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What is a Loan Tape?

Lord Atrios says "Not all things are unknowable" about how bad the toxic/troubled/misunderstood Assets are. There is actual documentation for the subprime loans in the form of "LOAN TAPES" (caps in the original): Read more about What is a Loan Tape?

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How the Bushies set up the current mess in Gaza


Shit happens. For a reason. While there is a worthy discussion going on in the internets about the varying degrees of morality on either side of the conflict, I particularly like to look at the policy-related causes and effects. Read more about How the Bushies set up the current mess in Gaza

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Victory Lap?



Just saw Cindy Sheehan on Market St. in SF doing some last-minute campaigning.

This morning I voted for her (as opposed to Leader Nance), Obama (happily but skeptically), no on Prop. 8 (anti-Ghey-marriage), and yes on naming the city sewage plant in honor of George W. Bush. Read more about Victory Lap?

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Maybe it's not all about you, or maybe it is?

Do politicians in our system really need to earn *your* vote? Do individual choices really matter or does it only count when millions of people do the same thing at the same time?

This is in response to the question I see often on this blog: why is Obama not speaking to me and my concerns? The short answer is that he doesn't have to.

The longer answer has to do with what I think is an American cultural myth about the individual voter. Read more about Maybe it's not all about you, or maybe it is?

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Beer and Peace and Ponies

What's not to love? I guess if you're allergic to horse hair you might have a problem...

This is a public service announcement to all San Franciso Bay Area bloggers and readers: post debate wrap up and discussion and drowning of ailments at Zeitgeist (Duboce & Valencia) tomorrow 10/16/08. Read more about Beer and Peace and Ponies

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Bust Out - the Republican approach to governance

[This was orignally posted in 2008, and boy, did Shystee call his shot. I'm stickying it because the talking point is even more relevant today. --lambert]

This whole thing about the Bush administration taking control of the US treasury, using the Nation's credit to buy junk and and selling it out the back door reminds me of something:

Davey Scatino: You told me not to get in the game. Why'd you let me do it?

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One Hundred Years of Snarkitude

Title is inspired by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez and this comment by Leah in this very lively thread:

And if I note that your statement is a deeply racist one, are you going to go away and spend the next twenty-five years of your life traumatized because someone called you a racist.

And Lambert's response: Read more about One Hundred Years of Snarkitude

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OK folks. It took me a whole month to come up with that one. Stay tuned for my next exciting post. It's going to be a humdinger! Read more about Word Cloud

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Teh Conundrum

Thank you Glennzilla:

It isn't that difficult to keep the following two thoughts in one's head at the same time -- though it seems to be for many people:

(1) What Barack Obama is doing on Issue X is wrong, indefensible and worthy of extreme criticism;

(2) I support Barack Obama for President because he's a better choice than John McCain.

Why is this so hard for so many in the progressive blogosphere and progressives in general?

Discuss... Read more about Teh Conundrum

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FISA: Money Talks


Complaints by citizens concerned about losing their constitutional rights? Not so much:

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint gave PAC contributions averaging:

$8,359 to each Democrat who changed their position to support immunity for Telcos (94 Dems)

$4,987 to each Democrat who remained opposed to immunity for Telcos (116 Dems)

Digby: Read more about FISA: Money Talks

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Friday Late Night Videos

I believe this makes me the automatic winner of all youtube wars evar. Opinions may vary.

I bring you The Jam covers Curtis Mayfield, circa 1982:

Here's the original Move On Up: Read more about Friday Late Night Videos

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Politics as Team Sports

Most folks in the blogosphere have chosen to give their support to one primary candidate or the other without really demanding anything in return. When the next election comes around, a different strategy may be in order.

Most liberal/progressive interest groups also gave away their support without really getting any policy guarantees from the candidates. Why?

It seems to me that groups and individual voters themselves were motivated by the Corporate Media-driven horse race hype more than anything else. This turns politics into team sports. Read more about Politics as Team Sports

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Yellowcake (Reprise)

Yesterday's McClatchy's article Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials? brought back some memories:

The first meetings with Ghorbanifar, which were disclosed in August 2003 by the Long Island, N.Y., newspaper Newsday, took place in Rome in December 2001. They were attended by two Pentagon Iran experts, Harold Rhode and Larry Franklin; by an Italian military intelligence official, and by Ledeen.

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BARBARian Voter Guide for the California and San Francisco June 3, 2008 Election

From the smoke-filled back rooms of Northern California Power Politics, where Bay Area Bloggers and Readers (BARBARians) decide the fate of candidates and ballot initiatives, I bring you these suggestions:

Proposition 98

98 is evil and must be destroyed.

I think that just about sums it up.

Proposition 99 Read more about BARBARian Voter Guide for the California and San Francisco June 3, 2008 Election

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No on Prop 98

In the theme of "there are other things happening in the world besides the nomination pie-fight", here is something that really "hits home".

Proposition 98 is a deceptive measure that a group of wealthy landlords placed on California's June 3, 2008 ballot. These landlords want you to believe the measure is only about ‘eminent domain', but Prop. 98 is full of hidden provisions that would hurt Californians.


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