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WaPo's Alec MacGillis can't read polls

Alec MacGillis' online chat

Topeka, Kan.: I would like to know the real reason why single payer health insurance is off the table. Is it because our Congress is beholden to the insurance lobby?

Rosabeth Moss Kantor on the real solution to GM: SUPERTRAINS!!!!

Well, almost. Kantor writes in Bloomberg on the GM bankruptcy and our ownership of a car company (along with some insurance companies and a lot of banks):

Is this a productive new use of assets? No. Is this a move toward transforming transportation? No. Is there a significant national security interest? No. Will this save more jobs than it kills? No. Will this promote innovation and industries of the future? No.

Why does Barry Rithholtz hate Obama?


So far, the Obama administration approach to bailouts has been to keep running Bush Economic term III. They have been far too kind (genteel even) showering taxpayer monies on the incompetents and fools who drove their firms over the abyss. Indeed, it's all but impossible to see where the largesse of the Bush bailout policies ends and the Obama bailout policies begins.

If today were November 2012, I would not vote for this team. As far as the banking sector is concerned, this gang is no different than the knaves and dolts who came before. It is more of the same irresponsible, expensive and reckless policy that preceded them.

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And this is a problem, why?

No ponies for Robert J. Samuelson:

The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time. Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage? Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment, but no president since. On the whole, this is not healthy for America.

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"Roger and Me." Minus Roger.

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Into the hole he goes

Why does John Aravosis hate Obama?

Hilarity!* jeebus, you'd think a guy who has a hard time getting along on 75K would be smarter, but I guess not....

NOTE And green shoots of reality-based thinking at Kos, too. Encouraging! Read more about Why does John Aravosis hate Obama?

Media blackout on single payer continues -- even at McClatchy!

And, amazingly, McClatchy puts Kaiser Health Care News in the byline. Kaiser is a player, not a news source*! This is speaking truth to power? Read more about Media blackout on single payer continues -- even at McClatchy!

Krugman: Reagan had some ideas. Just not good ones.

OMFG! Krugman can't say that! Oh yes he can.

Those lunatic Republicans putting up a statue to Reagan in the State Capitol at the same time they're flushing their own state down the toilet kinda sums it up, doesn't it? Read more about Krugman: Reagan had some ideas. Just not good ones.

Larry, Larry, oh no, you gotta go

Check out Yves on how the big boiz get their profits. Larry Summers is is a successful underpants gnome. Read more about Larry, Larry, oh no, you gotta go

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Doing The Math - The Number of Americans Killed By Right Wing Terrorism In The 90s

Yesterday morning witnessed the first terrorist attack against an American on American soil of a new administration. During the last Democratic administration, we saw a rising number of terrorist attacks unleashed by the American right against their fellow citizens Indeed, almost twice as many Americans were killed by right wing American terrorists as were killed by foreign terrorists.

So, let's tote the numbers up. I've assembled the list of American deaths from foreign terrorism from the State Department's Global Patterns in Terrorism released yearly.


Six Americans dead in the WTC attack. Those were the only American deaths from terrorism that year.

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Blogging: Tool Against the Apocalypse or Soul-Sucking Waste of Time (Part 873)


Andrew McCarthy at Echindne has thrown in the towel.

In the comments (ironically), Andrew fleshes out his reasoning:

"My biggest objection to blogging (as usually practiced) is that the "format" doesn't really allow room for deep thinking. It puts a premium on fast response time and provocative "sound bytes".

No excuses for the FKD on torture

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Pro-Lifers Joyful After Doctor Murdered

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Too bad it's not appropriate to look back at the 2008 campaign...


... otherwise, we could watch dissectin' Danny Schechter tell the story they* didn't want you to know about: Barack Obama's historically historic historicism.

Ain't it grand? He's the "People's** PresidentTM"!


* Other than the entire media and blogosphere, and nearly every Democratic insider Read more about Too bad it's not appropriate to look back at the 2008 campaign...


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