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Sure, Alan Grayson has a spine. But does he have a brain and a heart?

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The blogosphere is all atwitter over Alan Grayson's powerful rhetoric on health care insurance reform -- and don't get me wrong, I'm all for effective rhetoric.* Grayson said: Read below the fold...

Conservative meme transmittal as venture capitalism


At this point, we can begin to see ACORN's true importance. The "video" is important not because it reveals some larger "truth" about ACORN, but because it is useful in this larger institutional battle to control national media narratives.

Read below the fold...

Philip Pullman number two on banned books list

Only number two?

The Christianists never give up, do they? Read below the fold...

Starbucks instant coffee!

Yeah, but what I want to know:

Is Starbucks instant coffee robust?

Our "creative [cough] class" likes its latte robust. Read below the fold...

Sanity on Iran

From Ian.

Iran, Afghanistan. Just.... Eeesh. Not a lot of change here. Or hope, for that matter. Read below the fold...


To fail to get an account, follow these directions:

A. Be a spammer and somehow make it past the filters.

To lose your account once you have one, follow these directions:

1. Be a spammer.

2. Be a troll.

3. Continue to contaminate the discourse by using manufactured legacy party talking points, especially right wing talking points, after repeated warnings.

4. Continue to contaminate the discourse by failing to back up claims with evidence or links -- or refusing to back down on the claim -- after repeated requests. Read below the fold...

The limits of shareholder activism

Via Working Life:

To wit (via The Wall Street Journal):

A record number of corporate directors snatched victory from the jaws of their defeat by shareholders this year.

In a sign of investor discontent, 93 board members at 50 companies have received fewer than 50% of votes cast during annual meetings so far in 2009, according to RiskMetrics Group Inc. That's more than twice as many as any other year since the proxy-advisory firm began tracking the trend in 2003.

Read below the fold...

Buyer's remorse on Obama from Gore Vidal

The idea of a basic income

Mad as Hell Doctors on so-called public option FAIL

Catnip on Sunday

Morton Mintz at Neiman Watchdog:

During President Obama’s five back-to-back Sunday television interviews, “No one…asked an unexpected question,” Alessandra Stanley wrote in the New York Times. That was a powerful and warranted indictment of the ascendant non-journalism masquerading as journalism.

Read below the fold...

17 single payer advocates arrested in civil disobedience at Aetna in Manhattan

The Times:

[I]n Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday morning a different sort of health-care protest took place, led by left-leaning groups who accused insurers of greed ...

Why, the idea!

... and called for nationwide, single-payer health insurance.

The police said that 17 people were arrested after refusing to leave the lobby of an office building on Park Avenue where the insurance company Aetna has offices. They were charged with criminal trespass. In addition, the police said, three of those arrested were charged with obstructing governmental administration.

Read below the fold...

Single payer advocates are unpersons to "progressives" at "Open" "Left"

Neo-Broder-ite Mr. Chris Bowers burbles:

Its About Who Runs The Country
In one camp, there are conservatives and private health insurance companies who oppose the public option in all forms.

In the other camp are House and grassroots progressives. Their basic argument is exactly the same as the first camp: a public option, even in its current form, would offer lower-priced health insurance than private companies.

Read below the fold...

Michael Moore supports letting the states set up single payer systems


Democrats must also ensure that whatever bill passes includes a provision enabling states to set up their own single-payer systems. These votes are the true litmus tests of the Democrats' commitment to guaranteeing health care for all, and finally solving our health care crisis.

Nice to see "progressives" whipping for that. Oh, wait...

Moore has a massive takedown of the rest of what's on offer from our Dem leadership as well. Corrente readers are familiar with these issues, so go read, but this point caught my eye: Read below the fold...


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