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Bush won't even let his staffers give their FUCKING JOB DESCRIPTIONS to the Judiciary committee

Thanks, Josh. As for Scott Jenning, that porcine little scut, I hope the only job he can get after this is in the Grounds Department at Regent [cough] University.

Unbelievable? All too believable!

Please, can somebody give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him? Soon? Now?

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Why would Bush want a blow job? He's already fucking the whole country.

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As I grew up, I came to assume that the American people have a right to know the actions of their government. As an adult in this Bush administration, I have learned that we americans no longer have the right to know the actions or reasons of our govenment. I suspect that much of the wrongs of the past half century began with Truman's signing of the National Security Act which gave rise to the Central Intelligence Agency and the roots of our present secret government.
My assumption as an American under the U.S. Constitution is that if my government has such widespread secrets that one branch of our government cannot tell another what they are doing, then the actions are illegal, immoral, or both.
I want my country back. No more secrets.