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Well, you oughta know

Bob Corner (R-TN):

We all know that the selling of one’s body is one of the oldest businesses that has existed in the history of the world. And so the AMA now is engaged in basically selling the support of its body....

Actually, it's not a business, but a profession.

In any case, I wish nothing but the best for you both. Read below the fold...

Health care deform: Abort, Retry, FAIL?

Don McCann says abort. Then reboot:

The five reform bills passed by House and Senate committees will not control health care costs, and yet these are to be merged into one bill – that will not control health care costs.

What is the worst that could happen?

Read below the fold...

Weiner's single payer amendment to be CBO-scored


I called 202.225.6616 and thanked him. So should you!

This is patient, real, unglamorous work. Not showhorse MR. SUBLIMINAL Alan Grayson but workhorse.

Again, yay! Read below the fold...

Go read Arthur

Whoever just told me to do that.... They're right. Go read Arthur.

This is a great post, and it collects Arthur's ideas in a compact enough form that flyweight intellects like mine might be able to use them, instead of merely admire them. Read below the fold...

Pricking the fauxgressive "public option" polling bubble

Surprise! If the pollsters ask about the public option that's really on offer (the switch) instead of the public option that lying pony-infested groupthinking "progressives" have convinced themselves is or might be on offer (the bait), people think it's shit.

And it is shit. Read below the fold...

Too big to fail? Or too wired too fail?

Simon Johnson (and some sane central banksters*) diagnose the first; Yves diagnoses the second.

For my money -- BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! -- Yves has the right of it:

Read below the fold...

Audit the Fed? That's for fucking moderates!

Jr Deputy Accountant:

[I]f you think they haven't tossed the bodies in the water by now you're out of your damn mind. The Fed knows as long as it can buy enough time it will weasel its way out of this one way or another and if not, at least they have enough goons to work overtime dissolving bones in vats of acid or whatever it is they've got to do.

Read below the fold...

Big plastic jugs

Greedy, stupid, lazy telcos

Sorry for the redundancy:

The telcos want to set up tiers so they can charge some people more than others, i.e. introduce a class system to the ‘Net, because some people don’t like to have their important content treated the same way as Friday Cat Blogging.

Read below the fold...

The Yes Men hack the Chamber of Commerce

Quite the jape. More like this, please! Read below the fold...

Highest rated cute cat video

Banana trees are really herbs!

Which is keen, but even more keen is that banana plants are rhizomes:* Read below the fold...

If you don't have a job and feel like you've been written off...

... it's because they're trying to. That's why no investment in housing like HOLC, that's why health care deform is a sham and a scam, that's why the jobs situation remains pitiful, that's why "entitlement reform," and on and on and on. I mean, quality work like this is what the banksters get bonuses for.

Read below the fold...

The "public option" is a many-splendored thing

And by "public option" I mean [a|the] [strong|robust]? [Federalist]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan].

NOTE I should hat tip somebody for that link, but I forget who.... Read below the fold...

Those polls "progressives" keep citing on support for the so-called public option?

Surprise! They're bogus. They reproduce the same "bait and switch" tactics that "progressives" used to help the Obama administration take single payer off the table.

I'm shocked. And so are the American people, but without the irony: Read below the fold...


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