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Friday Feral Hog blogging


Monster Pig

So, where was this hog shot?

In Alabama. Let's not forget the well-known correlation between Republican rule and feral hogs: Read more about Friday Feral Hog blogging

Housing carnage intensifies

If you thought you saw anything good come from the Bush "Recovery" [snicker], you didn't:

For April, sales of existing homes were weak in all parts of the country. The Northeast experienced the biggest decline, a fall of 8.8 percent in April from the March sales pace. Sales were down 1.7 percent in the West, 1.2 percent in the South and 0.7 percent in the Midwest.

Cheney to bypass Bush, collude with Israel to attack Iran?

The Amazing Froomkin, quoting Steve Clemons:

Clemons writes: "Multiple sources have reported that a senior aide on Vice President Cheney's national security team has been . . . explicitly stating that Vice President Cheney does not support Bush's tack towards Condoleezza Rice's diplomatic efforts and fears that the President is taking diplomacy with Iran too seriously.

The Golden Compass: The Movie

Here's the trailer.

Release is scheduled for December, in plenty of time for the War on shopping Christmas, which of late has formed such an endearing part of our Holiday season here in the States.

The Christianists are going to hate this one, and they're going to go even more batshit than they usually are.

Why? Here's a profile of the author, Philip Pullman: Read more about The Golden Compass: The Movie

A joke for Avedon

A dyslexic walks into a bra.

[Rimshot. Laughter.]

NOTE Avedon! Read more about A joke for Avedon

Hilbama vote "No" on capitulation to Bush on Iraq

Nancy "demands accountability" on the DCCC site

Of course, that was Monday, and three days is a long time in politics.

Anyhow, Bill in Portland Maine got a fundraising letter from the DCCC based on "carrying the fight forward" after the capitulation.

Er, what fight? Read more about Nancy "demands accountability" on the DCCC site

First, poison pet food. Now, poison toothpaste

Personally, I use baking soda. But other people may actually believe the marketing and buy the non-commodity product from the corps. BBC:

Health officials in the United States say they are checking all shipments of toothpaste imported from China for contamination with toxic chemicals.

Now they're checking. Um, how many years has the poison been in our toothpaste?

Oh, shit. Stop whining. It's only a little engine coolant: Read more about First, poison pet food. Now, poison toothpaste

What Republican promises are worth


[Republican gaulieter John 'It's not pronounced "Boner"'] Boehner spoke last night at a small reception for the Republican Rapid Responders on Capitol Hill [about the Senate's immigration compromise bill].

"I promised the President Bush today that I wouldn't say anything bad about ... this piece of shit bill," he said, according to two attendees.

Al Qaeda is blowback from torture



This is, in fact, a comment about… betrayal.

Few men or women elected in our history—whether executive or legislative, state or national—have been sent into office with a mandate more obvious, nor instructions more clear:

Get us out of Iraq.

Monica: Gonzales committed perjury?

From the transcript:

Rep. Davis: “General Gonzales testified that he never saw the US Attorneys list, the list of terminated US Attorneys, is that accurate to your knowledge Ms. Goodling?”

Goodling: “Um, I believe he did see a list.”

Rep. Davis: “So if General Gonzales testified that he didn’t see the list, you believe that would be inaccurate testimony on his part don’t you?”

Goodling: “I believe he saw a list.”

Rep. Davis: “So therefore you believe it would be inaccurate testimony?”

Goodling: “Yes.”

Yes she said Yes... Read more about Monica: Gonzales committed perjury?

Christianist weasels start to turn on each other

Regent "University"'s most famous graduate, Our Monica:

The Justice Department's former White House liaison denied Wednesday that she played a major role in the firings of U.S. attorneys last year and blamed Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty for misleading Congress about the dismissals.

McNulty's explanation, on Feb. 6, "was incomplete or inaccurate in a number of respects," Monica Goodling told a packed House Judiciary Committee inquiry into the firings.


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