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Broder recommends war with Iran for Obama, if he wants a second term

Broder says he's not, but of course he is. Read that column if you want to read pure, distilled, essence of predatory, grinning, skullfucking Versailles evil. Broder's column would be appalling if it weren't normal.

And Broder is, of course, exactly the sort of "middle of the road" columnist that Obama respects. Dear gawd.

UPDATE Atrios not once but twice. And Dean Baker.

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Let us take a moment and recall that the Washington press corps is the biggest assemblage of liars, hacks, shills, and sycophants on the planet. There is virtually no subject that they will not trivialize, propagandize, distort, or otherwise refuse to understand. So when David Broder is crowned the "Dean" of this group of creeps, fools, and whores, that should tell us all we need to know about him, and it does.