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Can you tell me if what I've got is the real White House phonebook, in case the switchboard's down when I call about Scooter?

[I've been told the answer is "Yes," by an authoritative source, although YMMV because numbers do change. Welcome, Wonkette readers. Welcome, Raw Story readers. If you call, please feel free to check back here, and leave the results of your courteous, polite, civil, and dignified conversation in comments!]

See The White House Phone Directory (May 18, 2007). Because I figure the regular switchboard might be busy tomorrow, but if you've got the White House phone directory, you can just work your way down until somebody picks up. (Actually, in the spirit of CD interviewing people, it might be more interesting and fun to say "Hi! I write for ______________. Do you think that Libby's commuted sentence involved obstruction of justice? Why or why not?")

Most of the numbers in the Directory match what I've been able to glean from open sources, so it looks authentic. The offices are taken from the White House site, and the numbers are formatted like so: 1-202-555-1212 / 1-202-555-1212, where the first number is via internet search, and the second, italic number is from the Directory:
The offices included in the Executive Office of the President.

  1. Council of Economic Advisers: (202) 456-1414 / (202) 395-5084
  2. Council on Environmental Quality: (202) 395-5750 / (202) 456-6224
  3. Office of Administration: (202)456-7921 / (202) 456-2861
  4. Office of Management and Budget: (202) 395-4840 / (202) 395-4840
  5. Office of National Drug Control Policy: (202) 395-6738
  6. Office of Science & Technology Policy: (202) 456-6021 / (202) 456-7116
  7. President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board: (202) 456-2352
  8. United States Trade Representative: (202) 395-7360 / (202) 395-3230

The offices included in the White House Office.

  1. Domestic Policy Council: (202) 456-1111 / (202) 456-5594
  2. Homeland Security Council: (202) 456-1700
  3. National Economic Council: (202) 456-1414 / (202) 456-2800
  4. Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: (202) 456-6708 / (202) 456-6708
  5. Office of the First Lady: (202) 456-7074 / (202) 456-7064
  6. Office of National AIDS Policy : (202) 456-7320 / (202) 456-7320
  7. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board: (202) 456-1066
  8. USA Freedom Corps: 1-877-872-2677 / 1-877-USA-CORPS
  9. White House Fellows Office: (202) 395-4522 / (202) 395-4522
  10. White House Military Office: / (202) 757-2151

And the Vice Presidential Entity, whatever branch he ends up in:

  1. Shooter: (202) 456-9000 / (202) 456-1414
  2. Shooter's Moll, Lynne: (202) 456-7489

Naturally, if you call the White House to express your disapprobation in the matter of I. Lewis Libby, you will be courteous, and remember that our public servants have important work to do.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

His [The President’s] power of nomination and influence on all appointments; the strong posts in each state comprised within his superintendence, and garrisoned by troops under his direction; his control over the army, militia, and navy; the unrestrained power of granting pardons for treason, which may be used to screen from punishment those whom he had secretly instigated to commit the crime, and thereby prevent a discovery of his own guilt; his duration in office for four years-these, and various other principles evidently prove the truth of the position, that if the president is possessed of ambition, he has power and time sufficient to ruin his country.Anti Fedralist Papers

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Submitted by zonker on

i called the press office on both numbers and told them how obnoxious snows apology comment on plame was. they immediatly sent me to the recorded line but you have the right numbers. way to go. it will take them a long time to change those numbers.

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Submitted by shystee on

I like the title if nothing else:

Nancy Pelosi may have taken impeachment off the table, but as I have said before, it is not something she can do in a vacuum and for political reasons. Impeachment is a legal tool, not a political one, despite the GOP doing their best to politicize impeachment in the past as a deterrence for Congressional interest in carrying out the legal and sometimes only tool available to them against a criminal administration.

I think most people know impeachment is possible. But it is not necessary for the Dems to do it, based on their self interest in getting reelected. The Dems cling, as always, to the conviction that progressives will vote for them anyway in order to avoid the greater evil. Sadly most progressives believe the same thing.

BTW, Xeno I had never heard of the Antifederalist papers.

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Shooter’s Moll, Lynne Good one, Lambert!

I think I'll give Shooter's line a call today. I imagine I'll be disappeared by this time tomorrow...


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I notice that the Council of Economic Advisers is the same as the Shooters. Also the phone number for the National Economic Council is also the same (202-456-1414). Would these numbers still get you to the Shooters office?

Submitted by lambert on

The ones in italic are from the Phonebook, and they tend to always differ (internal lines?). The ones not italic are from open source searches.

Incidentally, good numbers for the WH are a valuable resource in any case, eh?

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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must be hiding in an undisclosed location.

Does anyone have Turdblossom's number? Can't figure out what office it is because I don't see "Bush's Brain' listed.

Submitted by lambert on

Not on the list. Try the Office of Strategic Initiatives (202-456-2369) and maybe they can tell you where he works these days.

Interesting that nobody picks up the line at Shooter's. I myself told the nice lady who answered how pleased I was that we wouldn't be hearing from Republicans about the rule of law any more, becuase "the cognitive dissonance would be too great."

