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Bush v. Gore in Mexico

Our sympathies to the Mexican people. We in this country have been learning what it's like to live under an illegitimate government that took power through fraud. It's painful.


Felipe Calderon became president-elect of Mexico on Tuesday, two months after disputed elections, when the nation's top electoral court voted unanimously to reject allegations of fraud and certify his narrow victory.

The court found no evidence of systematic fraud, although it threw out some polling place results for mathematical errors, irregularities, and other problems that trimmed Calderon's 240,000-vote advantage to 233,831 votes out of 41.6 million cast.

7,000, eh?

If the electoral court wanted to make Calderon's "election" legitimate, they would have ordered all the votes to be recounted.

For whatever reason, they didn't. They only recounted 9%.

See here for why the accusations of vote fraud in the Mexican election are credible. One example among many:

Although the recount was completed nearly three weeks ago, the TEPJF has refused to release the numbers showing how the candidates’ vote totals were changed by the recount. This contrasts sharply to the procedure followed for the preliminary and second vote tallies in July, when the results were made public immediately.

How odd. A sudden, mysterious, and unexplained lack of transparency. Anyone else reminded of Warren County, Ohio 2004?

Meanwhile, Obrador seems to be finding more creative ways to "get over it" than we did:

Lopez Obrador barely mentioned the impending decision Monday during his nightly address to followers in the Zocalo.

Instead, he focused on an upcoming national convention of his supporters to decide if he should declare himself head of a parallel government whose members would propose a series of government reforms.

I still remember Al Gore gavelling the Black Caucus into silence after they wanted justice after Florida 2000. But presumbly we've all learned from that moment.

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