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This Month in Co-Opted Symbolism

Black lives matter, but not as much as gay marriage.

A Mother Jones Contributor titles this "The Gays Won the Civil War", and who can argue? Obviously black people haven't. Unsurprisingly, the artist is an upper middle class white man from New York City. Read more about This Month in Co-Opted Symbolism

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Back To The Future

I think I just got teleported back to February, 2008.

The “we” in “we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights” in Arquette’s rousing feminist appeal for fair pay and equal rights ignores how white women as a group have historically been, and in many ways remain, deeply invested in systems of white privilege and white supremacy in the United States and the West.

In the United States, white women actively supported Jim and Jane Crow. There were also women’s and children’s auxiliaries of the Ku Klux Klan.

All you need to do is substitute "Patricia Arquette" with "Hilary Rodham Clinton". Read more about Back To The Future

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Coca-Cola Disconnects Voicemail

Coca-Cola disconnects voice mail.

Sounds a bit ominous,right? Then you read they are only removing it* because most people aren't even using (it is a time suck)**, and instead are leaving short messages via text or IM or other means. But this is only an imperceptible recession of the water from the surf line. Get ready for the coming tsunami. A communications sea change. Soon, few people will need or even have cell phones (except as data lines). Even now you can completely ditch all land lines and cell lines, and just use a wifi capable device for all your communication needs. A device that follows you or regulates your communication based on your preferences, "presence", schedule, and settings. Even an obsolete 3G Android smart phone could be repurposed to do all this, with the proper apps installed. Read more about Coca-Cola Disconnects Voicemail

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Conspiracy Bingo!

In honor of 9/11 Truthers and dogged conspiracy theoristsbeverywhere, I created this fun Bingo game.

Feel free to add your favorite conspiracy buzzword!

h/t WeHuntedTheMammoth whose blog I just found regarding this disgusting episode, as part of which they had made a "GamerGate" bingo game. And for finding that blog, a huge hat tip to RationalWiki. Read more about Conspiracy Bingo!

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This week in Darwinism

Shooting range instructor killed while trying to teach a 9-year old how to fire an automatic weapon. Read more about This week in Darwinism

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The Terrorists Get a Win

Terrorists win a round. Congratulations assholes, it took a while, but you finally shut a woman up on the internet.

What a glorious accomplishment, and all it took was a little "what, who, me? Whatever do you mean?" doxxing dogwhistle. You should be so proud of yourselves, improving the internets like that. Read more about The Terrorists Get a Win

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Dan Geer Opts Out

I'm not a huge fan of his sideburns, but this is a very thought-provoking address by Dan Geer [From Wikipedia: Geer is currently the chief information security officer for In-Q-Tel, a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in technology to support the Central Intelligence Agency].

A couple excerpts from the transcript: Read more about Dan Geer Opts Out

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Mirror Held Up to a Mirror

It reflects directly into the abyss, right? Here we have clickbait, paid "content engine" corporate stooge Ryan Singel, weeping like a 12-foot crocodile over other "content engine" dot.dickheads who are completely corrupting and "busting-out" the interwebs through their phony content space exploitations. In that article from over a year ago, he discusses the exact same ad headlines "BUY AN IPAD FOR $40!" that currently grace the formerly ad-free spaces of, for instance, Correntewire. Read more about Mirror Held Up to a Mirror

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Lo-fi Monday

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Michelle Bachmann For President?

I'm trying to find this quote. If it is real, I think my libtard brain just exploded.

Read more about Michelle Bachmann For President?

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Offshore Tax Haven Clients

Wouldn't you like to know who has financial holdings in known offshore tax havens? Well, thanks to ICIJ (The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), you can just search the database! It has beautiful graphics showing the interconnection of entities, individuals, and addresses of financial holdings. The IRS and other tax authorities certainly (?) are looking at this database.Or at least, some should be afraid of that. I have, and it is FASCINATING! Weeks and months of fun, or until the DOS attacks. Read more about Offshore Tax Haven Clients

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Whither Saint Jobs

Steve Jobs, patron saint of bohos and hipsters, has his halo tarnished by class-action discovery, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving asshat: Read more about Whither Saint Jobs

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"One-Year" Gitmo Apologists, Please Read - Year Six (?)

This is year six.

Six years later and only a handful of people have been released. If you feel like puking for a little while, read this. Read more about "One-Year" Gitmo Apologists, Please Read - Year Six (?)

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The Benefits of Starvation

It does have a slimming effect. Apparently many terminal cancer patients also slim down and achieve a healthy glow. Silver linings! Read more about The Benefits of Starvation

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Noblesse Oblige

Being a child of privilege, Booman was troubled by Occupy:

Maybe it is because I grew up as the son of an advertising executive, next door to a senior partner at a major Manhattan law firm, with classmates whose parents worked at places like Cantor Fitzgerald or the Institute for Advanced Study, but I've never been really comfortable with the language of the Occupy Movement.


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