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Galloway: Re-open Abu Ghraib investigation


[Of course, Abu Ghraib is the story WaPo's editors should be assigning to Pincus. But n-o-o-o-o-o...]

McClatchy's Joe Galloway:

We were reminded again this week that in this administration, no good deed goes unpunished, and that no scandal is so great that it can’t be hidden until it’s forgotten.

Why does WaPo have its best intel reporter covering a 40-year-old story?


Why is Pravda on the Potomac putting its best intelligence reporter, the great Walter Pincus, on a 40-year-old story? That would be like Izvestia on the Hudson using Seymour Hersh to cover the New York Fire Department rescuing a kitten from a tree (if Hersh, a real reporter, could still stand to work there).

The answer can only be: Read more about Why does WaPo have its best intel reporter covering a 40-year-old story?

When is the Guardian going to start that US edition?


Or the Independent. Or Le Monde. Because it seems like press and Bush regime Newspeak on Iraq is now complete. Anybody we fight or kill in Iraq is now called "Al Qaeda," which is the Big Lie the regime used to get us into Iraq in the first place.

It never ends, does it? It just gets worse and worse.

NOTE Hey, how's that new Public Editor doing? Isn't there a style issue here? Read more about When is the Guardian going to start that US edition?

Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely

Politicourtesan Mike Allen gushes over Willard Mitt Romney's 31 PowerPoint slides. Even though he didn't actually see the presentation.

31 slides! Just imagine! And look at those shoulders!

[Screams. Pounding, as of head on wall. Shattering glass.]

NOTE Via America's favorite substitute gym teacher. Read more about Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely

The Grey Lady puts the hate on Edwards

That darn liberal media! I'm not going to dignify the Times hit piece with a link; go read TPM.

It's like their takeaway from goring Gore and swiftboating Kerry is that they can keep running the same play over and over again, isn't it? And they wonder why circulation is falling.

And as I said: If the press hates Edwards, that gives him instant credibility with me. Read more about The Grey Lady puts the hate on Edwards

Operation BOHICA Summer continues


But don't worry! Victory is only two Friedman Units away:

[Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno] said the possible reduction in US forces will depend on whether Iraqi security forces are able to follow through and replace US troops in holding areas now being fought over.

Did I call my shot on CIA distraction and misdirection, or what?

At 7:18AM this morning, I wrote on the CIA's release of the family jewels:

And you know the “everyone does it” battle is going to be fought out on the ground of a winger hate figure, Kennedy, right?)

And at 11:22AM [DCOW] Captains Quarters' sadly predictable Ed Morrissey comes through right on cue:

Bobby Kennedy Approved CIA Tap On Journalists

NPR is teh suck

They've invented a new euphemism for "mercenary":

Civilian soldier.

Unbelievable. "Enhanced interrogation," "civilian soldiers" ... Orwell would be proud. Read more about NPR is teh suck

"The Vice Presidency is a unique orifice..."

Oh no! Another missing white woman!

Henry, stop being a wuss!

Come on! Don't you get it:

Vice President Cheney's office has refused to comply with an executive order governing the handling of classified information for the past four years and recently tried to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules, according to documents released by a congressional committee yesterday.

Bush CIA's transparent attempt to misdirect and distract

They must be desperate. And frightened. Maybe their cushy jobs are finally on the line. WaPo (A1):

The CIA will declassify hundreds of pages of long-secret records detailing some of the intelligence agency's worst illegal abuses -- the so-called "family jewels" documenting a quarter-century of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying, kidnapping and infiltration of leftist groups from the 1950s to the 1970s, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said yesterday.

Should we have a Department of Vengeance, or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Sure, the rats are leaving the sinking ship, bulging money sacks over their shoulders, and stepping onto the safe shore of well-funded positions as shouting heads, "scholars" at winger think tanks, board members, or high priced consultants.

Big fucking deal: Read more about Should we have a Department of Vengeance, or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Babs turns against Gitmo, so for sure her boy's gonnna shut it down

There's a lot of verbiage in this story from AP on Bush maybe closing Gitmo, but the nut graf is buried 24 down:

[Bush's] wife, Laura, and mother, Barbara, along with Rice and longtime adviser Karen Hughes, head of the public diplomacy office at the State Department, have told him that Guantanamo is a blot on the U.S. record abroad, particularly in the Muslim world and among European allies.

And so: Read more about Babs turns against Gitmo, so for sure her boy's gonnna shut it down

Submit the best written response and share a Fenway Frank with Willard Mitt Romney

Now that I'm on Team Mitt as a "loyal supporter," I get letters about the greatness of Our Willard's shoulders, 'n' stuff, like the ectoplasmic sheen he gives off on the teebee. Plus he's got his "entire family," presumably including the very singular OfMitt, working for him:

Dear lambert,

On Sunday, June 24, we’re kicking off “America’s Shilling Calling,” a special event for our critical end-of-quarter fundraising efforts.


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