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Where's the Military Equipment to Deal with Santacon NYC 2014?

Throngs of frat people dressed in Santa Claus costumes have the run of the roads (yes, where the cars drive) in New York City. Read below the fold...

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Los Altos Garage as Birthplace of Apple is ... a Myth!

Even faker than the Economics Nobel Prize ginned up by a Swedish bank.
NY Post.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak ("Woz") told Bloomberg Business News that the garage was "something for us to feel was our home." Read below the fold...

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Medicare Utopia Myth Still Prevalent among Waking Victims of ACA High Cost-Sharing

NYT. The Times profiles citizens who are realizing that the shiny "low" premiums they were PR'd to death to focus on by the Obama ACA PR Machine were meaningless, because high deductibles, narrow networks, out of pocket, cost sharing etc. Read below the fold...

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WTF CALPERS and Private Equity?!

The mammoth public pension fund has raised the level of its allowed investments in private equity from 10% to 15%. (PEU Report)

So millions upon millions more of hard earned wage-worker dollars are - Voila - funneled to Blackstone, Carlyle and Apollo, mammoth players of the Gargantuan Wage-Looting Scheme private equity (formerly more accurately known as "asset stripping"). Read below the fold...

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Citi Bike NYC (ALTA) Looting Customers Via "Late" Fees

NY Post. Since it began 2 years ago Citi-Bike, the privatized bike-sharing program given by Ex-Mayor-for-Life "Mike" Bloomberg to the Canadian Alta company, has racked up $4 Million (!) dollars in "late" fees.

Citi-Bike had early on proven itself to be an operational #FAIL in the classic manner of neo-liberal enterprise (We Deliver the Most Craptastic Services!) early on, with docks not working, bikes being broken or unavailable, etc. Read below the fold...

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This (Obama) is our President?! WTF

Among so many other more substantive reasons. What is this, "I'm a Golf Homeboy"? Is he doing a video for MTV? This is the guy making a speech to Congress about why we're going to war with IS[IL][IS]?

Read below the fold...

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John Carley is a horrible human being (Hamptons edition)

Lackey to the Point-Oh-One Percenters attorney John Carley (his wife is ABC Anchor Pia Lindstrom, daughter of Ingrid Bergman) owns a summer house in Watermill, in South Hampton. Also in Watermill, and year-round, there is a Sisters of Mercy Convent. In July 2012 Sister of Mercy Jacqueline Walsh was killed in a hit and run while walking near the convent at the intersection of Rose Hill Road and Montauk Highway. Read below the fold...

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Rx Scams: Are pharmacies refusing to give you back your hard copy prescription?

PART I - On the wholly arbitrary nature of drug prices in the USA.
Same medicine, same number of pills, same generic. At the CVS-Equivalent Pharmacy: $138.00. At "HealthWarehouse.Com" (US online pharmacy): $28.94. Because Markets?!

PART II - On a possible scam being pulled by Pharmacies wherein they take ownership of an original prescription with refills to grab onto the rent stream of the refills and prevent you from shopping elsewhere. Read below the fold...

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Citibike NYC #FAIL

... but Alta (aka Corruption) wants the City to start paying for the "strictly privately funded" program. This is the program that former TinPot Dictator mayor "Mike" Bloomberg kept insisting was 100% funded by "private entities" (JP Morgan, VISA, and no doubt some "help" from his "philanthropy" (this last is rank speculation, of course)). This, while there was a $164Million set aside in his last budget's capital spending section for ... drumroll, Citibike program. Read below the fold...

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NY Docs Sue UnitedHealth for Dropping Docs from Med AdvNetworks

That's 2,000 doctors. And what is more, the networks in question are in the UHC Medicare Advantage plans. So the patients losing their doctors are the elderly with serious ongoing conditions. Medicare Advantage plans are, in short summary, the private insurance supplemental plans that Medicare eligible persons with enough money to pay for them get in order to not have to pay for the Medicare A and B no-out-of-pocket-limits, 20% co-insurance, and for "Medicare" prescription coverage. Read below the fold...

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Flexian Looting Report: DeBlasio is Bloomberg After All

I have the impression that the time lag between campaign promises and post-election betrayals is getting shorter. De Blasio appointed Stop/Frisk Inventor Bratton about 32 seconds after he was elected. Read below the fold...

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ObamaCare Clusterfuck PR: The Bar Sank Even Lower: Video targets LGBT

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow [jingle bells]" morphs into "Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled [jingle bells]."

And here's the link:

It's really, really hard to make commercial christmas muzak more cloying and annoying than it already is. You might even say it'd be a very heavy lift. Yet, in shocker, Obama's PR Machine succeeds! Read below the fold...


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