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Jello Jay on partisanship

Great quote:

ROCKEFELLER: "But do you want to be non-partisan and get nothing? Or do you want to be partisan and end up with a good health- care plan? That is the choice.

Truer words. Read more about Jello Jay on partisanship

I've looked at O from both sides now

7772So-Where-s-My-Fucking-Pony-PostKrugman today:

When it comes to domestic policy, there are two Barack Obamas.

Obama as the anti-FDR

China calls for world reserve currency (not dollar)

Interesting. Don't know what view to take. If it ends the empire, I guess that would be a good thing, but I don't know whether the two are linked at all. I'll have to check the econoblogs....

NOTE Nothing yet. Maybe this is a piece of kabuki only a newbie thinks is important? Read more about China calls for world reserve currency (not dollar)

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Low ratings for Obama's health care town meeting

President Obama's town hall meeting on health care delivered a sickly rating Wednesday evening.

The one-hour ABC News special "Primetime: Questions for the President: Prescription for America" (4.7 million viewers, 1.1 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) had the fewest viewers in the 10 p.m. hour (against NBC's "The Philanthropist" debut and a repeat of "CSI: NY" on CBS). The special tied some 8 p.m. comedy repeats as the lowest-rated program on a major broadcast network.

People are beginning to twig on the fact that Obama has no plan. Read more about Low ratings for Obama's health care town meeting

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Max Baucus the con artist

The Daily Howler

In all likelihood, Baucus took single-payer off the table for a very good reason—because he isn’t trying to create a progressive health reform package. His statement to the Times was pure BS. After all, Baucus is a corporate man (data below). He wants health reform near the “center.”

So now the goal of health care reform is to preserve employer-based insurance...

... and penalize small businesses that don't provide health insurance. And have "a new regulated market known as a health insurance exchange" for those thrown under the bus the subsidized, except structure the market so that nobody who has insurance now will actually go out on the exchange to get a better deal -- the same exchange that is also supposed to "keep the insurance companies honest" by competing with them. The circle is, like, totally squared!

[Pounds head on desk.] Read more about So now the goal of health care reform is to preserve employer-based insurance...

Froomkin's next-to-the-last column at Pravda

Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!

Membership of Pelosi's Pecora-style Commission begins to emerge


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan panel [sigh] panel armed with subpoena power to investigate causes of the Wall Street meltdown is on the brink of being launched, as Congress embarks on an ambitious effort to reform policing of the financial sector.

Food poverty

Not to revive Ramen Noodles, but CannonFire gets it:

In these hard times, one sees many articles about how to subsist off of the "value menus" at various fast food restaurants. And yet these articles always admonish readers to avoid high-calorie, high-fat meals.

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What a Rotten Day This Turned Out To Be

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Where to find the sharpest political commentary in the NYT

Why, in the garden section, of course!

A reporter's morning walk through the lovely Manhattan flower market on West 28th street finishes up with a suggestion for a visit to a very special local bookstore: Read more about Where to find the sharpest political commentary in the NYT

John Kerry, clue-less fuckup, suggests trigger FAIL if public option FAIL cannot pass

Way to negotiate the deal, there, John.* HuffPo:

In a closed-door meeting of Senate Finance Committee Democratic members and their staff Wednesday evening, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) suggested that if the committee bill didn't have enough votes for a public option it include a ten-year delay [FAIL!] between passage of health care reform and the implementation of a public option that Americans could buy into, according to two Democratic aides.



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