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Going solo

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Thou shalt not dissent

Via IOZ, the Obama Administration's statement about atrocities (surely not applicable to those by the United States of Look Forward Not Back):
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A "Shallow End Pool"? Suggestions wanted!

The story of prog blogs in the 2012 election season, one might well expect, will be the story of shallow-end support for Obama's re-election.

The Obama presidency's continuity with, and in some ways exceeding, the conservative awfulness of the Bush administration represents an historically historic opportunity to energize habitual Democrats to support real political change.

Yet more'n likely, very, very few well-known liberal bloggers will commit to not voting for Barack Obama in 2012. Read more about A "Shallow End Pool"? Suggestions wanted!

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Digby: Obama's decision to put Medicare in play is "inexplicable"

Apparently, we're supposed to worry that Obama's "inexplicable decision to offer up Medicare in the proposed Grand Bargain" will be used "against him" by the party that "retired the concept of hypocrisy*."

It certainly is a puzzle why he did that!

In closing, Digby cites the ol' "definition of insanity" meme.

How rational is it, one might wonder, to repeat one's vote for the fellow who put Medicare (and Social Security) on the chopping block?

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Tim is on our side (or so we're told)

Please pass that bucket over Arthur's way, if it's not too late.. Read more about Tim is on our side (or so we're told)

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"2L4O: Too Left for Obama / Too Liberal for Obama" message becomes timelier by the day


The following is a message I sent yesterday to the 200+ wearers of 2L4O shirts.

* * *

I was a lifelong Democrat who worried, during the 2008 campaign, about Barack Obama's constant validation of rightwing narratives. But on Election Day, I "held my nose" about those reservations and voted for him for President.

How has that worked out? As a Facebook friend said the other day: "Obama has dragged the goalposts so far to the right that Richard Nixon isn't even on the field any more."

Worse, still: Obama's ongoing admirers and defenders now support--actively or by their silence--policies they used to protest. Policies of militarism, corporatism, and "sacrifice" only by the most vulnerable. Read more about "2L4O: Too Left for Obama / Too Liberal for Obama" message becomes timelier by the day

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Move over, Orwell!

A couple of people on Democratic Underground posted some of my cartoons.

For reasons you'll see, the thread doesn't last long.

Obama's program of actually assassinating American citizens is more than fine with DU.

But mentioning that Obama's doing it is a lockable offense. Read more about Move over, Orwell!

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Extremist makeover

I've received a number of requests for American Extremists cartoon T-shirts.

The way I do my shirts—via a local firm using union-made / American-made stock, and keeping inventory on hand for fast shipping (as opposed to using Cafepress or similar for on-demand printing)—means that each new shirt design is a considerable undertaking. Read more about Extremist makeover

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Racist and/or stupid?

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Monday afternoon spaceship-ark blogging


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