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Shower sandal-wearing Iraqi troops solicit bribes, abuse prisoners, view porn on their cellphones

"With Iraqis in the lead, our forces will help secure the city..."

Stirring words from Inerrant Boy's last SOTU. Of course, words are one thing, and reality is another. McClatchy: Read below the fold...

NPR is teh suck

NPR manages to do a story on the Pentagon translation school, mentioning that a shortage of translators is a problem that 9/11 revealed, without once mentioning that one reason they're short of translators is that Bush fired all the gay ones.

NPR used to be so much better. Along with Izvestia on the Hudson and Pravda on the Potomac, I guess we've got TASS. Read below the fold...

Newspaper of record transformed into conveyer belt for ginned up winger "scandals"

Honestly, all this coverage of ginned up pseudo-controversies from winger bottom feeders. What is the World's Greatest Newspaper thinking? Read below the fold...

Great headlines of our time

Never apologize to a Republican

It emboldens them. And apologizing never gets you anything from them but more grief.

So, fittingly, Amanda ("I am sorry if anyone was personally offended") and Melissa ("I'm sorry if my words were taken in that way") issue non-apology apologies.

Fuck, it works for the Republicans, why not for us? Read below the fold...

Say "Fuck" proudly!


Our Betters--the VRWC and its cocktail wienie-gobbling shills and whores in our famously free press and the Beltway kakistocracy--are clutching their pearls because, ya know, some bloggers use bad words.

Our Betters built an obscene world. Obscenity is not only a proper, but necessary response to that world. Obscenity denies these evildoers the deference they claim is their due; the deference they still demand from us, and from their Beltway courtiers, sycophants, and enablers.

That's why we say Fuck .

So, which column is more obscene?

Deeds Word
Adulterous and fornicating Republicans spend $20 million investigating somebody else's blowjob. Fuck
Our famously free press gores Gore. Fuck
Jebbie rigs Florida election for Bush with fraudulent felon's list that systematically excludes Democratic voters. Fuck
Beltway Republican operatives shut down Miami recount. Fuck
Republicans steal Florida 2000 with "good for one time only" decision in Bush v. Gore. Fuck
Massive tax cuts for the rich. Fuck
Vacationing Bush receives memo entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.", tells briefer "You've covered your ass, now." Fuck
Bin Laden strikes in U.S. on 9/11. Fuck
Falwell, Robertson blame the gays, ACLU, for 9/11. Fuck
"The intelligence and the facts are fixed around the policy." Fuck
"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Fuck
White House Iraq Group plants over 50 pro-Iraq war stories in our famously free press. Fuck
Judy "Kneepads" Miller. Fuck
Republicans use Iraq AUMF as tool to win the midterms. Fuck
Baghdad looted. Fuck
Troops sent into Iraq with no body armor. Fuck
$8.6 billion missing in Iraq. Fuck
50,000 civilian casualties in Iraq. Fuck
Abu Ghraib. Fuck
Cheney tells Pat Leahy "Fuck yourself" on Senate floor. Fuck
Bush commits over 30 felonies in warrantless surveillance program. Fuck
Times suppresses Bush warrantless surveillance scoop until Bush is elected. Fuck
Bush surveills everybody including Aunt Molly. Fuck
Bush surveillance program so huge NSA is running out of electrical power. Fuck
Kerry swiftboated by VRWC operatives. Fuck
Bush takes "softball" questions from former male escort, frequent White House guest, "Jeff Gannon." Fuck
*Mark Foley (R-Neverland) to teen page: "Don't forget to measure for me." Fuck
*Republicanimals Fuck
Bush bans Democrats from all campaign rallies. Fuck
Republicans manipulate 2004 elections with terror alerts. Fuck
Bush bans Democrats from all Social Security bamboozlepalooza rallies. Fuck
Katrina. Fuck
*Broderella can't stop sniffing Hillary's panties Fuck
*Dick "Dick" Cheney shoots friend in the face, goes home, has drinks and dinner, gets around to releasing the story in, oh, a day or so. Story promptly dies. Fuck
Republicans gut the Geneva convention. Fuck
Republicans "legalize" torture. Fuck
Republicans gut habeas corpus. Fuck
Republicans hold at least 10,000 in European gulags. Fuck
Republicans use signing statements to rewrite laws. Fuck
Bush will keep us in Iraq even if only Barney and Laura agree with Him. Fuck
Cheney contines to avoid impeachment. Fuck
Bush continues to avoid impeachment. Fuck

Readers, did I miss anything? I mean, WTF? Read below the fold...

Israeli bogosity


(Not, I hasten to add, all Israeli citizens, let alone all Jews. But Israelis are just as responsible for the government that speaks for them as we, alas, are for ours.) This takes the cake: Read below the fold...

How the Christianists "cured" Ted Haggard in only three weeks

Aversion therapy. Like this:


Yeah, well, not the meth part. But the "scared straight" part is going to work out very well for Our Ted, I'm sure.

NOTE Inspired by Digby. Read below the fold...

And speaking of fuel-less transportation

Here's a vehicle I can get on board with.

Total cost: $1600.

At least in Make magazine, the range claimed is 170 miles with an hour long recharge stop.

But all I want to do is get to the mall, and back.

Of course, I'm not in the exurbs... Read below the fold...

OMB Director Rob Portman didn't get the memo on "Democratic"

Ken Herman in Cox's blog:

Bush administration officials have not completely eradicated the “Democrat Party” reference that so irks Democrats, who are members of the Democratic Party.

This today from Rob Portman, head of the Office of Management and Budget, during a briefing on the proposed budget released today:

Read below the fold...

If the Senate won't, the House will

Go Nancy, go!:

The Democratic-controlled House is planning to vote next week on opposing Bush's Iraq troop buildup...

Better, I just heard on NPR that every member in the House is going to get 5 minutes to speak (which, in Parliamentary time, is an eternity).

A beautiful example of why taking the high road can be a low blow: Read below the fold...

And in the third week, he rose again

But rose in a 100% manly, and extremely heterosexual way, of course:

Ted Haggard emerged from three weeks of intensive counseling convinced he is "completely heterosexual" and told an oversight board that his sexual contact with men was limited to his accuser.

"Completely," eh? Overcompensate much, Ted?

Sweet Jeebus, three weeks? That's "intensive"! What on earth could they have done to the man? Read below the fold...

"I welcome their hatred."

Feingold is right in this:

"They want to be immune from criticism from the White House. That's not how you win, by being afraid of the criticism. You stand up to the criticism and you say 'they were wrong. They took us in there on a fraudulent basis, they’ve screwed this up, they've screwed up the war against terrorism, they’ve weakened out military. We are going to take a completely different approach.'

Read below the fold...

"Willard Mitt Romney"

Glad to see that riff taking off.
I think we started it, but the real geniuses behind that it are the originators of "George Felix Allen." Drove the man crazy, apparently, or should I say crazier.

And the nice thing about the whole "Be sure to always call them by their wussy full names" gag? Read below the fold...

Blood-colored Kool-Aid

koolaidRepublicans block Iraq war debate. So, what are the anti-Democrats afraid of?

Of course, they're all afraid of actual military service, for themselves or their kids, we know that ("other priorities"), but I meant, but why would the anti-Democrats be nervous about going on the record and giving Bush's "new way forward" an "up-or-down" vote of confidence? Read below the fold...


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