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Dem leadership backs health insurance reforms that still mean thousands of preventable deaths each year


We’re not talking about a third world country. This is the United States, one of the most industrialized nations in the world. But increasingly, we look more like a developing country — 42nd in the world for life expectancy (behind Japan and most of Europe), and ranked last among 19 OECD countries in preventable deaths that should not occur in the presence of timely and effective health care.

Meanwhile, the charade goes on, as our elected representatives in Congress dither over health care reform. None of the bills in Congress will resolve the affordability and access problems.

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One hump, or two?

Not everybody is as enamored of the "camel's nose under the tent" theory as BTD. What paradox said (quoting in the entirety because it's uncuttable): Read below the fold...


They say "public option" but in their hearts they mean single payer

I missed this from Anthony Weiner back in July, because I rarely read politico, but, as usual, Weiner hits the right points concisely:

The public option would prompt Americans to ask a basic question of the insurance company that is chasing their business: “What is it that you guys do, exactly?”

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About those insurance company jobs....

ZOMG! Mainstream press actually mentions single payer! And PNHP!

Sure, Reuters, but it's still good:

Nearly 45,000 people die in the United States each year -- one every 12 minutes -- in large part because they lack health insurance and can not get good care, Harvard Medical School researchers found in an analysis released on Thursday.

The Harvard study, funded by a federal research grant, was published in the online edition of the American Journal of Public Health. It was released by Physicians for a National Health Program, which favors government-backed or "single-payer" health insurance.

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Journamalism 101

Anthony Weiner!

FDL still pushing for the pissant public option! Nice to see a real baseball player dealing with a wannabe inside baseball player.... Read below the fold...

Payback is a bitch

Nobelist All-Star Celebrity Cage Death Match! I always did enjoy an intellectual splatterfest, and I know who I'm rooting for: Salt Water (Princeton; MIT) vs. Fresh Water (Chicago).

But what next?

The "Tapwater Economists" rehabilitate the labor theory of value? Read below the fold...

Goodnight, moon

Wednesday Night Rational Marijuana Policy Lo-Fi blogging. Read below the fold...

Headline of the century

From Baucus, a Bill That May Weather the Blows. Stenography by (you guessed it)...

Ceci Connolly. Read below the fold...



Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection on September 15, 2008, in the FAIL heard roun’ the world, and we can’t let the moment not be commemorated. Had we more time, we would have baked something like fifty cakes, bundled them together, then sliced up the bundle and sold off the slices to some friends of ours who would have then offered to resell the slices to you, because that’s our cake-debt obligation to their legacy.

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AFL-CIO endorses single payer. Unanimously

National Nurses Movement

The campaign for the most comprehensive healthcare reform of all, single payer, won a huge boost Tuesday as the AFL-CIO voted unanimously at its national convention in Pittsburgh to endorse the enactment of single-payer, universal healthcare.

The vote came shortly after the convention was addressed by President Obama who repeated his call for comprehensive healthcare reform, and will accompany another AFL-CIO resolution supporting other Congressional efforts to pass comprehensive reform.

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Why not put cargo cultists in charge of the Fed?

Assuming, that is, that we haven't already. Because public sex means more bananas! Or is it the other way round?

I keep forgeting...

Seriously, the teabaggers have nothing on these guys.... Read below the fold...


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