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California Health Exchange Death Spiral: MA is not the only example that sucks

Via Don McCann, M.D., at PHNP. First, he quotes a study from the California Health Foundation:

The California Exchange

The Expectation

1. Provide an easy to navigate single point of entry where people could go to choose among several health plans.

2. Reduce the cost of coverage, using three primary mechanisms:
* Reduce administrative costs by achieving economies of scale
* Command lower prices
* Foster market competition

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Medicare for all with a robust private option

Lessons learned from success: How to prevent a teabagger disruption

I like it when people tell Steney Hoyer "You're lying to me!" because chances are it's true

Too bad it's wingers doing telling the truth, for once. What an ugly mess this could turn into, to be sure.

The Dems have managed to put squarely themselves on the side of Goldman Sachs and the Fed -- sorry for the redundancy, that's true also -- and haven't managed to build any kind of policy bulwark for people whose homes, jobs, livelihoods, and lives the banksters destroyed while doing whatever it is they do for the big fat slabs of taxpayer money they're cutting for themselves as bonuses. Read below the fold...

How the sage of Omaha looted the Treasury

Warren Buffet a looter and weasel? I'm shocked. (Though he did own Moody's...) Reuters:

Today, Buffett remains famous for investing The Right Way. He even has a television cartoon in the works, which will groom the next generation of acolytes.

But it turns out much of the story is fiction. A good chunk of his fortune is dependent on taxpayer largess. Were it not for government [that would be your money, not his] bailouts, for which Buffett lobbied hard, many of his company’s stock holdings would have been wiped out.

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Perhaps Glenn Beck should stop "denying them his essence"?

Goodnight, moon

Rose beetles (Japanese beetles) eat potato leaves! Starting today! Hurrah!

Though I'm sure potatoes are their second choice to roses; they certainly would be mine! Anyhow, they ate bean leaves last year, so I'm thinking they left eggs or grubs in the ground? Read below the fold...

Goldman Sachs annexes Italy!

Our media: Creating our own financial reality

And make no mistake, it is our reality. Our horribly painful reality. Yves shows us systemic reflexivity in action: Read below the fold...

Does Goldman Sachs not want the Feds to see their data flows, and if so, why?

OK, headline a little exaggerated, but since I've never managed to be cynical enough, it's probably warranted. Let's connect two data points.

Data point one:

Sergey Aleynikov, [start here] the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. computer programmer charged last month with stealing sophisticated trading software, is in talks with prosecutors to resolve the case, according to court papers. ...

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More disaster capitalism


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