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Common Household Remedies Request

As I keep saying, though my photography is probably too poor to show the beauty of it all, I'm ecstatic with how my front garden came out. The zones (green lines) organize the space really well, and the cycle of wildflowers provides endless pleasure. Well, not endless. They're annuals. But you know what I mean.

That said, let me destroy the pleasure of the present by getting my head into the future by pointing out that there are two problems/opportunities. The first one is minor. I've labeled it "Bad lambert" because it's a dead spot that I've never figured out what to plant in. Now I think there's a reason for that: Nothing is meant to be planted there. If this year weren't so tight, I would have put in a water feature, so maybe I'll do that next year. Not only will it be pretty, it will attract more pollinators, and especially birds.

The second is more major, and it's labelled "Tall weed." How tall? As tall as a filbert tree. Read below the fold...

Israel Wages 'Slaughter War' Claiming Victimhood

In reading Dennis Bernstein’s “The Whys Behind Israel’s Gaza Slaughter” I noted his references to a “slaughter war” being waged by Israel on Gaza. In his article Vijay Prashad, professor of international studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut had this to say: Read below the fold...

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How did this happen?

Netroots Nation will be in Arizona in 2015, but Kos will not be in attendance and Daily Kos will not be supporting the conference. I would love to know how this happened. When I agree with Markos Moulitsos, you know it is serious.

I would love to know the back story on this one. I predict the conference will be a bust. Who wants to go to Arizona? No Latino will feel safe at such a conference and as for the rest of us, why would we go? Read below the fold...

MH17: Cui bono and who knew?

(Not "Who knew" in the idiomatic, "Nobody could have predicted" sense, although that too, but "Who knew what when?") The Saker has a nicely rigorous post:

Cui bono?

Read below the fold...

In the garden: Poor person's row cover

I wanted to protect my peppers (green, but, more importantly, hot) from deer,* because last year deer came and nibbled the flowers. Johnny's sells floating row covers for 50 bucks, and I tried a small-scale version of the same technology a couple of years ago, and didn't like it. The idea is to stick metal hoops into the ground, which have non-woven fabric attached to them, so you end up with something shaped like a quonset hut covering your rows. Row covers are a season extender because they capture heat and moisture; good when germinating, good toward frost. They also protect against bugs (if rigorously sealed along the bottom) and, for me, critters. (Though I suppose a bear would rip one apart, if it had a mind to and the smell of vegetables was delicious enough.)

But I didn't like the official row covers. First, the hoops weren't tall enough, so the peppers ended up "banging their heads on the ceiling." Second, I don't like metal in the garden, except for tools. Stuff near plants should be able to rot, I feel. (I know this isn't entirely rational.) Third, the whole process of installing the accordion-like, pre-assembled row covers was just irritating. I have beds, not rows, and putting a row cover over half a bed... It felt to me like I was having an industrial process applied to my garden, Procrustes-style. Fourth, the row covers aren't good for anything else.

So here is my alternative:

Read below the fold...

MH317 highlights from Professional Pilots Rumor Network

PPRUNE (Professional Pilots Rumor Network) is the goto site for aircraft disasters informations. Although it's been mostly down for the last two days -- and no wonder -- it's up now, presumably because it's late in the evening and traffic is low, so I thought I'd post a few of the more interesting comments (446, at present), starting with the newest and working back. Of course, I don't know any of the players, so all I can do is go with what seems plausible, insightful, fresh, or fact-based. Highlights from yesterday and today: Read below the fold...

I read the news today, oh boy

Party like it's 2002! Read below the fold...

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Agreed. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Squash in search of lost time

The first squash flowers (July 18), from flats, after the horrible and disheartening episode of the lethal sea food compost that killed all my seeds. They have a lot of catching up to do!

Read below the fold...

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Malaysia Flight MH 17 Shot out of the Sky

Another tragic result of the many conflicts going on in the world. It should be obvious that nobody yet knows exactly what happened. And yet we have Clinton (Hillary) already spouting her rhetoric as though she has something to say.
In 2001 Ukraine shot down a Russian airliner with 70+ people aboard and vehemently denied any involvement. This was later proved false and they admitted they made a mistake during military exercises.
This is a time to stop, listen, and investigate the facts of what happened.
Read below the fold...

Common Household Remedies Request

What the heck is going on with this tomato?

1. is where I tied the tomato to a stake. However, I foolishly did not go out and add more ties higher up the plant when there were two very heavy days of rain, and the stem broke under the weight, right above the string. However, the stem above the break continues prolific with foliage and flowers, so go figure. Read below the fold...

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