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Blogging Against Racism Day

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In case any of you are wondering what this blog against racism business is all about, I explained it here.

Chris Clarke is the blogger who got this going, and his contribution to the day is up at "Creek Running North," along with a post by his brother.

Both are terrific, and you should hurry over and read them. Chris's is deeply personal, as much of his blogging tends to be, and he's chosen to blog locally, while managing to think globally, by which I mean with the kind of self-knowledge and honesty that will make what he has to say resonant for all kinds of readers.

Here's Chris; here's his brother, Craig.

Chris is also in the process of keeping track of the contributions of other blogs, so let him know if you noticed something he might not have yet, or leave a comment in response to what he has to say. After all, this is about trying to start a conversation from which too much of this country, especially the right wing part of it, and too much of the media, is always far too ready to change the subject.

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