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Call for the Assist: WI, OH, etc

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Solidarity forever, my friends!

I suck. I'll just say that with heartfelt feeling so you don't have to in the comments. What's more important: I'm on a list of the WI protest leaders and here's the problem- supplies. We all want to help, esp those of us with a credit card or paypal account, if we can't be there. The problem is the folks setting up the blog for WI (and elsewhere, I assume) are overwhelmed. Protest can only be sustained if we can supply folks with more than a piece of pizza. Clothes, shelter, water, phones, twitter, transportation, etc.

Step up, Corrente. I cannot tell you how ironically shitty I feel that right now, in my life, I can't do what I'm asking you to help do. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on the road for ~15 hours helping move my dad to a nursing home. I'll be out for days. But dammit, I know this is it, this is the time, the energy we've been waiting to perceive for so long. As far as success goes, it's called "logistics" and there is a saying I learned from my old USMC days. "Tactics are for amateurs; logistics are for winning generals." I feel this in my bones right now and I've been emailing for the last few hours trying to instill this and help coordinate. Can you help?

Food. Shelter. T Shirts with a logo. Signs. Etc.

The time is now. Action will mean so much, if we can pull it off. From what I can tell from my brief survey, Corrente is at the forefront. Let's brainstorm, and make this more than a flash in the pan. Sites, phone numbers, union contacts, etc. This is the great test, folks. We're here, in the metasphere. Many of us can't be on the ground in the places where it's going on. But we can help. The question is how. IMHO: a general paypal site admin'd by a union person that helps direct funds to any and all protesting is what is needed here. Moveon is supposed to be on it, but I'm not able to find that. Anyone? Run with this, as I won't be able to be here much for the rest of the week.

Also: Lambert, I'm sorry. It wasn't you, it was me, as the joke goes. I failed to live up to what I espouse, and for that I apologize. I know you understand and I hope you and those who respect you can forgive me, for all I probably don't deserve it.

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The Green Party of Wisconsin provides a list of Wisconsin resources including Defend Wisconsin, which is run by the Teaching Assistants Association. I can't vouch for any of it, but it's at least a lead.

The Green Party is actually quite active in Wisconsin. Whether that makes the Ds there fight harder or not is something to think about.

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i have no idea what you think you need forgiveness for, but you have mine. and i'm so very sorry about your dad.

thanks for the link to solidarity wisconsin. there's some good information there.

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0. Actually, Corrente did step up. I did, with breakfasts, others did, with Ians, others did with blankets and earplugs (and blankets). We could do more, for sure.

1. I have to say that I had planned to go into fund-raising mode myself very shortly, so it would be super-excellent if we made the pie grow, as it were.

2. Hopefully I'll have the answer to that up VERY shortly, I'll be working on it tonight. It's the PB 2.0 concept made real, with the micro-grant/loan concept. I'll do the math when I do the soft launch of the site. And we could apply the micro-grant/loan concept to MI and WI and sustain Corrente for the long term (which, like it or not, is the baseline for me. No excellent editorial product, no virtuous cycle of being in the forefront of the story, no funding enabled. "First, place the oxygen mask...").

3. Here is a chore for somebody. With the money that we really will raise, I would really like to use a rent-minimizing grant/loan delivery model. That is, I far prefer to deliver goods or services directly to protesters, if possible directly to their encampments, than to intermediaries, no matter who. Shorter: Ian's Pizza rulez. Dem Party sucks. As do their enablers. I feel a heck of a lot better about helping the protesters, a small business, and a taxi service than I do about funding today's equivalent of the Dean Bat. But I also need to know that strategy works. That's the chore, for some helpful reader. Is Ian's Pizza the only model for success, or are there others?

* * *

And I'm very sorry about your father, CD. I know that you put off this event for as long as you could (and I'm betting longer than some others would have wanted). On the other, I think what you're referring to occurred awhile back. I'm not the most forgetful or forgiving guy in the world (just ask Booman). Even though the Buddha would like me to be, I am sure. That said, you will note that there have been no repercussions....

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I wondered where you were.

I wish you the best possible with your Dad. I am sure you have been taking very good care of him. Take care of yourself also.

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Sorry to hear about your dad.

We could form a nonprofit. It's fast if we do it in Delaware, about 48 hours and $400. That way people could deduct donations to us from their taxes. There are some restrictions on political speech though, we wouldn't be able to support specific candidates. Having an actual legal entity would also allow us to buy stuff and deliver it to the protestors-- I think in some cases we could also avoid having to pay sales tax as a non profit.

If people want to do this, I will put up $100-- if three more people want to join in then we have the money we need.

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There's an editorial issue here in that I've gradually concluded that I don't want Corrente to be used directly for fund-raising having to do with anything other than direct support for Corrente through donations.

That's because I don't want any Corrente poster to be EVER be put in the position of holding back a post or changing direction on it because it might interfere with a funding campaign or a funder. (I was actually forced to do that once, and NEVER AGAIN.) The destruction of the Chinese wall between advertising and editorial that started to happen ten or fifteen years ago was one of the many signs that our famously free press was rotting. Sibling sites for Corrente are coming that will have the Corrente look and feel, such as it is, but they will be different sites, each with different funding model, so that Corrente's editorial independence is assured.

And the same time, one of the PB 2.0 requirements is a business model that makes site like Corrente sustainable over time, without killing the blog proprietor, and revenue is part of that. Stay tuned.

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a bunch of stuff see if I could mail it to the cab company and have them deliver it.

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Maybe I'll get some fleece and sew scarves and mittens. Just because sewing is faster than knitting for me.

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scarves and hats, because they knit up quick and with bulky yarn I'll fly through them.

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Just call (608) 242-2000 between 9-4 CT and ask for John McNamara to coordinate!

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I've missed you CD!)

All the best to you and your Dad. These things are so hard on everyone.

(I love the line about tactics being for amateurs, logistics are for winning generals. )

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but sometimes there's just no other option (I was there not too long ago). I hope he's in a good place. It's great to see you again.

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here's an option for sending food, from a local coffee shop that's been donating urns of coffee all week.

We've worked out the logistics now and are sending pastries up to the capital. You can donate any amount by paypal at Also, you are welcome to mail a check.

Thanks for your support. Sorry I took awhile to get back to you. Kind of crazy here right now.

Jon Hain
Mother Fool's
1101 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703

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Because I'm a coffee addict who will now be without coffee for, oh, about a month or so, but that's what I would want if I was at the Capitol all that time. I must be coffeed at all times or else grumpiness ensues (and when I say coffeed I mean good coffee, not swill).

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I'd like to profoundly thank everyone who has been donating food and supplies for WI. It's made a huge difference.

One day longer, one day stronger!

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sleeping in the halls with my giant IWW sign that says "An injury to one is an injury to all."

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very sorry to hear about your Dad. All my thoughts for you and your Dad.

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My heart goes out to you!! May your burdens be lightened by the goodwill and wishes of your friends.

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When I wrote:

And I'm very sorry about your father, CD. I know that you put off this event for as long as you could (and I'm betting longer than some others would have wanted).

That's really what I meant....