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Health care defeatism from the blogger boiz

Looks like the defeatists at the SEIU (whose leadersheep have consistently ignored resolutions passed by their membership at their national convention) have mobilized their fan boiz in blogospehre.

Meteor Blades

All but its most delusional fans have known since well before November 4 that single-payer's near-term chances are - short of some fracture in the space-time continuum - a sliver above absolute zero.

We’ll see about that.

Edit - see comment. Read below the fold...

Tick Tock & Takedown of Obama's "Savings" Pronouncement--or, "Promises, Promises..."

featuring Barack Obama and Big Insurers, Big Pharma, a cast of tens at the Monday White House love fest.

M.S. Bellows writes at HuffPo that the Obama administration called reporters on Mother's Day to set up a conference call --also on Mother's Day-- to prepare them for the great news to be made public the next day, news which had to be embargoed --it was so special and such a Big Secret and Game Changing. Read below the fold...

So much for transparency

Without transparency, there is no accountability. We've already seen that there's no transparency at all in Obama's bailouts, and that the transparency in Obama's health care "reform" process is at best translucency, and now we see Obama reversing course on transparency on torture as well. McClatchy: Read below the fold...

I'm stealin, I'm stealin...

Roxana Saberi-Lucky to have been arrested in Iran and not the US?

The Independent reports that Roxana Saberi, the recently released American reporter of Iranian descent, did actually do something which could have meant a long prison sentence. She had kept a copy of a confidential Iranian report on the war in Iraq.

Ms Saberi... had copied the report "out of curiosity" while she worked as a freelance translator for a powerful body connected to Iran's ruling clerics, said [her] lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht.

Read below the fold...

The Heath Insurance Companies Immunity and Preservation Act of 2009

Just laying down a marker on these trial balloons for taxing health benefits-- readers, feel free to read and [pound head on desk]. No mention of single payer in the story, of course. Pumping more blood into the insurance companies is the key item on the agenda. Read below the fold...

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Breaking: "Obama will seek to block Gitmo interrogation photos, official tells NBC News"

From home page. No story link yet.

Update: Though the breaking-news banner still mentions Gitmo, the current version of the story doesn't mention that location. Read below the fold...

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Nuclear warhead program killed

Lest we all be accused of Obama Derangement Syndrome, here's a significant good thing.

Obama cancels program for new nuclear warheads Read below the fold...

An inflection point is not a turning point

Willem Buiter. Neat animated graph (inflection points where tangent turns red). Read below the fold...

RL calls

Very light posting from me today. And help out DCBlogger. Read below the fold...

Nice article on Pakistan

At The Agonist. Numbers, quotes from local sources. Not a lot of cheerleading for war.

Quelle surprise. Read below the fold...

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NPR Whitewashes McChrystal's Tortured History

[cross posted at NPR Check]

On Monday's ME, Tom Bowman and Renee Montagne assess the Obama War switch of commanders in Afghanistan from General McKiernan to General McChrystal and - boy - is Bowman juiced by McChrystal's Green Beret credentials. Read below the fold...

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Single payer pollooza

Avedon Carol has some interesting thoughts on Mahablog's post about Ed Schultz.

d-day has a great post about Marcy Winograd's announcement for Congress.

Lots of great single payer action right here in the nation's capitol
. Unfortunately RL obligations prevent me from taking part.

ZOMG! A single payer advocate made it on the NPR! Read below the fold...

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NY Times pulls a switcheroo headline

Since I live 12 times zones away, I'm alert and at my desk in the wee hours of the MSM's morning. So I often notice some interesting little switcheroos that take place in the headlines while most Americans are asleep. Today's was a whopper. I booted up the site to see this:

Insolvency for Social Security and Medicare Is Seen Closer
New York Times
- ?9 hours ago?
By BRIAN KNOWLTON WASHINGTON — The financial outlook for Medicare and Social Security has significantly worsened, as the bad economy and mounting job losses ...

Of course I got really pissed off. As we all know, the "insolvency" meme is just plain false. And lumping Social Security together with Medicare is apples/oranges. Read below the fold...



Just saying.

I mean, I love the way everybody but the American people is a "stakeholder" in "health care" "reform." Read below the fold...


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