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The Motor and Sin Cities.

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Insolvent banksters and a merry-go-round called denial

Read the whole post from George Washington at Yves place -- the list of 17 experts, regulators, Nobelists, and other DFHs who believe that the economy can never recover unless the banks are broken up is choice. Here's the conclusion: Read below the fold...

Just shoot me

Even -- "even," haw -- WaPo has become infected with the noxious meme that the "public option" and Medicare are the same*:

Reid has compared himself to the late Mike Mansfield (Mont.), who succeeded Johnson and served as Democratic leader for 16 years, the longest tenure ever for a Senate party leader. Mansfield's soft cajoling helped lead to the 1965 passage of Medicare and Medicaid, the largest "public options" ever created in the health-care system.

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Insurance companies will still game the system under "health" "care" "reform." Who knew?

And [a|the] public [health insurance]? [plan|option] won't make a damn bit of difference. Even WaPo's figured this out (and do click through and read to the end for a totally buried quote-of-the-decade from Baucus):

Any health-care overhaul that Congress and President Obama enact is likely to have as its centerpiece a fundamental reform: Insurers would not be allowed to reject individuals or charge them higher premiums based on their medical history.

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Doing the same thing while expecting a different result

One for Avedon

RL calls

My light posting will continue for another day or so. Thanks to everyone who helped out! Read below the fold...

They write letters

Kip Sullivan's newest, to CBO's Doug Elmendorf, who seems to have pulled [a|the] public [health insurance?] [option|plan]'s scoring from his nether orifice.

RL still has me under its control, but do go read. And put that link up where you comment! Read below the fold...

Biopower and biopolitics

Reid: "There's a public option, there's a public option, and there's a public option. And we're going to look at each of them."


Asses to asses, mush to mush. [pounds head on desk]

I couldn't have asked for better confirmation that [a|the] [robust|
strong]? public [option|plan] has never been anything more than a set of vague bullet points. Read below the fold...

Sure, Alan Grayson has a spine. But does he have a brain and a heart?

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The blogosphere is all atwitter over Alan Grayson's powerful rhetoric on health care insurance reform -- and don't get me wrong, I'm all for effective rhetoric.* Grayson said: Read below the fold...

Conservative meme transmittal as venture capitalism


At this point, we can begin to see ACORN's true importance. The "video" is important not because it reveals some larger "truth" about ACORN, but because it is useful in this larger institutional battle to control national media narratives.

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Philip Pullman number two on banned books list

Only number two?

The Christianists never give up, do they? Read below the fold...

Starbucks instant coffee!

Yeah, but what I want to know:

Is Starbucks instant coffee robust?

Our "creative [cough] class" likes its latte robust. Read below the fold...

Sanity on Iran

From Ian.

Iran, Afghanistan. Just.... Eeesh. Not a lot of change here. Or hope, for that matter. Read below the fold...


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