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Campus to Obama: Fool me twice, shame on me


On election night 2008, freshman Meagan Cassidy left Lake Forest College and hopped a train to Chicago to celebrate Barack Obama’s impending victory.

“There was probably no better place to be,” Cassidy said in a phone interview. The excitement generated that evening spurred her on to become an intern and then a field organizer in three congressional contests and two human rights campaigns.

“There is not much talk of Obama at all,” Cassidy said of the mood on campus, which extends beyond the president. “I don’t think anyone’s satisfied.”

Indeed not.

“There’s definitely a significant sense that this generation are more apathetic headed into the 2012 election than they were in 2008,” John Della Volpe, director of polling for Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, said in a phone interview.

Ah, yes. The "apathy" narrative. I don't think it's apathy to understand that Obama is a con man and a weasel, that both parties are in it together, and that "the system isn't broken. It's fixed."

Ya know, your typical ancien regime tends to face problems when highly educated young people can't get work. Just saying.

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... While the election is still more than seven months away, the president has time to recapture the mood that drew young people to him four years ago, Clo Ewing, a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, said in a phone interview.

We absolutely want to work toward doing as well, if not better, than we did in 2008,” Ewing said. (My emphasis)

Good luck with that, Clo, BO, Dems.

The only thing Obama and Dems have going for them is that the Repubs are acting wacko and scaring the small children. And some of the adults.

Question is whether they are scaring enough of the adults, since Obama has led the Dems into Republican territory and many don't want to follow them there.