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So, why isn't Cheney getting treated at Walter Reed?


Oh wait. I forgot. Shooter's not a veteran.

But there's new hope for the undead:

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney went to George Washington University Hospital yesterday after experiencing discomfort in his left lower leg, where a blood clot was discovered a few weeks ago.

'Cause I wasn't sure he had a pulse!

NOTE Unless this is all some sort of cheesy scam to avoid testifying, of course. Read below the fold...

VA report: Colony of bats in clinic "beneficial" because bats keep the insects down

I kid you not:

Some of the more striking problems were found at a VA clinic in White City, Ore. There, officials reported roof leaks throughout the facility, requiring them to "continuously repair the leaks upon occurrence, clean up any mold presence if any exists, spray or remove ceiling tiles."

In addition, large colonies of bats resided outside the facility and sometimes flew into the attics and interior parts of the building.

Read below the fold...

TPM community scooped everybody on Bush's 18-day gap

Politico had the story three hours after Bush's 5:45PM speech.

But TPM had it at 2:19AM, 15 hours before the speech, and 18 hours before Politico. Read below the fold...

Froomkin cranks knobs up to 11, brings the shrill

loudness It's always a pleasure to see the Amazing Froomkin stop emulating Broderella--Ouch! It was a joke!--and become a little less the nice-guy, mild-mannered, Clark Kent figure that we know and love.

But enough is enough:

Indications of Obfuscation

Read below the fold...

War profiteering next on deck for Leahy?

I think it would be splendid, splendid to see Bush claiming executive privilege for war profiteers. After all, $8 billion isn't chump change. Read below the fold...

Is that a subpoena in your pocket?

Or are you just glad to see me? [Rimshot. Laughter. Hey, somebody had to make that joke, and here at Corrente we tackle the, er, difficult ones. Hey, I just crawled out from under the stairs, and boy are my arms tired...] Read below the fold...

Bush to Congress on DAs: Cheney yourself

[Updates below on blogosphere, media coverage.]

The only problem with firing all the attorney's who weren't "loyal Bushies" and who were investigating Republicans--Lam--or wouldn't smear Democrats--Iglesias?

The Explainer didn't do his job. But then, does he ever? From Bush's speech today at 5:45: Read below the fold...

Glenn Greenwald spins pure gold out of chaff

While the TPM community are meritorious in the extreme, I'm afraid the Amazin' Froomkin has the right of it:

Last night's 3,000-page Justice Department document dump, still dribbling out into the public domain, appears to be a much more carefully screened release than the smaller but newsier one last week.

Read below the fold...

Twisting, twisting slowly in the wind



Asked if Gonzales will stay, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said Monday: "We hope so. He has the [dreaded vote of] confidence of the president." But Snow also revealed [unintentionally, I'm sure!] that Bush had not talked to Gonzales since a conversation the two had when Bush was in Mexico last week.

Translation: "Nice knowin' ya, pal!" Read below the fold...

The A380 is one motherhuge plane



Sure hope it's green...

NOTE From a video of the A380 landing at LAX today. Read below the fold...

Looting the nation's attic

Typical Republican:

Internal Smithsonian documents offer a glimpse into what one senator called the "Dom Perignon" lifestyle of the taxpayer-supported institution's chief official, who turned in a $15,000 receipt for the replacement of French doors at his home and spent $48,000 for two chairs, a conference table and upholstery for his office suite.

Meanwhile, of course, the Smithsonian deteriorates: Read below the fold...

Mission accomplished!

Frank Rich in the Times today (typed in from the print edition):

Price of a share of Halliburton stock:

March 19, 2003: $20.50
March 18, 2007: $64.12 (adjusted for a split in 2006)

So, I think all the naysayers and Nervous Nellies who are all "greatest strategic disaster in American history" need to calm down and take a more balanced view!

I mean, if it hadn't been for the war in Iraq, Halliburton would never have been able to move its headquarters to Dubai! Let's be reasonable, here, people. Read below the fold...

Why not a corporate death penalty?

When a dealer that's more predatory and businesslike than the norm--one who doesn't live with his mother--goes down, the Feds confiscate his assets (before sending him to jail for graduate work in gang studies and homosexual rape).

But compared to corporations, dealers are penny ante.

So, last I checked, corporations were legal persons--with rights of free speech, and everything.

But who said corporations got to live forever? Read below the fold...

Philly, WTF?

So, another Useless Airways meltdown.

OTOH, the first Philly bald eagle's nest in over 200 years. Scientists won't say where, for obvious reasons, but my money's on 30th Street Station, 'cause all the pigeons flying around in there offer a ready food supply. Plus the odd straggling child. Read below the fold...


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