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Breaking: "Obama will seek to block Gitmo interrogation photos, official tells NBC News"

From home page. No story link yet.

Update: Though the breaking-news banner still mentions Gitmo, the current version of the story doesn't mention that location. Read below the fold...

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Nuclear warhead program killed

Lest we all be accused of Obama Derangement Syndrome, here's a significant good thing.

Obama cancels program for new nuclear warheads Read below the fold...

An inflection point is not a turning point

Willem Buiter. Neat animated graph (inflection points where tangent turns red). Read below the fold...

RL calls

Very light posting from me today. And help out DCBlogger. Read below the fold...

Nice article on Pakistan

At The Agonist. Numbers, quotes from local sources. Not a lot of cheerleading for war.

Quelle surprise. Read below the fold...

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NPR Whitewashes McChrystal's Tortured History

[cross posted at NPR Check]

On Monday's ME, Tom Bowman and Renee Montagne assess the Obama War switch of commanders in Afghanistan from General McKiernan to General McChrystal and - boy - is Bowman juiced by McChrystal's Green Beret credentials. Read below the fold...

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Single payer pollooza

Avedon Carol has some interesting thoughts on Mahablog's post about Ed Schultz.

d-day has a great post about Marcy Winograd's announcement for Congress.

Lots of great single payer action right here in the nation's capitol
. Unfortunately RL obligations prevent me from taking part.

ZOMG! A single payer advocate made it on the NPR! Read below the fold...

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NY Times pulls a switcheroo headline

Since I live 12 times zones away, I'm alert and at my desk in the wee hours of the MSM's morning. So I often notice some interesting little switcheroos that take place in the headlines while most Americans are asleep. Today's was a whopper. I booted up the site to see this:

Insolvency for Social Security and Medicare Is Seen Closer
New York Times
- ?9 hours ago?
By BRIAN KNOWLTON WASHINGTON — The financial outlook for Medicare and Social Security has significantly worsened, as the bad economy and mounting job losses ...

Of course I got really pissed off. As we all know, the "insolvency" meme is just plain false. And lumping Social Security together with Medicare is apples/oranges. Read below the fold...



Just saying.

I mean, I love the way everybody but the American people is a "stakeholder" in "health care" "reform." Read below the fold...

Senate considers tax hikes to keep the health insurance parasites in business


Senators are considering limiting — but not eliminating — the tax-free status of employer-provided health benefits to help pay for President Barack Obama's plan to provide coverage to 50 million uninsured Americans.

Anything to avoid saving $350 billion dollars a year with single payer! Read below the fold...

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Bush administration put English civilians in the cross-hairs of terrorists

Where is the outrage about this, an American president threatening to withhold anti-terrorism support to England if they refused to dismiss a lawsuit by a victim of CIA torturers?

Oh, wait. It was Obama who did this. Never mind. Read below the fold...

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Embarrassing typos in e-mail re: health "reform"


Monday morning, an unlikely gathering of health care industry and union leaders emerged from the White House, announcing a historic agreement to lower medical costs and save the average family up to $2,500. This kind of broad coalition would have been unthinkable in the past, when the old politics of division and short-term self interest held sway. But this is a new day.

I'll fix it for them: Read below the fold...

So where are the Abu Ghraib rape tapes? And who saw them?

Salon reprises an oldie but goodie. Seymour Hersh, July 15, 2004: Read below the fold...

Why didn't anybody tell me about this?

Digging, planting

A little more than two weeks 'til Memorial Day, when I can put stuff in the ground.

I put some seeds into trays, today, but then it hit me that I might as well improvise some cold frames from the twenty odd windows I've got left over from when I put the replacements in. Plant the seeds in real soil! Why the heck not! Exciting! Read below the fold...


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