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On This Date, 62 Years Ago, and Six Years Ago

On August 6th, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, President Roosevelt spoke of a day of infamy, and promised the total defeat of the Empire of Japan.

Looking back, that August 6th in 1945 was surely made possible by Roosevelt's understandable pledge. Read below the fold...

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The Beltway 500: They Have To Be Taught, They Have To Be Carefully Taught...

To be this dumb.

Ruth Marcus has at it regarding the on-going saga of our Attorney-General, and if I tell you that she carves out a idiosyncratic place for herself from the rocky heights of beltway profundity, (using a tooth pick because this is the only experience of tool-using folks like Marcus ever get), you could probably come pretty close to sketching out the column without ever reading it.

Here's her opening:
Read below the fold...

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The Emerging Consensus on Iraq: Is There One, Or Only An Emerging Consensus That There Is? Part One

The Order of the Higher Weaselality
{Dirty Hippies and Lefty Bloggers Need Not Apply}

Does it really matter whether or not there is an actual emerging consensus about how to bring our adventure in Iraq to a less-than catastrophic conclusion as long as so many dues-paying members of that most exalted beltway Club of The Higher Weaselality insist there is one?

Find the correct answer below the fold:

Read below the fold...

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So Fred Thompson Lied: So Fucking What?

Molly Ivins 1
One of those moments Molly should be here for.

[Welcome National Review readers. The password is still "specimen jar." Oh, you won't be returning here to apologize? That's okay, we didn't expect you to.] Read below the fold...

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We're Ruled By The Criminally Insane

Waiting for Godot Lahr
Burt Lahr in "Waiting for Godot" (Explained after the jump)

So what's David Ignatius' excuse? He may be stupid, but "criminally insane" is a reach, as it is not for Bush/Cheney and all who have drunk of the cool-aid.

The singular purpose of Ignatius' latest column, out today in the welcoming pages of the Wa Po opinion section, is to make sure that Democrats get a good portion of the blame for all the bad things to come in Iraq.
Read below the fold...

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That Woman Is A Saint

Some friends of mine used to play a game which consisted of being asked this question: When you leave a room, what would you most like people to say about you?

Mine was easy: "She's too thin," although there was a close second: "She's a bitch, but talented!."

An actor friend, noted for his humor and bonhomie and his pleasantly goofy look, hoped to hear something like, "well, he's got no personality, but he's gorgeous."

You get the picture. Read below the fold...

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James Capozzola Has Died

If you don't recognize that name, or that of his blog, "The Rittenhouse Review", you probably weren't reading much in the liberal blogosphere back toward the beginning, around 2002.

James Capozzola was one of the giants then, a blogger whom everybody read and linked to. Read below the fold...

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What Is Missing Thus Far from Our Democratic Presidential Candidates

campaigning in the factory

Picture of JFK Campaigning in a Factory.

Yes, last night's debate/forum was a huge improvement on previous outings, and Tavis Smiley and the panel of journalists he had gathered put Brian Williams and the rest of the beltway star interlocutors to shame. Read below the fold...

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ABC This Week with Lil' George: Cheney? Dick Cheney? Has He Been In The News?

In case any of you might have harbored the hopeful thought that George Stephanopoulis might cover the astonishing news that according to Mr. Cheney, (and he should know, shouldn't he?), his Vice-Presidency is not an "entity" within the Executive branch, and even if you only harbored an iota of an iota therein, no, wrong again; I don't even think the name "Cheney" passed the lips of anyone this week on This week. Read below the fold...

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Steve Gilliard: In Memoriam


I didn't know Steve personally. We never met, or talked on the phone, and we only exchanged a few emails, mainly about his delighted interest in cooking and cookbooks, and about the source of his fascination with military history. But his passing at the outrageously young age of 41 hit me so hard that I couldn't get it together to write about him until today. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Big Russ's Boy Goes Mano a Mano with George Tenet


No, it was worse than that.

Oh, Vey esmer is what I should have said, which translates roughly as Woe is me, in the Greek Tragedy sense of that phrase, so let me try again.

Woe is us, woe is ours, and woe will we be until we lift the curse under which our democracy curentely operates, of our right-leaning corporate journalistic establishment. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: Zinni, Smart on Iraq: Timmeh & friends; Clueless on Race

Tim Russert is unhappy about what happened to Don Imus.

Not that this was expressed in so many precise words, but then when are the Beltway 500 ever able to excavate those buried relics of their own assumptions? Take it from me, Timmeh considers Don Imus at worst, a wronged man, and at best, a tragic one. Speaking for myself, I consider this attitude the real tragedy. Read below the fold...

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Michelle Malkin Gets "Punked"

And no one even set her up.

No, she managed to punk herself. She's always punking herself. You could say her entire oeuvre is one long exercise in self-punking. What else could you call a nutty revisionist history that seeks to reassure us the internment of Japanese Americans in WW2 was justified, no need for apologies, because “Japs” are “Japs” and even the American ones were a threat, and why are we letting a politically correct version of history keep us from learning the right lesson from that proud moment in our history, so we can apply it to Muslim Americans today? Read below the fold...

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An Open Letter To Jeffrey Price

If you wonder who exactly is this Jeffrey Price, see Lambert's post here.

Dear Jeffrey:

In general, here at Corrente we don't make invidious assumptions about the personal qualities of individuals we don‘t know, so no, we don't think you are soulless. Speaking for myself, I welcome your explanation, late though it was, and I appreciate its friendly tone. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Gasbaggery: One Pundit's Pap;What MTP Told Us This Sunday

It's a good thing Orrin Hatch is a Christian, because otherwise God only knows where this fine Mormon Senator's near homicidal rage, on copious view today, might have led him.

Orrin is simply outraged, outraged, I tell you, about the cheap political theatrics of Democrats in their totally unjustified attack on the Bush administration's dismissal of those eight US Attorneys.

But Orrin Hatch's ire isn't the most important piece of information we received this morning.

No, more's the pity. Read below the fold...


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