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Extrasolar baptisms!

[Haste, haste... Drupal's brilliant "Related Stories" block reveals that CD posted on this too. I handled the snark, she handled the science. Go read.]


Evidence of water has been detected for the first time in a planet outside our solar system, an astronomer said on Tuesday, a tantalizing find for scientists eager to know whether life exists beyond Earth.

Read below the fold...

"I would have no residual force whatsoever in Iraq"

Guess who?


Not, of course, Hillary.

But what about the Krispy Kreme outlet in our humongous, concrete, hardened embassy? Read below the fold...

So, where does Hillary stand on signing statements?


Does she even understand we're in a Constitutional crisis?

If a Democrat is elected President, and allowed to take office, and all of Bush's Constitutional depredations and destructions stay in place, what have we won?

Zip, because our system of government will have been destroyed.

I don't want a "good" authoritarian in power any more than I want Bush in power.

NOTE Of course, I'd also like to know where Hillary stands on purging all the Christianist apparatchiks from the civil service, which is supposed to be non-partisan and professional. Read below the fold...

Abstince education, er, "evolves" [snicker]

I certainly hope an unfortunate turn of phrase by abstinence "education" flak Valerie Huber doesn't raise a firestorm in theocratic circles:

Democrats looking to curtail a program that grew 17-fold — from $10 million in 1997 to $176 million this year — when the Republicans controlled Congress.

Good news! Read below the fold...

Is that a subpoena in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?


Abu G, AP, fifteen minutes ago:

Read below the fold...

How bad is the new WaPo layout? It's so bad that...

Well, make up your own jokes.

But the old layout used to have a link to the "Politics" section, right on the front page.

Now, we've got "More Stories" on Business, Technology, Sports, Health, Education, Religion, Arts & Living, all with the headlines for the section....

But they've buried Politics in a menu at the top and at the bottom--and no headlines are visble.

Pravda on the Potomac doesn't want readers to find the Politics section? Say it's not so! Read below the fold...

If I were writing a platform...

... I'd call for two things:

1. A return to Constitutional government

2. A return to honest graft Read below the fold...

Corporate pet food killing your cats

No surprise:

A large veterinary hospital chain says it recorded a 30 percent increase in kidney failure among cats during the three months that pet food contaminated with an industrial chemical was sold.

Read below the fold...

Where's Janet Jackson's nipple when we need it?


MSNBC gives Imus a slap with a wet noodle by suspending him for two whole weeks.

Read below the fold...

Why not a truth and reconciliation commission?

It's probably too late for that very worthy endeavor, impeachment. But--crossed fingers, here--when Democrats win the Presidency in 2008, why not a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to expose all of the Bush regime's crimes and attacks on the Constitution?

That way, we wouldn't be repeating the mistake we made with Nixon, when we wounded the beast, but didn't kill it.

A few felony convictions and Bush being "disgraced" for 10 years until the SCLM rehabilitates "the New Bush"--that's not nearly enough. Read below the fold...

Ho hum, war with Iran

Via the essential Sideshow, this from the Guardian:

The US offered to take military action on behalf of the 15 British sailors and marines held by Iran, including buzzing Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions with warplanes, the Guardian has learned.

Gee, is the administration dying for a war with Iran, or what? Read below the fold...

Posting policy

Since we have many new readers in the past few days arriving from sources who have not [cough] previously read the blog, I'd like to explain our posting policies:

1. Front paging is entirely at the discretion of The Fellows of the Mighty Corrente Building. Decisions by the Fellows are arbitrary, final, and without recourse.

2. Posting privileges: Ditto.

Those who have maintained the community, preserve the community.

So far, we have deleted exactly three (3) comments over the lifespan of this blog. And we have never removed an account. Read below the fold...

Abu G: Twisting, twisting slowly in the wind

The Demas raise the stakes, citing the power of the purse:

"It would be very difficult in this environment to give the department's budget request the attention it deserves until the Senate has examined the department's leadership failures," said Mikulski, who heads the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that had planned to hear from Gonzales on April 12.

It couldn't happen to a nicer torturer, could it? Read below the fold...

Report: Cheney p0wned the country on Iraq WMDs


The Democrats were elected to straighten the Godly mess Bush and his authoritarian comrades-in-spooge made. And slowly, fitfully, the Democrats are starting to do the job. The Bush administration classified the Inspector General's report on pre-war Iraqi intelligence. Now we know why: Read below the fold...



In a light-hearted attempt to encourage people to comment using handles, I have adopted SlashDot's policy of setting the default name for users who have not logged in to "anonymous coward."

The default handle used to be "anonymous." Fortunately, this change does not apply retrospectively, so no past commenter who chose to post anonymously need feel any imputation of cowardice, however warranted. Going forward, I think the blog will be better off for this change. Read below the fold...


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