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A load of bollocks from James Fallows on Obama's rhetoric

And I like James Fallows! Via Paul Rosenberg, this:

Rather than simply reaffirming or reinforcing what much of the public already thinks; and rather than attempting the relatively common political feat of explaining small changes or compromises in policy; Obama has tried to change the basic way in which we think about large issues.

Really. On which large issues?

America's imperial role?

Executive power? Read more about A load of bollocks from James Fallows on Obama's rhetoric


Damn. If I had a dollar, I'd be short that too. Read more about Juneteenth

Bill Clinton: "Rationally, single payer is the best system"

From nyceve's report on Bill Clinton's meeting with bloggers:

Then he talked about single-payer. "Here's the deal on single payer. Rationally, single payer is the best system", he continued, "our system is the worst, most expensive and least effective."

So, that would make the alternatives not rational?

Good to know, since we've been saying it for some time. Read more about Bill Clinton: "Rationally, single payer is the best system"

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Folk Songs: A list of essentials

with which I would argue, as some of the songs on here strike me as too modern, and there are glaring omissions (to my mind): Shenandoah, for example, or "Me and Bobby McGee." I've heard Willie Nelson sing a number of the things on here that the list requires you to get other versions of, and I prefer them; but that's prob'ly just the Texan in me.

Once upon a time I had a lot of these on vinyl, and listened to them regularly. Tompall and the Glaser Brothers, Willie and Waylon, Don Williams ... there's a fair amount of Yankee stuff here for which I'd substitute other songs, like the aforementioned Shenandoah. Instead of a couple of the hymns, I might prefer Battle Hymn of the Republic (which, actually, I despise as it was the "marching song" Sherman's troops used on their way to the sea). What do y'all think? And in light of what's happening across the world today, what would be appropriate to listen to, or sing in the streets, in support of the Iranian protests?

  • The 100 Essential Folk Songs
  • 1. "This Land Is Your Land" - Woody Guthrie
  • 2. "Blowin' in the Wind" - Bob Dylan
  • 3. "City of New Orleans" - Steve Goodman
  • 4. "If I Had a Hammer" - Pete Seeger
  • 5. "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" - The Kingston Trio
  • 6. "Early Morning Rain" - Gordon Lightfoot
  • 7. "Suzanne" - Leonard Cohen
  • 8. "We Shall Overcome" - Pete Seeger
  • 9. "Four Strong Winds" - Ian and Sylvia
  • 10. "Last Thing on My Mind" - Tom Paxton
  • 11. "The Circle Game" - Joni Mitchell
  • 12. "Tom Dooley" - The Kingston Trio (Trad)

No matter how hard I try, and I do try, I'm never cynical enough

The invaluable McClatchy:

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush
President Barack Obama is morphing into George W. Bush, as administration attorneys repeatedly adopt the executive-authority and national-security rationales that their Republican predecessors preferred.

Krugman boards the FAILboat

Not, I hasten to add, in any policy or analytical sense, but by adopting the FAIL riff, which I first encountered at the hilarious, depressing, and enraging LOLfed. Read more about Krugman boards the FAILboat

Politics and the English language: Lack of agency in Obama's financial "reform" plan

We've been been pointing to lack of agency as a key "tell" in the Official Style for some time: Read more about Politics and the English language: Lack of agency in Obama's financial "reform" plan

If you want to be happy, pay more taxes

Thomas Kostigan of MarketWatch (from May, but new to me):

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says people in Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands are the most content with their lives. The three ranked first, second and third, respectively, in the OECD's rankings of "life satisfaction," or happiness.

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Voices From Iran


No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post

M.E. Dabiri:
Read more about Voices From Iran

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Action Alert: Health Care Educational Forum in Lafayette, Indiana

Invitation to Local Health Care Providers

Please Help Educate Us!

Yes We Can Tippecanoe, a local political action and service organization, is soliciting 150-250 word statements from local health care professionals to be read at our upcoming

Health Care Educational Forum,

June 28th, 3-5pm at the Tippecanoe County Public Library in downtown Lafayette.

We hope to hear from a variety of medical specialties and perspectives.

Our question to you is: From the point of view of your area of expertise and practice, what are the most significant concerns you face in providing service? What would you like to see in health care reform?

Goodnight, moon

I've been trying to find that clip from The Wire. If anybody has it... Read more about Goodnight, moon



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