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BOYCOTT/PROTEST NewsHour's BLACKOUT of 3rd Party Candidates!


I am proposing several actions for citizens troubled by the NewsHour’s blackout of third party candidates. A blackout of the issues of the constituencies of third party candidates.

I propose similarly concerned fellow citizens:

Boycott the PBS NewsHour between October 15th and 19th, 5 broadcast days.

Email a complaint to the NewsHour about the lack of coverage of third party candidates (come on, it will only cost you a few minutes):

Send a U.S. snail mail complaint (again a matter of minutes and a stamp):

MacNeil/Lehrer Productions
2700 South Quincy Street
Arlington, VA 22206

Contact PBS Ombudsman, Michael Getler:

Getler’s address & phone:

Public Broadcasting Service
2100 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202

And/Or Contact your local PBS station/producer.

For me in NYC: 

PO Box 21
One Channel 21 Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: 516-367-2100
Fax: 516-692-7692


Time to transcend Team Dem or Team Repub or Team "Other" gamesmanship!

Whether or not you intend to vote for a third party candidate, not vote, or intend to vote for one of the two main legacy party candidates don’t you agree that the corporate media’s chillingly thorough “icing out” of the third party presidential candidates and their issues sabotages our supposed democracy?

One of the premier national news shows is PBS’s The NewsHour. Yet the NewsHour has willfully promoted the impression there are only two eligible candidates for president, Obama and Romney.

The NewsHour is so often praised, so frequently trusted as a reliable news source.

The other day I lost my temper once again with the NewsHour. They were doing a story on college students and their preferences for president. Jill Stein of the Green Party is popular among many college students. Stein promises if elected to champion them in their fight against colossal debt. Stein maintains that a government that is willing to bail out the reckless corporatists with over ten trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars ought to be willing to help the young people in America struggling to become educated. Yet, there was no mention of Jill Stein among the deliberately chosen NewsHour interviewee college students.

This deliberate blackout of all the third party candidates is a continuing pattern with all corporate media including the supposedly progressive ones.

I am an advocate for Jill Stein of the Green Party. I knew what her long chances were when I started to promote her over a year ago. But I never dreamed she would remain so unknown to so many people. The corporate-political-media conspiracy against her and other third party candidates makes me think of the old fairy tale in which the name “Rumplestiltksin” was not to be known or uttered. Stein even got arrested at one point for protesting mortgage foreclosures and it was willfully ignored by all corporate media.

It reminds me, too, of when I was promoting single payer universal health care. I would go to public rallies and then come home and there would be no mention of that healthcare alternative on the television as the news people and guest pols proclaimed the Obama administration had put ALL options on the table. That universal health care option was too threatening to the lucrative corporate profiteering of the medical industry.

There are only half a dozen media conglomerates throughout the world controlling what is communicated to the mass public. A monopolizing cartel in charge of the vast distribution of strategically spun information, disinformation or the blockage of information that would be vital and relevant to those of us not in the corporate elite class.

I remember a T-shirt I read at a single payer protest a while back. It read, “Politics is NOT a spectator sport.” But the media, including the NewsHour, and pols and corporatists want us to think it is. They want to induce us into thinking EXACTLY what they want us to think, voting for EXACTLY whom they want us to vote for. They want to seductively “take care of our little brains” by promoting convenient propaganda "group-think" that often goes against our own welfare and future. They want us to experience a “consumer” more than a “citizen” identity. They want to encourage us AT ALL COSTS to stay inactive and not become pro-active.

Let’s face it. The media, political and corporate ruling class elites are no friends to humanity right now! We have to save ourselves along with the rest of the world from them and their war-mongering and citizen rights and economic welfare razing agendas!

Richard Moore calls what the media does as fabricating “collective illusion” in his book, “Escaping the Matrix..." He quotes Morpheus addressing Neo from The Matrix movie: “... the world that was pulled over your eyes to hide you from the truth ... as long as the Matrix exists humanity cannot be free.” Moore contends the majority of American citizens sleep-walk about in a collective “surreality,” lost to a toxic mythology, product of the collusion of “officialdom” and corporate media.

Robert Parry doesn’t mince words in talking about US citizens being stampeded by politicians and corporate media into more wars. In “Herding Americans to War with Iran” he puts it this way:

For many Americans the progression toward war with Iran has the feel of cattle being herded from the stockyard into the slaughterhouse, pressed steadily forward with no turning back, until some guy shoots a bolt into your head.

Big media endorses and minimizes the amorality of US wars abroad and the devastation of citizen welfare domestically.

Big media wears a corporate-political leash and it’s primary job is to attach said leash to us as well. They are successful with too many of us.

Third party candidates are pushing back. Trying to. They are insisting REAL and VITAL issues be addressed. Taxes & the Rich. Military Budget. Unemployment. Homelessness. Health Care. Hunger. Poverty. Environment. Hydrofracking. Nuclear Power. Privatization of Schools, Prisons, etc. Police-State Tactics. Women’s Rights. NDAA. Gay Rights. Corporate Deregulation. Guns. Veteran Issues. Drones. War. Trade. Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. Syria. Israel/Palestine. Torture. Social Security. Medicare. The list goes on and on.

How many of these issues did you hear discussed and explored during the recent presidential debate? How many of them do you think will be seriously addressed and explored in the next four weeks and beyond by the winning candidate?

Third party candidates on the dais would have made sure they were addressed and explored during the debate! That is why the corporate controllers would not let them participate.

I have no idea if any but myself will be boycotting, emailing, writing and calling to protest this one show in a sea of so many. But ripples of protest no matter how small contribute to movement!!!

Thanks for hearing me out and for any action you take on this or any other similar pro-citizen ventures.

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But I think this situation calls for something much bigger. As Barama would say, the November election is an opportunity to do something big. What if they gave a presidential election and nobody came? Better yet, what if EVERYBODY came? But instead of voting they protested the utter corruption of our electoral system? There needs to be a massive protest on election day. Whether you vote or not (your vote, however, is meaningless). Occupy the f**king election.

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Thanks for commenting.

Once before I tried to get people to start wearing black arm bands daily, back in the Bush days and ongoing. I finally put one on when Obama was doing nothing about the torture perpetrators. I figured as soon as accountability happened I would take it off. I thought he was procrastinating but the dawn came quickly.

I wore one for three straight years. I remember I wrote and asked Cindy Sheehan to help promote it. She supported me but did not get involved.

In all that time it triggered only 3 conversations with people. I finally switched to a peace sign pin.

Maybe people would wear one on that one election day, a black arm band? Whichever candidate wins, the country -- all of us except the upper 1%, and well them, too, considering the long term -- should mourn.

I have been wanting to occupy media for a long time but I find that giving up teebee to protest even for a short time as corporate leverage especially with commercials, etc., seems way too much to ask or for me at least to organize.

best, libby

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love your posts. keep it up.