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First, they came for the dogcatchers...

With apologies for in any way reprising those tasteless jokes which reference the alleged paucity of stray dogs in areas abutting budget priced chinese restaurants, I offer for the canny investor a convenient metric by which to know in advance that global warming's grip on the throat of humanity has inexorably tightened beyond repair. A leading indicator, if you will, of the food price apocalypse prophesied in the latest government climate change report. Read below the fold...

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Why Hobby Lobby will probably win, and why it should.


Let's call this the Peyoteros revenge, or "unintended consequences bite", shall we.

Now, I am, of course, appalled (as would any right thinking person be) that the societal benefits of co-payment free birth control and insurance coverage for medical advice about the same) should be undercut by a law specifically intended to vindicate the influence of religion in the sphere of secular behaviour. Read below the fold...

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Minimum Wage? Hell, No! Maximum Wage


The degrading squabble over the level at which a nation still retaining some small capacity for shame will say "Below this wage, by irrebuttable presumption, labor is uncompensated, ergo (implicitly) slavery", serves only to distract the working class, the surplus value of whose labor is being stolen, from the fact of the theft.

We need a maximum ratio by which the most highly compensated may command the compensation of multiples of their fellow humans. Read below the fold...

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Va. Attorney General race recount aborted--attempted theft by fraud exposed.

A strange thing just happened on the way to a (true blue) full Democratic sweep of Virginia .

The Attorney General election ended with a razor thin victory by the Democrat, Mark Herring. (169 votes out of millions cast).

This being well within the .5% margin entitling the loser to a recount, Mark Obenshain availed himself of the statutory remedy.

Several days into the recount, he decided to concede, rather than let it run its course.

Huh??!! Read below the fold...

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Corrupt cops are like cockroaches--when you see one in the light, there are 100 hidden in the dark.

Louis Scarcella, Brooklyn homicide detective (retired), was not a guy you would want to meet, especially if you were a person of color who was innocent of a crime that needed to be cleared. (Cops dislike inventory just like Walmart dislikes unsold crap).


If you have not been following the saga, Scarcella had amassed a remarkable,( indeed incredible...) series of successes bringing quick arrests and smooth convictions in hundreds of homicides. Read below the fold...

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They have not the standing to sue, nor the balls to impeach.


Not content to have wrested from their lackeys on the Supreme Court the right to exclude from Medicaid millions of low income citizens of Repugnant governed states, the punks infesting the lower house of congress writhe in continued agony over their impotence. Read below the fold...

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National sovereignty is dead--get over it. (Also, amend the UN Charter...)


Charlie Pierce, (not for the first time) is consumed with iration.  The cause of his irritation: the threat by Inifinito Gold (love that name...) to sue the Country of Costa Rica for $1 Billion (U.S.).

Infinito is aggrieved to the point of litigation by Costa Rican objections to consuming the cyanide byproducts of its open pit mining operation. Read below the fold...

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Impunity bites

There are few occasions for
international irritation more
abrasive than the refusal by one
sovereign to honor the request of
another that a fugitive from justice
be surrendered to the tribunals if
the aggrieved nation.
Recall that the proximate casus
belli for the longest war in
American history was the refusal
by the Taliban rump Afghan
government to extradite Osama
Bin Laden.
Sometimes the tug of war over the
person of a wanted fugitive takes
on added poignancy where the
Read below the fold...

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The voice of that woman is worth listening to

I have seen the better angel of Obama's nature, and her name is Medea Benjamin.


The odd applause line from yesterday's seminal speech which may ( we humbly pray) in future times be cited as the start of sanity's triumph over societal paranoia. By the time Prez elicited audience approval for his concession, the redoubtable Code Pink founder had been forcibly ejected (not for the first time), Read below the fold...

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The patriarchy strikes back; it is bestial, it is brutal. It is Moloch, and it is consuming its daughters.


From the PBS Newshour, a story so frightful that it will shake your humanity to the core, in horror that your species includes amongst it the sort who would perpetrate the foul crime described.


Briefly, in a spasm of rage mimiced (it is estimated) 5000 times each year, a family of rich Pakistanis stalked and murdered its daughter and grandchildren.  Her crime--she married a poor man.

  Read below the fold...

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Don't like living in a country with a gerrymandered House? Well, then, move!

A modest proposal.


Some among you of an esoteric (and perhaps senescent) character may remember the story of that jewel of kundalini yoga, Bhagwan Rajneesh.

(My friend "Nada", one of the many girls who revolutionized the sex industry upon the dissolution of Rajneeshpuram, used to say in her exotic South African accent, "Bhagwan was like heroin"-and she should know...but I digress.) Read below the fold...

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Stanford prof solicited for Warren pushback on feckless bank regulators. Oops...

This is a Fox Business Channel segment of surpassing entertainment value--watch it soon, cause it's bound to be taken down shortly.

Under the rubric "Is government being too hard on the banks?", "correspondent" Melissa Francis mounted a push-back against Elizabeth Warren's widely praised roasting of a panel of do-nothing regulators for their abysmal failure to punish even the most egregious bank criminality. Read below the fold...

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Afghanistan vaults past US on civil liberties and human rights! It comes to this!

Restauranteur turned head-of-state schools world's oldest democracy... Read below the fold...

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