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Barack Obama put my cat in a blender

At first, I was upset when President Obama turned it up to puree, but then I realized that he's smarter than I am.

I can't believe that I had forgotten that cats have nine lives, and that Obama plays 11-dimensional chess!

By liquefying my cat, he's forcing the American people to take a stand against animal cruelty.

He didn't really have any choice -- if he appeared to be soft on kittens, the mean Republicans in Congress wouldn't pass his new health care plan, which the nice people at the big insurance companies took the time and trouble to write for him! Back when people were partisan, you never saw that kind of collaboration, at least not since World War II! Read below the fold...

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Why don't they auction off some Hillary nutcrackers and Citizens United Not Timid shirts?

Democratic Underground, a veritable factory for creating and propagating demeaning lies about the former First Lady and presidential candidate, and current Secretary of State, is running this promotion:
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Wednesday Night Lo-Fi Blogging

Embarrassing typo at Think Progress re: Torture, genital slicing

[I was wrong on this post; as caught by alert reader ConnecticutMan1. I've deleted it, rather than let it stay up to be Googled. Obviously, I should read Think Progress more often. My bad. --lambert]

This post today is in the same general space, if you want to hang out! Read below the fold...

The President sets my hair on fire

The President sends me email and informs me that time is running out for single payer advocates to make ourselves heard:

The Vice President and I just met with leaders from the House of Representatives and received their commitment to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill by July 31.

You'll also be thrilled to know, I'm sure, that

...on Tuesday, leaders from some of America's top companies came to the White House to showcase innovative ways to reduce health care costs by improving the health of their workers.

Don't worry, things really have changed, and we can be "involved":

Read below the fold...

Do the torture photos Obama is covering up include genitals being sliced by a scalpel?


According to the Telegraph’s sources, the documents describe particularly gruesome interrogation tactics:

Read below the fold...

Are the torture photos Obama is covering up from "Copper Green"?

Gee, it's been a long time since I wrote on torture; after we all figured out that the administration was run by sociopaths there was no way to hold to account, it seemed wisest to hunker down and wait for the Democrats to come in and clean up the mess. Goodbye to all that, eh? Anyhow, remember Seymour Hersh in May 2004? Read below the fold...

Timmy speaks for his boss: Social Security on the table


even as this President has focused on pulling our nation out of economic recession, he has made clear his commitment to working in a bipartisan way to address the long-term health of Medicare and Social Security. The President deeply understands that re-establishing fiscal responsibility as well as the strength of these two vital programs is essential to the economic and health security in our nation and to our generational responsibility to invest in our children and not simply pass on our debts.

This is rich, coming from an administration that's already passed on debts of two trillion dollars to prop up the zombie banks:

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Andrew Sullivan then, and now

Andrew Sullivan then:

What does [Obama] offer? First and foremost: his face. Think of it as the most effective potential re-branding of the United States since Reagan. Such a re-branding is not trivial—it’s central to an effective war strategy. The war on Islamist terror, after all, is two-pronged: a function of both hard power and soft power. We have seen the potential of hard power in removing the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. We have also seen its inherent weaknesses in Iraq, and its profound limitations in winning a long war against radical Islam. The next president has to create a sophisticated and supple blend of soft and hard power to isolate the enemy, to fight where necessary, but also to create an ideological template that works to the West’s advantage over the long haul. There is simply no other candidate with the potential of Obama to do this. Which is where his face comes in.

Consider this hypothetical. It’s November 2008. A young Pakistani Muslim is watching television and sees that this man—Barack Hussein Obama—is the new face of America. In one simple image, America’s soft power has been ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm. A brown-skinned man whose father was an African, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, who attended a majority-Muslim school as a boy, is now the alleged enemy. If you wanted the crudest but most effective weapon against the demonization of America that fuels Islamist ideology, Obama’s face gets close. It proves them wrong about what America is in ways no words can.

Andrew Sullivan now: Read below the fold...

Get single payer a seat at the table

--or at least, get your advocacy into the Senate Finance Committee's permanent record.

In my email today I find this Single Payer Action Page:, which enables you to send single payer advocacy to your Congresscritters and the President, and " ALSO turns your comments into an actual pdf file and sends it as an attachment DIRECT to the Senate Finance Committee, meeting all their *restrictive requirements to make it part of the permanent record."

Here's part of what they have to say: Read below the fold...

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Health care defeatism from the blogger boiz

Looks like the defeatists at the SEIU (whose leadersheep have consistently ignored resolutions passed by their membership at their national convention) have mobilized their fan boiz in blogospehre.

Meteor Blades

All but its most delusional fans have known since well before November 4 that single-payer's near-term chances are - short of some fracture in the space-time continuum - a sliver above absolute zero.

We’ll see about that.

Edit - see comment. Read below the fold...

Tick Tock & Takedown of Obama's "Savings" Pronouncement--or, "Promises, Promises..."

featuring Barack Obama and Big Insurers, Big Pharma, a cast of tens at the Monday White House love fest.

M.S. Bellows writes at HuffPo that the Obama administration called reporters on Mother's Day to set up a conference call --also on Mother's Day-- to prepare them for the great news to be made public the next day, news which had to be embargoed --it was so special and such a Big Secret and Game Changing. Read below the fold...

So much for transparency

Without transparency, there is no accountability. We've already seen that there's no transparency at all in Obama's bailouts, and that the transparency in Obama's health care "reform" process is at best translucency, and now we see Obama reversing course on transparency on torture as well. McClatchy: Read below the fold...

I'm stealin, I'm stealin...

Roxana Saberi-Lucky to have been arrested in Iran and not the US?

The Independent reports that Roxana Saberi, the recently released American reporter of Iranian descent, did actually do something which could have meant a long prison sentence. She had kept a copy of a confidential Iranian report on the war in Iraq.

Ms Saberi... had copied the report "out of curiosity" while she worked as a freelance translator for a powerful body connected to Iran's ruling clerics, said [her] lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht.

Read below the fold...


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