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Memo to Steve Israel: Fire your bulk emailing service

Because the personal touch matters so much, right? Read below the fold...

More problems for Boeing's union-busting plastic plane, the 787

I'm tellin' ya, I'll be checking my flights to see if they're putting me on one. It's only a matter of time! Reuters:

Exclusive: Boeing 787 output hiccups reemerge at assembly sites

More like what my father used to call a frothy eructation than a "hiccup," but never mind that. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Hidden raspberries

And the morning glories seem to be twining about nicely, even in shade. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Ginormous medical bills because Nevada Health Link can't fix a typo

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The family’s troubles began in February, when Amber Smith delivered daughter Kinsley five weeks prematurely. Kinsley spent 10 days in Summerlin Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, and Amber’s 40-day hospital stay included two surgeries.

The Smiths bought insurance from Anthem Blue Cross through Nevada Health Link in October and made two premium payments in January. Yet the claims are being denied because Amber’s birth year is listed incorrectly on the family’s insurance identification cards, Smith said. It’s one year off — written as 1978, when it should be 1979.

What a shocker. Health insurance companies will do anything to deny care when the bills get large. This is just rescission under another name! Like for post-existing conditions....

Nor has Smith been able to get baby Kinsley added to the family’s insurance, despite “dozens of calls” to Nevada Health Link and Anthem. So despite never missing a $1,300 premium payment, the Smiths are on the hook for all of Kinsley’s follow-up care. What’s more, some of Amber’s specialists have unexpectedly [oh?] abandoned provider networks, leaving the family with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, he said.

The family’s grand total? Roughly $1.2 million.

That's a lot of money! And it's a two-fer! Not only denial for a post-existing condition, a narrowing network! Ingenious. And the Smiths aren't the only ones: Read below the fold...

On the University of Illinois and the Salaita firing

Really appalling. Good post from Juan Cole here. Shorter: The Israeli lobby doesn't like a professor's tweets, talks to the administrators at the University of Illinois, and gets the guy fired. The sweetener is that UI had just only just hired him, and he'd resigned his previous (tenured) position. Nice work on the academic freedom front, guys!

Best comment: Read below the fold...

August 7 should be "Elinor Ostrom Day"

Since that's the day the great theorist/discover/teacher of Common Pool Resources was born. (Hat tip diptherio, and here's hoping we remember next year at this time.) Here's an interview: Read below the fold...

In the garden: Après le déluge

Massive beatdown for these cucurbits, whatever they are, I forget, and which seem to have grown quite successfully without my noticing them until today:

(Showing also that I have been way too cheap with the straw; that newspaper should not be exposed, and there should be straw soaking up all the nice water!)

And the painter should come back: Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

Workers of the world, unite!

In the garden: Wait a minute, it'll change

So I had happily anticipated a day of outdoor typing when I heard thunder muttering and grumbling to the west, so I looked up at the sky and then took this photo:

And then I looked at the map Wunderground app to see what was coming at me, and I saw this little cloud: Read below the fold...

Times decides to use the word "torture" instead of euphemisms

About time, and good for Dean Basquet who wrote:

Given those changes, reporters urged that The Times recalibrate its language. I agreed. So from now on, The Times will use the word “torture” to describe incidents in which we know for sure that interrogators inflicted pain on a prisoner in an effort to get information.

Of course, they didn't use the right word when it would have made a difference: Read below the fold...


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