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Seems like the word "Christianist" gets under The Bug Man's skin

What a shame. And we try so hard to be Civil. Guess we'll have to stop using it. Not.

Here's the post Tom DeLay paid some staffer to write on his [cough] blog, all about the Christian Embassy video that Crooks&Liars (courageously) posted: goes so far as to label the members of this organization, 'Christianists.'

Read below the fold...

Mikey Weinstein on CNN

Through the miracle of Fair Use:

My only question: Read below the fold...

What happened to Atrios

New technology for data transfer.

Here at The Mighty Corrente Building, we are way more advanced. Maya Angelou even wrote a book about it: I Know Why The Caged Hamster Spins... Read below the fold...

Mikey Weinstein takes on Rush!

Thank The God of Your Choice, If Any, that somebody's standing up to that blowhard. Read below the fold...

Ski roads cleared before roads with trapped families?

Sarah reports from an unknown location:

Priorities, people, priorities...

(Text) National Public Radio News is reporting that many stranded travelers on highways in Colorado -- except for the ones headed to ski resorts, to which the roads have already been cleared as a priority -- and homebound residents may have to wait days for roads to reopen. Read below the fold...

Scientists: Humans continue to evolve today


I'm two days late celebrating what should be a national holiday: Evolution Day, December 20, 2005, when Judge John Jones ruled againt the creationist loons in Kitzmiller et al vs. Dover Area School District.

Presumably, evolution didn't stop, oh, 10,000 or 50,000 years ago, but continues its workings even unto the present day. Now scientists have some proof. The New Scienist: Read below the fold...

Have you started your Xmas shopping yet?

I haven't.

You don't want to rush into these things, you know... Read below the fold...

First, they came for the children

The excellent Pachacutec on ICE concentration camps for children who, having been born here, are US citizens.

See, it can happen here.

And it can happen to you.

Oh, wait. They're brown-colored. Sorry. Forget I posted. Read below the fold...

A blogger's curse on the corporate weasels at blogger


[Time to "reset" this hardy perennial of a post. Went to Atrios last night, and got the message: "This blog is currently moving to the new version of Blogger. Please try back in a little while." So I went to Atrios this morning, and got the very same message! I guess the notion of "a little while" is a wee bit elastic. "Push button publishing"? Sure, except you have to keep pushing the button...

UPDATE Atrios is now back up, at the correct URL, Read below the fold...

Bush could start earning trust by learning two little letters

The letters "I" and "C." Yet again, he puts a thumb in the eye of Democrats while seeming conciliatory. I guess He just can't help himself. WaPo:

"[BUSH] There's a lot of attitude here that says, 'Well, you lost the Congress. Therefore, you're not going to get anything done.' Quite the contrary," he said. "I have an interest to get things done. And the Democrat leaders have an interest to get something done to show that they're worthy of their leadership roles."

That's Democratic leaders, George, you putz. Read below the fold...

The General is a genius

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!.

NOTE I didn't mean to say "genius." I meant to say "fucking genius." Sorry. Read below the fold...

Abizaid bails

Shades of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre. (For the young uns, that's when Nixon tried to get someone to fire the Special Prosecutor investigating Watergate. Honorable Republicans Eliot Richardson (Attorney General) and William Ruckelshaus (Assistant Attorney General) resigned rather than carry out the order. After they did, the acting Attorney General, Robert Bork, did the deed. The past isn't dead. It isn't even past.)

WaPo: Read below the fold...

Christianist loons call for Gingrich, Hastert, Livingston, Melman, Foley to be put to death. And that's just the start

I went over to WaPo to read the Episcopal Bishop's response to the Scaife-funded Christianist loons (sorry for the triple redundancy, there) who are splitting the Episcopal church over teh gay (and female bishops (and female priests (and, for you cognoscenti, the 1928 Prayerbook))), and read a lot of Christianist yammering about how homosexuali Read below the fold...


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