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"Atheist's Lullaby" passes 15,000 views on YouTube

Be sure to check out the extended version of my pagan night-night song, performed—and with additional lyrics—by Correntian Gob (AKA "Dark of the Stars"):

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Lambert Strether and Avedon Carol are on the air now on Virtually Speaking

[For your listening pleasure, here's the show! And thanks to VastLeft for putting this post up. -- lambert]

Listen to internet radio with Jay Ackroyd on Blog Talk Radio
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Lefty bloggers: are you out?

Now and again, the denizens of the leftysphere shake their e-fists about some or other rightwing behavior by President Obama.

But how many will commit themselves to opposing the conservative Mr. Obama in the 2012 primary and election process? Read more about Lefty bloggers: are you out?

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Multiple choice questionnaire for

[no-glossary]Dear MoveOn, you keep sending me e-mails with rousing themes like "Our democracy isn't working," wanly complaining about the policies coming from both major parties.

Which are you going to do? Read more about Multiple choice questionnaire for

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Now, now, it's important to respect everyone's religious beliefs!

Lest we forget, religious people are the best people:

A Durham man who led a religious group killed a 4-year-old boy who he feared was gay and a 28-year-old woman who couldn't have children and wanted to leave the group, prosecutors said in a court hearing Friday.
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Dr. Socks' emergency


Despite the historically historic progressively progressive miraculous miracle that is HeritageCare RomneyCare ObamaCare, some people have to empty their pocketbooks—and more—to get needed medical care.

Such is the situation for Dr. Violet Socks, the Reclusive Leftist. Please kick in a few dollars if you can. Read more about Dr. Socks' emergency

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Bernie Sanders makes a category error

Bulk e-mail from Bernie starts with "Don't yield, Mr. President...."

If Bernie F-ing Sanders won't admit that Obama is a conservative, rather than a progressive who just needs to remain steadfast, it's just one more measure of how fictive our national politics is.

Delete. Read more about Bernie Sanders makes a category error

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What Violet said



Femaleness is not some grotesque trait to be mocked; it’s not some character flaw; it’s not some weirdo political stance that is ripe for ridicule. And if you can’t criticize a woman’s politics without mentally subjecting her to the porn-film/inflatable-doll/nutcracker treatment, then you’re a goddamn sexist twit.

The same goes for age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, weight, and other personal dimensions that ought never be used to diminish someone's legitimacy as a person. Read more about What Violet said

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Not a dime's worth of difference

Kerry and McCain write Obama a blank check for more war.

Senator Kerry said “the country is on the strongest footing’’ when the president and Congress speak with one voice.
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No country for sick people

USA Today headline:

Man says he robbed bank of $1 to get access to medical care in jail

Our heroically heroic, healthcare-reforming president:
Read more about No country for sick people

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On internet utopianism


SocProf reviews the new book, The Net Delusion.

Good stuff, and an antidote to Pollyanna-ish thinking about the internet's role in social change. Read more about On internet utopianism

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2L4O * 200


[no-glossary]Thanks to the lefties and liberals who have bought two-hundred 2L4O (Too Left for Obama / Too Liberal for Obama) shirts—modeled here by the Kid at the Red Queen's place!

The union-made T-shirts are available at, and various 2L4O tchotchkes (stickers, pins, mugs, etc.) are available at[/no-glossary] Read more about 2L4O * 200

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What's up with Obama's call for Israel to return to 1967 borders?


This is a decidedly different public position for the guy who said, on the campaign trail:

Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel -- and it must remain undivided.

What's behind this change? Read more about What's up with Obama's call for Israel to return to 1967 borders?

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Department of Facts Not in Evidence

Per Peter Clarke, Obama "is self-evidently liberal in his political convictions." Read more about Department of Facts Not in Evidence


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