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On getting their attention (again)

This is a bit of a follow-up to my recent post on the relative effectiveness of various means of pressuring Congresspersons. I got together with the local movers and shakers on single payer today and want to quickly pass along some things that got said about that, as well as on doing outreach, before I get back to the prevailing insanity of RL.

One very experienced person on the subject of letters to congresspersons: handwritten letters with local, personal details are extremely effective. Send them to the local office, not the DC office, to avoid the screening delay. Read more about On getting their attention (again)

"Exceptional" Blue Cross employee helps avoid paying for nearly $10 million of medical care

Here's a story I missed at the time (June 17th), brought up by a local activist in our meeting today: three health insurance CEOs refused, in a Congressional hearing, to limit rescissions to cases of fraud ("rescission" is the health care parasites' term for retroactively canceling your policy, nominally on the grounds that you failed to disclose a material fact about your health history):

Be there for single payer July 30th!

I hope and expect many single payer activists will be in DC for the HCAN event this week, but even better, the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care is organizing a DC rally on Thursday, July 30th. And I can go! If nobody else in my family decides to go to the hospital! We're organizing a bus - if you live in a largish city not too far from DC someone is almost surely doing the same for you.

Celebrate Medicare’s 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama the people, unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support a single-payer system.

Goodnight, moon

Just checked the 10-day: A glimpse of sun Thursday, then another, in between the thunderstorms, next Tuesday. This is starting to get ridiculous. Thank gawd I'm not really a peasant, eh -- just a digital sharecropper -- or the prospect of my potatoes rotting in the ground would cause me deep fear. Read more about Goodnight, moon

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NPR Shows a Sudden Interest in European Demonstrations


[cross posted at NPR Check]

According to Renee Montagne, "Europeans are reacting with outrage over events in Iran...and demonstrators in major capitals have taken to the streets." Wow! European protests are so important that NPR quickly puts a reporter on the story and has her on the scene. Eleanor Beardsley checks in from the outskirts of Paris at one of the demonstrations, complete with ambient sounds of protesters and speakers. Read more about NPR Shows a Sudden Interest in European Demonstrations

Science for Republicans

Primitive Primate's Brain Built.

Of course, since what used to be the Republican Party is now the Crazy Party, and what used to the Democratic Party is now the Bipartisan Republican Party, this joke isn't as straightforward as it used to be.

NOTE Max! Stop fonding that money! Now!! Read more about Science for Republicans

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The Women's Revolution in Iran

In Slate, Anne Applebaum writes about the connection between the Iran uprisings and the strengthening women's rights movement in the country.

I think she's on to something:

It is no accident that the two main challengers to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Iranian election campaign promised to repeal some of the laws that discriminate against women—and no accident that the leading challenger, Mir Hossein Mousavi, used his wife, political scientist and former university chancellor Zahra Rahnavard, in his campaign appearances and posters.

"While you were out..."

[I keep thinking of alternative headline's for this chart on the bailouts. This is attempt #2 (#1, here: Opportunity Costs). -- lambert]

Barry Ritholz (go buy his book) presents this terrific chart: Read more about "While you were out..."

I didn't know Arthur had a twin brother

He's an econoblogger! But his weltanschauung is much less dire than Arthur's, so I guess he's a fraternal twin.

NOTE It's a joke! Just because somebody takes a dire view of things doesn't mean they're not right. In fact, given the givens, I'd say that makes them more likely to be right. Via the never-dismal Yves. Read more about I didn't know Arthur had a twin brother

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More doubts about Iranian presidential election results

Source: Chatham House findings:

For the survey published Sunday, researchers worked from the province-by-province breakdowns of the 2009 and 2005 results, released by the Iranian Ministry of Interior, and from the 2006 census as published by the official Statistical Center of Iran, Chatham House said.

The survey made four main observations:

# In two conservative provinces, Mazandaran and Yazd, a turnout of more than 100 percent was recorded.

Why settle for a Cadillac health care plan when you can have the Lear jet plan instead?

Snowbirds, ie northerners, many of whom are Canadians, flock to sunny Florida for the winter, because our winters really are better than yours.

Our health care system, however, is not. Canadians generally buy supplemental health insurance so they'll be able to afford American-style health care if they should be so unfortunate as to fall ill while vacationing here.

Just how bad is it here? It's so bad, one Canadian's health insurance company paid $20,000 to ransom him from our system and fly him and his wife home in a Lear jet.

In December, he was wintering in Port Richie, Fla., when he checked into a hospital with stomach cramps and pain.

The dark net returns


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