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John Conyers live, in concert! Saturday, May 30 at Indiana University

Making Health Care Happen (Health Care Organizing Kickoff)

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), author of HR 676: The U.S. National Healthcare Act, will be the featured speaker at "Making Healthcare Happen," a community forum on health care reform occurring Saturday, May 30 at Indiana University Southeast in the Hoosier Room, Grantline Road, New Albany. The forum will begin at 8:30 a.m. and admission is free to the public.

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Of bloggers and buses

(h/t Susie)

Well, there's the future of journalism for you! The "bitter, cling" story was originally buried (per Boehlert's paraphrase: "I'm not going to tell you, it's going to hurt the campaign") by HuffPo blogger and maxed-out Obama contributor, Mayhill Fowler... and then deliberately news-dumped on a Friday. (Hats off, though, to the unnamed HuffPo editor who pushed for the story to come out. You never know where you're going to find an oasis of integrity.)

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More on the Overton Window: Do different issues have different Overton Windows?

Varying sizes? Different locations on the right to left scale? Each issue its own window? General areas of governance? Or is it the general political philosophy? Social "feeling"?

Can Obama work toward leftward Overton movment on some issues while going rightward on others? Close some so the issues aren't even issues any more, simply not discussed? Open some so wide any and all attidudes are acceptable and thus, again, nonissues.

And, to the point of this post, what's he doing to the Overton Window regarding torture? Read below the fold...

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Pattern blindness

Video meliora proboque, deteriora sequor

"I see the better way and approve it, but I follow the worse way."

Those Brits with their Latin tags! (I'm old enough to remember when reading the Guardian (and Atrios) was the only way to get news on Iraq. And now I read the FT (and Yves) to get news on finance. Plus ça "change," plus c'est la même chose...) Here's a good deal of Willem Buiter's column today, in what Yves labels a "must read": Read below the fold...

Banksters to write their own oversight rules


The U.S. Treasury’s plan to regulate the over-the-counter derivatives market outlined by Secretary Timothy Geithner on May 13 contains recommendations similar to those made by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Credit Suisse Group AG and Barclays Plc three months earlier.

I'm shocked.

It's the Golden Rule, isn't it? Too bad it's all our gold now, but that's a post for another day... Read below the fold...

How can there be more Memorial Days...

... if we don't make the military even larger?

Sounds like somebody explained a few things to Obama once he was allowed to take office. Or he knew them all along. I'm not quite sure which, yet. Read below the fold...

Contra el bien general

Obama's three principles of health reform: First, reduce costs.

[the three principles]

Having been a patient healthcare consumer once or twice myself, I've had occasion to see how the insurance companies intrude in the practice of medicine, and how much time they suck out of the doctor's day.

But don't believe me, let a family doctor detail one of his workdays for you. Read below the fold...

Read it, and weep

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Anyone want to set up a site called ""?

It would be great to have an information cleaninghouse that ensures that the Obama administration and its suddenly unblameworthy predecessors are subject to less-than-zero scrutiny.

A good place for them to start is by trashing organizations like CREW and the ACLU.

What happens in the Village stays in the Village. It would be shrill to suggest otherwise. Read below the fold...

Simple answers to simple questions


What Krugman is asking, what I have asked for over a year, what anyone who actually listened to what Obama said should have been asking, is whether Obama is capable of mobilizing the power of the state for the benefit of the citizens in a way that actually forces an unwelcome outcome onto an unwilling power player.

I don't see a question mark, but I'll treat this as if it were a question:

"No." Read below the fold...

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Attention Health Justice: UR DOING IT WRONG!

I just got an email from Health Justice complaining that faxes in support of single payer were being thrown out. Yeah. No kidding.

People think that big lobbyists keep winning because they have the $. Well, that is only part of the reason. Another reason is that they are respectful of the ways of capitol hill. When they contact their clients they make sure that everyone contacts THEIR representative. If you are from Montana Baucus is interested in you, otherwise you need a gazzillion dollars. That is just the way it is.

Of course, Health Justice could collect emails by state and send out its notices sorted by state with the right contact info for senators from those states, but Health Justice can't be bothered.

If we are going to win, we need to be smart. Read below the fold...

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