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Wichita lying men, still with the lying


WICHITA — A possible confrontation over abortion never came to pass Saturday as opposing groups convened at noon at different locations.

About 30 abortion opponents met at the headquarters of Operation Rescue on East Central for a memorial service and to pray for what they called healing from the shooting death [murder] of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller. ...

"What they called healing," as opposed to "healing" is actually good, precise reportage, as we expect from McClatchy.

Honeybee roundup

Bees and bee-keeping seem to be in the news lately. We have this story on urban beekeeping in the Times:

“I can’t think of anything more relaxing than sitting in front of my beehive, drinking a beer, smoking a cigar, letting the bees fly,” Mr. Gannon said on a recent Saturday afternoon. “And the smell. It’s the most beautiful smell.”

Mr. Gannon moved to City Island from Manhattan in 2003, lured by the opportunity of sailing. But after trading a sixth-story walk-up apartment for a house, Mr. Gannon decided to return to beekeeping, a hobby he had discovered as a young man in rural England.

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The entire health care debate in a single phrase and today's news

You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of Blue.

Interview with Dr. Oliver Fein of PNHP.

Letter to the Helena Air:

Sen. Baucus, political leadership involves discovering what is the best approach to solving a problem and then having the courage to lead the fight for this best approach.

Goodnight, moon

It didn't rain this afternoon, so I could spend some time in the garden staking the tomatoes (a cruel north wind was blowing them over), dusting the squash with anti-mildew copper (yeah, I know it's bad stuff, I wear gloves, but it works), building a new mound for some 50-day "Flying Saucer" squash, shovelling gravel onto walkways between the beds, and transplanting daisies from the overgrown part of what remains of my lawn to border the walks. Maybe the daisies will attract some bees! I took a photo, and with the gravel walks, it looks rather like, well ... [lambert blushes modestly] ... Read more about Goodnight, moon

Iranian police no longer neutral


My friend who did his thesis on Iran said the police staying neutral was one of the key factors for the success of the Iranian revolution against the Shah. A BBC roundup:

Iran's most senior dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri calls for three days of national mourning for those killed in street protests, Reuters news agency reports

* Former pro-reform President Mohammad Khatami calls for the release of detained activists

* Iran police chief Gen Esmaeil Ahmadi Moghaddam warns any further unrest will be confronted "decisively"

* Iranian officials again attack the UK for "interfering".

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Wave Change at NOW?

I have to admit, I'd pretty much written NOW off a long time ago as an DC-insider suck-up organization. And Kim Gandy's choice of Obama-worship over substantive advocacy for women last year would have been a turn-off in any case. But the recent election of new NOW president Terry O'Neill has allowed me, well, a bit of hope.

The election shaped up as a female-only replay of much of the divisions in the primaries (hot young things full of hope vs bitter elderly knitters), a point even Salon's Broadsheet noticed. O'Neill's opponent was Latifa Lyles, who had Gandy's endorsement and an Obama-like rhetorical style, which Salon's Berman, oddly, quotes as proof in support of Lyles' substance: Read more about Wave Change at NOW?

NEJM's Andrew Relman: things must get even worse for real healthcare reform to occur

Now online from the July 2nd New York Review of Books, but posted June 3rd, is "The Health Reform We Need & Are Not Getting" by Arnold Relman, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine. After discussing the factors causing the amazingly high cost of US healthcare, mostly commercialization of medical care and the effect of investor owned provisioning of care and for-profit insurance Relman notes: Read more about NEJM's Andrew Relman: things must get even worse for real healthcare reform to occur

Iran's governing elite starts to split



Pro-reform clerics in Iran stepped up criticism of the authorities on Sunday after more than a week of unprecedented popular defiance against the leadership of the Islamic Republic.

EDITORS' NOTE: Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on their ability to report, film or take pictures in Tehran.

But in an indication of their determination to crack down hard on demonstrations which culminated in the death of at least 10 people on Saturday, authorities dismissed the protesters as "terrorists" and rioters.

They also detained the daughter of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani during an opposition rally in Tehran on Saturday, according to state media.

It's not like losing Walter Cronkite...


... as LBJ famously said before he decide not to run for re-election in 1968. But losing McClatchy's Joe Galloway is a loss, since Galloway (a co-author of We Were Soldiers Once, and Young) is a noted non-shit taker and truthteller, especially to those in power:

Obama's promise of a new beginning now hollow
He came to town on a white horse, riding a staggering wave of popular approval in the polls, a golden leader in a golden moment with a golden opportunity, and then he did what? Nothing much. Nothing different.

One hand washes the other

The Guardian:

[Goldman Sachs] firm predicted that President Barack Obama's government could issue $3.25tn of debt before September, almost four times last year's sum. Goldman, a prime broker of US government bonds, is expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from selling and dealing in the bonds.

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Book Review: The Public Health Nurse


I'm going to invite you all to read a book, and then let's talk about it here next Sunday. It's called "The Public Health Nurse." It's a journey back to what our future may be if we don't get single-payer now. Read more about Book Review: The Public Health Nurse

Goodnight, moon

Incredibly, it rained today. It's the tropics that are supposed to have the rainy season, not Zone 5b! WTF?

On the bright, or sweet side, beekeeping in New York City! Extremely cool, and something to look into. Read more about Goodnight, moon


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