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So now that the government has been drowned in the bathtub, the corporate oligarchy needs to step up to the plate.

At long last, with the federal government shutdown and no end in sight, ultra conservative hardliners have had their dreams come true. The federal government is at a complete standstill. No leadership is being shown in politics at all. We have Republicans caving in to a small faction. Boehner is unwilling to solve the problem or negotiate. And what would be the point of negotiation when the Republicans can't even define what they want anymore? Read below the fold...

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The War on Terror is over.

Let's declare that the Global War on Terror is over. We're sick of it.

Everyone except Dick Cheney has acknowledged that the war on Iraq was a complete mistake based on fabricated evidence. Our mission to secure the oil there was a partial success and our 10 year occupation of the country has ensured their complete submission. The amount of radiation we've left behind by using nuclear waste in our bombs ensures that the country will be kept busy for the indefinite future handling health problems and deformities. So let's declare victory. Read below the fold...

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Google provides free message marketing for Obama?

Does anyone else find this creepy? I hate to call it propaganda, yet. But maybe that's coming.

President Obama answers your questions. Watch the Hangout at 4:50p ET.

This wouldn't be surprising on a Democratic website or but it's right on the Google homepage under the search bar. I noticed it there yesterday also. Read below the fold...

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Multinational corporations avoided fiscal cliff. Updated.

Whenever I see legislation hurried thru congress at the last minute - hurry, hurry, hurry just pass this bill OR ELSE!!!!1! - I wonder what it's really for.

Now we know - the groups facing a fiscal cliff were multinational corporations, not the US government. Read below the fold...

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Ok, so now we're clear. The USA is NOT a country of laws.

The word from the Labor Department is:

the Labor Department issued guidance in July saying it was “inappropriate” to issue the WARN Act notices due to sequestration...The Obama administration issued guidance Friday that said defense firms’ costs would be covered if they have to layoff workers due to canceled contracts under the across-the-board cuts set to take effect Jan. 2.

Read below the fold...
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Ten people shot by police, one fatality

This is the headline which could be written about the Empire State Building incident yesterday. No news organization seems to want to challenge 'standard' police procedure which somehow makes it ok for multiple officers to start shooting into a crowd of people. Why does no one question whether there isn't a better way to handle this type of situation?

If the reports and video are correct, once the killer was on the street he didn't pose a threat to anyone until cornered by police in a crowd. At which point, he pointed his gun at officers - not at anyone on the street. Also, he never fired his gun while outside. So I have to ask who posed a threat to New Yorkers standing or walking on the street Friday? Police. Read below the fold...

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Olympic links

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Simple solution - rate violent films X.

Why not? Ok, I get the huge argument about free speech. We can't be stifling 'creativity' by limiting the gore and gratuitous violence we allow to be shown on the screen. The board of censors is gone.

But penises? Oh my god we can't have that on the screen! Boobs are fine though. As long as there's no babies nursing shown. Is there any logic to this? Whatever that logic is, somebody somewhere slaps an R or X rating on a film. Too pornographic, it's all about sex.

And words. Sticks and stones no one cares about but in Hollywood, words can hurt you. Too many bad words gets a film PG 13 or R rating. Is it M these days? I forget. Read below the fold...

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Everyday perceptions of the internet.

I have worked from home for more than 4 years now, since the large corporation I work for is trying mightily to reduce employee expenses (including offices), compensation, benefits, and employees themselves (in the US - all foreign workers welcome).

It occurs to me that at this point, I've never met 99% of the people I work with daily. My coworkers are no longer friends. Some faceless voice over the phone who I can't go to coffee with will never be my friend, just by definition. We can never really share anything in person. Read below the fold...

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This is why it must be done.

This. Do not reward Democrats who either betray Democratic principles or fail to advance them with your vote.

Unconditional love is a bad political strategy for voters. This election is the time to hold them accountable. Watch the above linked video - Roberto Unger, Obama's Former Harvard Law School Professor, Says The President 'Must Be Defeated. Read below the fold...

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Massachusetts must be the best place to live.

The biggest worry on the mind of everyone in the state is the content of 1/32th ancestry of a political candidate. Imagine. No worry about the state's budget, unemployment, tax rates, health care, infrastructure. No worry about sending their kids off to our endless war on terror. Wow, I guess I should move there - rainbows and unicorns must decorate every street.

It's really a puzzling issue, ancestry, word of mouth family stories. I wonder if I could prove that I'm partly Bohemian. I'm pretty certain that my great grandparents didn't register with their local CISPES hall. But my daughter and I can make a mean batch of kolaches. Apricot. I watched my mother make them and wrote down every step she was doing. But do you know - a lot of the recipes in the Czech cookbook I have are just your garden variety home cooking, not from the old country at all. That cookbook was for a fundraiser, so people contributed whatever they like to eat. Too typical for some people to understand I guess. Read below the fold...

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Suggested naming convention: Bush the less

Writers use a lot of different ways to differentiate the 2 presidents Bush. I've seen Bush 43/Bush 41, Bush Senior and Bush Junior, HW and W, Bush the older and Bush the younger.

I'd like to borrow some phrasing from the gospel of Mark, where we find two characters named James and James the less.

So I suggest Bush the elder and Bush the less. Read below the fold...

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I'd apologize for being prematurely correct

but I guess that's seen as saying 'I told you so' anyway. So I don't apologize.

Unfortunately, I was right - Obama was just using a delaying tactic back in November, when he told Bill McKibben he was sending the the Keystone Pipeline project for a re-review. Now, 3 months later, he's fast tracking it. Read below the fold...

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If the black Florida teen had shot the white vigilante

instead of the other way around, I'm fairly certain he'd be in jail right now and prosecutors would find some way to charge him with murder - regardless of his self-defense claim.

Does anyone really doubt this?

Also, the feds are either incompetent or racist as well. Read below the fold...

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In which Ira Glass discovers he is gullible

You may have already read the story, that This American Life radio show from NPR has retracted a broadcast they produced. Ira Glass, the show host, accepts responsibility and has created an entire hour-long retraction broadcast. Read below the fold...


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