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Comedy Relief: "Society Holds Conservatives To A Higher Standard."

So claimeth one Eva Lorraine Molina in a diatribe against the behavior of women in general and conservative undergraduettes in particular, which gets the treatment it deserves at Firedoglake: Hee hee. Our society doesn't even hold conservatives to the standard of being against torture or being for decent healthcare. Read below the fold...

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New Orleans Could Be As Safe As Amsterdam!

The man credited with pulling the Crescent City out of the muck might be going to go after David Vitter's seat in the Senate. That's a start. Work's ongoing for a hospital -- a joint venture with LSU and Tulane -- to replace the sorely-missed Big Charity Hospital.

So it makes sense to take care of all of New Orleans, at least half of which isn't really below sea level.

We know that the funds to repair the coast of five states -- Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana -- after three big hurricanes -- Wilma, Katrina, and Rita -- were allocated. But allocation isn't provision, and money isn't flood control. Take a look at how it's done in Holland:

and give a listen to the advice of the Netherlanders on "Yes, we can!" then Read below the fold...

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TARP banks pay back some loans: Treasury reaps some profits

In news you may not have heard yet: Some big banks and some not-so-big banks are repaying their bailout money, and the US Treasury is actually seeing a profit.

“The taxpayers want their money back and they want the government out of our banking system,” Representative Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican and a member of the Congressional Oversight Panel examining the relief program, said in an interview.

Read below the fold...
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House Leadership Seeks CBO Score for HR676; single-payer will get a floor vote

Democratic members of the House of Representatives are hearing the people. Keep the pressure on! It started with the tenacious Anthony Weiner of New York. California's Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, changed her mind in July and said single payer would get an up-or-down floor vote. Read below the fold...

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A Moment's Remembrance, Please: The US Gulf Coast, NOLa, & Katrina

Four years ago a hurricane slammed into the Gulf Coast of the United States. Early in the morning it looked like the threatened city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the storm's path, might have "dodged a bullet." The rest of the Coast had been whacked hard, but the storm, unlike Allison in Houston, hadn't "parked" above New Orleans. Then the levees failed. Read below the fold...

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Out of the pencils of cartoonists:

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What in the world's happened to Steve Inskeep?

Nice Polite Republicans being the on-air home of Cokie Roberts and David Brooks, I've started sleeping through Morning Edition. But this week something strange has happened. Partial transcripts of a couple of NPR interviews by Steve Inskeep as proof:

Read below the fold...
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Contrary to expectations, kidnap victim found alive after 18 years


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Jaycee Dugard, missing for 18 years, has been found alive. A 29-year-old woman walked into the Concord Police Department earlier this week. There's a photo of 11-year-old Dugard here, and the El Dorado County SO is planning a press conference this afternoon. Read below the fold...

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Tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy by US Editorial Cartoonists

That's the top one in the list at DailyKos, where a very talented artist has assembled this tribute.

Please go look. Read below the fold...

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In Texas' 19th District, A Town Hall: Church Gym, Chamber of Commerce Hosts


and AFIIG providing the introduction.

Let me set the scene for you. The meeting had been called "Coffee with the Congressman" and set up for the basement of the city's Chamber of Commerce offices. Then they found out more than 1,000 people wanted to come.

Enter the one-block-down First UMC of Lubbock, which offered its Great Hall / gym for the meeting, with a hallway out front to host the coffee, drinking water, cookies and napkins -- and the tables of handouts. The video below is from the local Fox News outlet, Channel 34:

and from the local ABC News website you can see exactly how the stage looked during the town hall, during which the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce representative who introduced the representative from Americans for Integrity in Government to introduce the congressman:

Come over the jump for more: Read below the fold...

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How it's done: elders in a Washington crowd, and Rep. Jim Moran


In Lakewood Washington last night a town hall for Adam Smith drew a young man carrying a poster of the President altered to resemble Adolf Hitler. Several members of the crowd, among them some older attendees, took exception and the poster was destroyed. Shortly thereafter the young man departed.
From the News Tribune account: Read below the fold...

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Senator Ted Kennedy Has Died

According to a NYT breaking news update, he passed away Tuesday night at his home. The Senator was 77.

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 -- 1:31 AM ET

Edward M. Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, Dies at 77

Read below the fold...
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To Everything There Is A Season

[Welcome, Lubbock bloggers! -- lambert]

The GOP is in retreat across the land. They don't want to admit it, but they are. So they're responding with ratcheting up their rhetoric and trying to dodge the truth via dissembling, distraction, and pretty pictures.
Read below the fold...


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