under investigation for influence peddling.


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Central banking and you, in two sentences

The Disempowerment of Positive Thinking

Comment of the day

So, will Pelosi keep her promise to give single payer a floor vote, or not?

I'm guessing No, but perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) secured a commitment from Pelosi and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) for a vote on a fully government-run, “single-payer” insurance program in July to get liberal support for moving the bill out of committee. Weiner said Thursday that he'd been told “all systems are go,” but leaders have pointedly declined to confirm that.


And whispering "I will ne'er consent " — consented.

Lord Byron, Don Juan, canto I, verse CXVII:

And Julia's voice was lost, except in sighs.

Until too late for useful conversation ;
The tears were gushing from her gentle eyes,

I wish, indeed, they had not had occasion ;
But who, alas ! can love, and then be wise?

Not that Remorse did not oppose Temptation ;
A little still she strove, and much repented.
And whispering "I will ne'er consent " — consented.

Just out of curiosity, is David Brooks wearing lipstick?

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But still.

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Common household remedies request

By popular demand... I have a common household remedies request.

What's the best posture to meditate? Is there one?

I'm really not sure I'd be able to use the lotus posture, because the sound of cracking bones and the pain would really be a distraction.

NOTE And do the meditation sites, when posting pictures, really have to use beautiful women in tank tops for models? Doesn't that work against the whole concept? At least for some people? Read more about Common household remedies request

Single payer actions in 11 cities from Mobilization for Health Care For All

[Welcome, OL readers. Since I've been banned from OL, I won't be able to keep posting links to single payer activism like this. Please feel free to stop by here. -- lambert]

Clever media strategy from Mobilization for Health Care For All, going for local coverage. That circumvents the "progressive" media blackout, as well as the blackouts by the administration, the FKDP, and our famously free press. Links:

Nice list of links:

Press Coverage from 10/28:
San Francisco Chronicle:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Read more about Single payer actions in 11 cities from Mobilization for Health Care For All

Banksters get bailouts, but public option won't

Page 216 of the bill:

1(3) NO BAILOUTS.—In no case shall the public health insurance option receive any Federal funds for purposes of insolvency in any manner similar to the manner in which entities receive Federal funding under the Troubled Assets Relief Program of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Alrighty, then.

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