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So, can we impeach Cheney now?

Now that Scooter's not just guilty but convicted--Bush has, of course, long ago reneged on his promise to fire anyone "involved" in outing Plame--can we impeach Dick Cheney? 'Cause the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate is swinging round to point right at Shooter's pasty, bloating, undead flesh. Even AP gets it: Read below the fold...

To everything, spin, spin, spin

There is a season, spin, spin, spin

And a time for every purpose under heaven

Purposes like helping a man of conservative convictions [DCOW] stay out of jail. It only took The Corner 2 1/2 hours to pump this out, and it shows: Read below the fold...

The Do-Nothing Democrat Congress (reprise)

[I'll give them the -ic back when they show me something.]

Why is that we hear this in the Washington State Senate, but not in Nancy Pelosi's House or Harry Reid's Senate? Read below the fold...

Fitzmas at noon


Watch the skies... At FDL, of course (though, as Eschaton says, no direct links so their servers don't crash).

UPDATE Man, I'm watching FDL and imagining what the server usage graphs are looking like. The admin is shutting down feature after feature just to bring us the one or two words of the verdict... The JPGs just went... Now it's down... Now up... Atrios is live-blogging....

UPDATE (Cf. Amos 5:24).

champagne Read below the fold...

What did the Zen wienie vendor say....

... when a customer said "Hey, where's my change?"

"Change, my friend, must come from within!"

And the conservative movement will never be able to change. And that's good news, because that means their movement will die, unable to adapt. Glenn Greenwald shows why. Read below the fold...

Richard Cohen, millionaire pundit, to the rest of us: Stay ignorant, forget about your health, and retire poor

And Richard Cohen is supposed to be a liberal? He writes today, on Barack Obama in Selma:

As Clinton did, [Obama] voiced the expected obeisance to Democratic Party shibboleths about school funding, health care, pensions and such, some of which matter, some of which don't.

Shibboleth? SHIBBOLETH?? Read below the fold...

Times Nagourney: Conservatives find bigotry, slurs "entertaining"

Yeah, you heard that right. Now, can we please stop all that nonsense about Civility? And Our Nags said that to Howie the Whore!

At first, Ann Coulter's anti-gay crack at a Washington conference Friday drew almost no media coverage, although [sic] it was witnessed by hundreds of journalists and political operatives and captured by television cameras.

Read below the fold...

Ponies are a slam dunk!



Bush has warned that the U.S. commitment to Iraq is not open-ended and will require increased effort from Iraqis. Pressed to specify U.S. limits, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice promised the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that there would be ample opportunity "to see whether or not in fact the Iraqis are living up to the assurances they gave us."

"And what if they don't?" Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) asked.

Read below the fold...

The Do-Nothing Democrat Congress (version)


[I'm removing the "-ic." Let these guys show me something, and I'll put it back.]

What Glenn said: Read below the fold...

NPR is teh suck

Weekend edition managed to cover CPAC without mentioning that conservative skank Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but couldn't they at least have worked the Civility narrative to get the story out there?

'Cause right now, it just looks like they're censoring the story. How odd! Read below the fold...

We're #1! We're #1!


Remarkably, and unfortunately, there are only 330,000 hits for this query. You'd think the count would be an order of magnitude greater.

NOTE 'Cause, ya know, that skank Ann Coulter really does suck. Read below the fold...

The Do-Nothing Democratic Congress

Say, how are those Abramoff hearings coming? Lighting up the airwaves, aren't they? Oh, they're not? The Times, amazingly enough:

As the House’s special task force considers whether Congress needs an outside monitoring panel to help enforce stronger integrity standards, we suggest that it start with an in-depth briefing on the Abramoff-Ney downfall — complete with cash-flow charts and poll data on how the scandal has tainted the public’s view of lawmakers.

So, how's that coming? Read below the fold...

Boycott Blue Mountain Greeting Cards

Their designs are ugly. And their jokes aren't funny.

How inappropriate to propagate a message of hate on Valentine's Day.

NOTE The card is already down. Even so, I won't forget this. Read below the fold...

Sixteen ways of not being angry or hateful

We at Corrente have worked humbly and tirelessly to bring Civility in American political discourse to the next level, so that the Moderate and the Bipartisan will never, ever have to leave their comfort zone when they enter the rough and tumble of the blogosphere. So that's why, readers, when the conservative, Cato Institute drew my attention to the "anger index"* I was terribly, terribly distressed. In fact, grieved. Mortified. Read below the fold...

Grey Lady airbrushes Ann Coulter's oddly prominent Adams Apple

As we all know, Ann Coulter's protruberant Adam's Apple called John Edwards a faggot at the conservatives' annual Konklave, CPAC. But you'd never know that from Beltway Teabagger Adam Nagourney's "coverage". Here's what he writes about Le Coulter's slur:

*** crickets ***

Read below the fold...


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