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Those Wells Fargo profit reports that sparked the latest rally? Fake. I'm shocked.

Option Armageddon:

Research firm KBW says Wells Fargo may need to raise $50 billion in order to pay back $25 billion of TARP capital and to cover expected loan losses as the economic slump deepens.  (Bloomberg)

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Why all cars should be small

National Poetry Month in New York

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Letter to the Boston Globe response to this dung from James Roosevelt Jr., CEO of Tufts Health Plan. I doubt that they'll print it, since in giving him a large chunk of the op-ed page, they've kind of shown which side they're going to line up on, but you never know. There was a lot more in his letter I wanted to comment on, but that would have guaranteed it not seeing the light of day- the Globe's into pithy or ranting from the rabble, not anything longform. Read below the fold...

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Maybe I'm not amazed

Seriously, I appreciate that Joss and everyone at Harvard Humanist Society are trying to promote secularism.

But the opening gambit was painful to watch.

Joss Whedon: "[nonbelievers] got a shout-out during the inauguration. That was amazing!"

Meta-blogwhoring here: if you missed my "Sorry About Religion" video this weekend, please check it out. In the commentary below the video, I note the following: Read below the fold...

"They do it because it works"

Vocabulary lesson

Both from Baseline Scenario:

Tunneling: Borderline legal/illegal smuggling of value out of businesses.

Rents: Economics jargon for easy money from business that others aren’t allowed into (like, say, the easy money from owning an ATM network -- or a network of "health care" "providers").

With that in mind, see this by Simon Johnson. The point he's making is too subtle for me, so maybe somebody who understands finance can translate:

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Bonus controversy

Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose...

Stress tests

COP and Elizabeth Warren


Policy and strategy

Banks and banksters



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