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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202.456.1414 is the # for the WH switchboard

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Was so ready to leave a comment in regard to "Shooter"....Made it to Post new comment then wow!! Your Name: anonymous coward, well maybe if any of us who explore this web site or find out about this web site on talk radio, still believe anything we say or do still remains anonymous, that freedom of speech is not being erroded daily, that the powers that be still care about the general publics opinion. I feel the public should send a clear message while we still can (before every last freedom we have is gone). My message is impeach, impeach, impeach. Matters not to me if these people have one year, one month or one week. Send the message

Submitted by lambert on

The comment line is down. A human sometimes answers, with the commment line playing TOO.

So, the nice thing about using one of the internal numbers is that a human is much more likely to answer. Eh?

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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What I'm wondering at this point is if David Broder and others will ever bother to make the connection between their putative outrage from last week over The Dick's taking over the Presidency and this week's shit about Libby going free.

I'm thinking last week's stories are now down the memory hole.

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Be sure to include Holy Joe in your calling campaign. I'm dying to hear his "bi-partisian" thoughts on the rule of law as displayed by his new BFF's. Does he agree we are a nation of laws or not? Does he agree a President can commute the sentence of a key member of his administration when he and his VP are under investigation themselves? Can he share with us his definition of Obstruction of Justice and explain how this action taken by Bush does not fall into that definition? Given Bush's wisdom over the improper sentencing of his friend and accomplise, does Holy Joe feel it would be judicially prudent to re-examine the sentencing portions of all our incarcerated citizens or is this an acceptable exception? Does he feel that expecting equal distribution for all CONVICTED felons according to our established laws is unreasonable? If there are exemptions, can he direct us to where we can find them in writing so the little people can take advantage of them should they get convicted by a jury of their peers?

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Prissie - that default setting is for visitors who refuse to use a nickname. That can be quite annoying and is a tactic used by trolls.

You, on the other hand, have boldly used your "handle". Cheers and welcome.

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So, When do we get to try Joe Wilson?

Submitted by lambert on

I had some numbers confirmed by people in a position to know them. However, as I said, YMMV, and if you're in a position to improve the list, have at it! (I do know that Shooter's number is current, because I called it.)

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Submitted by lambert on

[Not really lambert, just lambert doing what needs to be done to get Anonymous Bush Disapprobator's comment published.]

We are now being controlled by Global Corporations which pay their government employees very good to do their biding....

It is time to keep rid of these A....H.... that are running our country did I say running our country I mean destroying our country while they rob us of our democrat , money and freedom.

It is time to over ride the lackey Senate and Congress and rid us of these criminals...

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shystee wrote:

I think most people know impeachment is possible. But it is not necessary for the Dems to do it, based on their self interest in getting reelected. The Dems cling, as always, to the conviction that progressives will vote for them anyway in order to avoid the greater evil. Sadly most progressives believe the same thing.

You are right, of course, but that doesn't mean we should give up.

Please check out my comment on Larisa's blog. I would be very interested in hearing what you (and others) think. I am so sick of Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats who are so intent on protecting the traitors in the white house. We need to make her pay by booting her out of office!

To all those who live in San Francisco: let's make this happen! Draft Matt Gonzalez to run against the Republican Treason Party's criminal co-conspirator, Nancy Pelosi! Let's put someone in that office who will fight to defend the consitution and the rule of law! Enough pandering to self-serving, spineless Democratic politicians. It is time to hold them to account for refusing to fulfill their oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution!

I called and it was like 12 or so rings before the guy on the other end of the line said White House. I told him that I wanted to leave a message for the President and he re-directed me to it and said that I was calling outside of business hours.

So I'm going to call again tomorrow and play (youtube) the 2001 speech that he gave about being accountable.

Vote Ron Paul
Vote Ron Paul

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Okay, we gotta get this Plame dame, see? And we gotta make it look like it was an accident, just some knight of the keyboard pickin' somethin up somewhere. Now I can't blow her face off, that old coot down in Texas queered that angle. Scooter, guess you're going to have to spread the word about this broad's husband, and her, too. Talk to that fat typist..what's his name? Evac?, no, well find someone to squeeze the bag. I know it's a felony, but what's one more? O.K., we clear? Dirty as we need to be, right? Good. Is the fire hot enough yet? Good. I've got the brimstone here. See you later.

IF you want to call the Besmirched House (aka White House) to express outrage over the 'Commutation' of Mr. Libby's jail time through the direct Comments number, call 1.202.456.1111. This number is available 9A-5P EDT (6A-2P PDT). Any time in the next 7 days is good. Sooner, better.

The number will doubtless be busy. If you have redial, it's easier to persevere, but the trick to get through the rope-a-dope of a busy line is to hang up (or redial) the nano-instant you hear the first busy signal. (Once you're in the busy signal mode, no amount of waiting will change it to an active ringing.) I usually get through in 5 redials whether manual or auto.

The system will ask you to press 1 for touchtone or stay on line for rotary. It saves a step to just stay on line for rotary. When they offer you the 'direct number,' don't be fooled -- you're already in the direct number system.

There will be a long dead-air silence before an operator comes on. No waiting music. The operator will ask What state you're from. (The state of Rage isn't the answer they're expecting . . . haha.)

I said something short along the lines of "I'm deeply offended by the so-called 'commutation' of Mr. Libby's sentence. I'm 63 years old and I am appalled that there's one kind of justice in my beloved America for rich, connected people and a lesser justice for the rest of us. It's awful. For shame.'

The importance of making the phone call is that one person who perseveres counts for tens of tens of thousands of people to whom it matters. That you bother to persevere is twice as potent as an email, tho if you can do that too, do.