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Goodnight, moon

"Indeed, his Jeremiad, his threnody, call it what you will, can only be accepted for what it is: an atribilious amphigory." Read below the fold...

From the Department of How Not To Get Anybody's Attention


Martha Burk:

Dammit President Obama -- we support you. Women put you in office, and stuck with you when the crazies were beating you up with "death panels" and "socialized medicine."

We still support you, but like millions of women who were watching, we wonder why you have to always use our most intimate health issues as a bargaining chip to give away, when you're not going to get anything back. You did it at Notre Dame, and now you've done it again.

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Obama to liberals: "Honey, I've changed!"

Obama's reach-around to liberals brought a tear to at least one eye:

Update III: The Kennedy passage was beautiful. He even used the dreaded "L" word, which I haven't heard in that setting without a sneer for ... well, ever. I don't know how many people can hear that plea for empathy and community, but I hope some did.

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If Joe Wilson did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him...

... given how he's been able to distract "progressives" from the actual content of Obama's speech.

A classic example of how the two parties -- though not "the same" -- reinforce each other and the larger system of Versailles.

As a single payer advocate, I'm on the side that the other two sides are trying to suppress. Read below the fold...


Just got the post O-gasmic bulk email from FDL. It ends:

P.S. If you don't think it's imperative to pass a public option, consider this: without a public option, individuals without health insurance will be fined $3800 for not paying up to the insurance companies. If that won't be an issue in 2010, nothing will.

Huh? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Actually, I probably should have posted this tomorrow. Because...

... then it would be "The One After 09/09/09!"

And in reaction to Obama's speech: Read below the fold...

Thread for Obama health care speech (8:00PM EST)

CNN has some pre-speech excerpts. Oddly, or not, there's no mention of the "public option" (or "plan"). The suspense builds!

NOTE The reviews are in at FDL. The consensus? Ponies!!!!!

UPDATE GOS has the full text. Read below the fold...

Sure, I'd name an international student center after Cheney

And so what about the torture?

Students also will be able to hang out there, said university spokeswoman Jessica Lowell.

"This is a place where international students can come and watch soccer if they want to. There's a lounge for them," Lowell said.

Hang out by their thumbs? Read below the fold...

Serfin USA

Empty Wheel does the math and concludes:

Bad Max Baucus' health care plan is, best as I can tell, an attempt to turn the middle class into serfs to the health care industry.

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Fiery rhetoric!

Yeah, Ceci, but it's sourced:

The original concept of creating a task force with the power to draw up a plan for covering everyone gave way slowly to a more modest proposal. In the end, the bill would do little more than study the problem.

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Draft Stormy!

Payroll bailouts in Germany

The Globe and Mail:

While other countries were bailing out major companies by purchasing their shares and debt or taking ownership stakes, the German government took a different tack this year, bailing out payrolls instead, in order to keep layoffs and large-scale unemployment at bay and stave off the personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures that would result.

The result has been a political dividend for Ms. Merkel, whose ruling Christian Democrats face a Sept. 27 national election. In 2005, she was swept to office after a sharp rise in unemployment levels forced then-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a Social Democrat, to call an election.

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Preparing for the greatest speech EVAH on health care

What Obama says is irrelevant.* No matter what, keep up that grassroots pressure. If that doesn't pay off today, it will down the line. Make them do it.

I'm very busy today, so posting from me will be light. Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Brutal day. I'm exhausted. Read below the fold...


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