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Why do the Dems suck so badly, and will they suck forever?

Fact-esque has a long post up that works through the answer to that question, using the health care debacle as the case study. Read the whole thing, because I'm about to summarize it, no doubt badly: Read below the fold...

From the C-List Institute Of Strategic Thought

Via Charter Member IOZ, FAQ: Afghanistan:

FAQ: What is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is an expression of pure being, the it-in-and-of-itself-ness of the to-be-of-being. It is that which is by dint of its is-ness, an iteration without antecedent, the indwelling of exteriorality and externalization of indwelt inherency.

Go read the whole thing.

Because it's important to be prepared. Read below the fold...

Into the woods

BoA's Ken Lewis better not go up in any small planes


Bank of America is going to pick an emergency backup CEO this week, in case Ken Lewis should meet with an unfortunate accident before the end of the year. Not that they’re expecting anything to happen to him, of course. And that really IS a pool cleaner’s panel van parked across the street from his house.


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Having bought the government, Goldman Sachs shuts down its Versailles desk

This is interesting from Bloomberg:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), legendary for its clout in Washington, has inexplicably halted its political fund-raising machine.

The strange twist comes at a time when Wall Street's biggest and most powerful investment bank, nicknamed Government Sachs by critics, seems in other respects to be just as politically involved as ever.

By all accounts, its senior executives are in close contact with Washington regulators, the lobbyists on its payroll include some of the best connected, and it continues to spend heavily to influence government.

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Stiglitz: Tax the banksters to create a superfund for toxic assets cleanup


“The financial sector polluted the global economy with toxic assets and now they ought to clean out,” Stiglitz told reporters today in Istanbul, where he’s attending the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings. He said a tax is “much more feasible today” than in the past.

The IMF will study ways to tax the financial industry at the request of Group of 20 leaders, Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said last week. He dismissed the “very simplistic” idea of the so-called Tobin tax, a global charge on currency trades which he said would be difficult to implement.

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Dick Gephardt would suck off a corpse for a cheeseburger

Oh, wait. I'm sorry, that's Matt Taibbi on Tom Daschle; it's so easy to get FKDP operatives confused. Anyhow, read The Nation on Gephardt, and I'm sure you'll agree.

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Banksters unlikely to repay taxpayers in full for TARP bailout

I'm shocked.

Anyhow, the subject line rewrites this headline from the LA Times:

TARP funds are unlikely to be fully repaid, program's watchdog says

Can anyone spot the problem? Read below the fold...

Triple bollocks

Digby writes:

Howard Dean said it in this appearance with Nancy Snyderman back on September 18th:

Snyderman: Why are you so sure that a public option will come to fruition?

Dean: Because it's the only thing that works.

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Even the lowliest worm can turn

This is heartbreaking, in so many ways -- not least when we imagine what Jay Rockefeller might have become, had he, throughout his long career, always acted from the heart. Go read the transcript at Susie's place. [This may not show up; it seems to be Flash from CSPAN, not YouTube.] Read below the fold...

People whose incomes range from the lower six to the upper eight digits

Angry Bear is runs the go-to series on Social Security -- you know, the "entitlement reform" that Versailles, including the administration, is so enthusiastic about. Bruce Webb, who covers Social Security, responds to the latest round of tendentious pearl-clutching from the usual suspects: Read below the fold...

Why listen to NPR when you can listen to Elizabeth Warren?

Truth [no-glossary]Partisan[/no-glossary] sends me this; I know we've linked to it before, but it bears a second listening.

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Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unterbussen

I meant to post on this awhile back, but RL intervened, and so but I want to lay down a marker, because this is an important story to watch.

It seems Our Betters are in the process of deciding that more of us will never have jobs, like, ever again. Fortunately, few of us will lose our homes, because of HOLC... Well, fortunately, none of us will die sick and poor because we have single payer, so health care is a right... Oh, wait.* Read below the fold...

Watch for who writes the regulations in whatever health insurance "reform" the Dems actually manage to pass

Wendell Potter sounds the alarm on the Baucus "Healthy Forests" -- whoops, "America’s Healthy Future Act". RL is still calling, so I don't have time to look at the other bills, so I'll just laying down the marker here:

AHFA designates the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to write key regulations. This is of great concern to me because this proposal delegates to the NAIC, a private organization, with rule-making authority that is generally reserved for an agency of the federal government.

Read below the fold...


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