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The West Philly Tool Library

Pretty neat:

Hammers, shovels, ladders, cordless drills, chop saws, lawnmowers, weed whackers, pry bars and an engine lift are just a few of the more than 3,000 tools lining shelves, hanging from walls, and taking nearly every inch of floor in a section of warehouse at 1314 S 47th St.

Read below the fold...

A man on the way to his coronation should look happier

Off to the goddamned hardware store

By bus, taking hours, because my small town doesn't have a hardware store within walking distance, like it used to. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the Day

Cute meet: Hochul Rejects Wu Debate Challenge in Person at Manhattan Campaign Stop

New York Observer:

“Hi, I’m Tim Wu. Kathy, it’s a pleasure to finally meet in person,” Mr. Wu said.

Ms. Hochul echoed the greeting, and Mr. Wu started to walk away with his aides–however, a person who would only identify themselves to the Observer as a campaign worker for Mr. Schneiderman [!!] nudged him and urged him to press his opponent to argue the issues. Read below the fold...

"Teachout, Wu sue state Democrats over pro-Cuomo mailers"

Politics on the Hudson:

Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout’s campaign is due in state Supreme Court in Manhattan this afternoon to seek a temporary restraining order that would prevent the state’s Democratic operation from funding mailers supporting Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul in this Tuesday’s primary election. (Several Democratic Committee-funded mailers have already gone out to primary voters.)

The Teachout campaign cites section 2-126 of the state Election Law: a ban on spending party money on any one candidate in a primary election.

The (Democratic) party is undermining the actual function of the party, which is to allow Democratic primary voters to make the decision between candidates,” Teachout said in interview. “Party leadership can’t make decisions between candidates before voters make the decision. That’s what we see here, and it’s a real problem.”

The article does give reasoning on why it's not so simple: Read below the fold...

Actual Democrat arrested during $15.00/hour fast food protest

Roll Call:

Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., was arrested Thursday afternoon while protesting with fast-food workers during nationwide strikes to raise the minimum wage.

“I take great pride in supporting Milwaukee workers as they risk arrest in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow for their families,” Moore said in a statement following her arrest.

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In the garden: Grass I can live with, from the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

I've successfully destroyed most of my lawn, along with most of the quack grass (although it keeps coming back, horribly). But this Appalachian Sedge looks very nice!

Foolishly, I Googled to find its Zone, only to remember that it's growing happily in Maine already! At the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens! Note to self: Don't let your fingers do the thinking. Read below the fold...

Beautiful Solutions: Call for Submissions

Tweet of the day (2)

Tweet of the day

Cuomodämmerung: He'll win, but he's going to look awful dumb doing it

This is a delicious column from Albany Times-Union's Capitol Confidential. So Teachout debated Republican Astorino and an empty chair, because Cuomo couldn't be bothered to show up. Hilarity ensues, first from New York Democratic Party hack -- sorry for the redundancy -- Basil Patterson: Read below the fold...

The labor theory of value in cartoon form

In the garden: Victory for the Cardinal Climbers!

I'm happy about this because, ya know, plant seeds in the ground, even in late July, and look what you get!

In terms of next year, though, making the usual assumptions, I've got more thoughts now on that pollinator wall. Here's sketch: Read below the fold...


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