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Conspiracy Bingo!

In honor of 9/11 Truthers and dogged conspiracy theoristsbeverywhere, I created this fun Bingo game.

Feel free to add your favorite conspiracy buzzword!

h/t WeHuntedTheMammoth whose blog I just found regarding this disgusting episode, as part of which they had made a "GamerGate" bingo game. And for finding that blog, a huge hat tip to RationalWiki. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

Bernie! Pay attention! It was Democrats! Democrats! Democrats! who lost Florida for Gore

Jim Hightower in Salon, November 28, 2000, before the Democrats had begun the blame-shifting that's the best thing they do:

308,000 Democrats voted for Bush. Hello. If Gore had taken even 1 percent of these Democrats from Bush, Nader’s votes wouldn’t have mattered.

So, Bernie, when I hear you say stuff like this, I'm shaking my head: Read below the fold...

In the garden: Autumn black-eyed susans

Schneider Tele. More decay, in raking light, with Constable-like touch of red. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Autumn honeysuckle

Schneider 2x Tele. Perhaps not the first time this subject has been photographed, but still pretty. Read below the fold...

Why I like this post from Matt Stoller on Saudi sponsorship of ISIS a lot

(Here.) First, we agree -- confirmation bias alert -- on the nature of the state:

The Saudi state, like all states, isn’t a coherent whole, but a set* of elites that interact with each other. There are thousands of ‘princes’ who basically just get oil income, but any of them can act independently and many of them do.

Read below the fold...

Brits use Scottish oil as collateral

George Washington's blog:

[A]s Max Keiser explained:

(1) The UK can now borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral

(2) If Scotland leaves, the collateral (oil reserves) is no longer available

(3) So the cost of borrowing money for Britain skyrockets

Read below the fold...

Tweet of the Day (2)

Tweet of the day

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Bait and switch: Key MNsure company pulls out

The big news today in Minnesota is the withdrawal of PreferredOne from the state ACA exchange, MNsure. Nearly six in ten patients chose it this year, presumably because it had the lowest prices nationwide. But it won't be offered on the exchange next year -- so patients will either have to do without the tax credits that made it so affordable, or switch to an insurer with a higher premium. Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

UK bookie already paying out on "No" vote for Scottish Independence

Globe and Mail:

Polls say the outcome of the Scottish independence vote is too close to call, but gambling company Betfair is already paying out more than £100,000 ($179,000) to customers who backed a “No” vote.

The referendum on Thursday when voters in Scotland decide whether to split from the United Kingdom has attracted record levels of interest from British gamblers.

Bookmakers sometimes pay out early on sports events when they consider the result a foregone conclusion, judging that the publicity they generate is worth the risk should there be a surprise turnaround.

“We’ve decided that ‘No’ is most likely to be the winning vote in 3 days’ time, so we’ve put our money where our mouth is,” online betting specialist Betfair said
on Tuesday. The offer applied only to bets placed with Betfair’s sportsbook – the smaller part of its business where the company sets the odds itself. Read below the fold...

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Sunday Train: Reflections on a visit to the East Coast

Cross-posted from The Sunday Train ~ apologies for the jet-lag induced cross-posting delays

Your intrepid sustainable energy and transport reporter was recently required to engage in some official business with an overseas consulate located in New York city, and in order to be able to afford to sit and wait as the wheels of bureaucracy as long as might have been required, obtained lodgings in a relatively cheap motel in New Brunswick and took the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor train back and forth. This week's Sunday Train is a collection of scattered observations made along the way. Read below the fold...

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Fracking isn't bad for you?


The New York Times reports a study (recently published in the prestigious 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences'), claiming that hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking' is not per se a cause of contaminated water. Instead, contamination is said to arise from leaks in the wells used to recover the gas, which has been liberated by the fracking process. Read below the fold...


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