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Carl Finamore from Cairo

Carl Finamore has been to Cairo recently, and published some work at In These Times. Here are some of his FaceBook posts, which didn't get published (and that I asked for permission to re-post).

January 29:

Everyone wanted to take a photo on Tuesday morning alongside one of the captured state security vehicles from the Monday evening confrontations.. A youth proudly holds a teargas canister and several shotgun casings containing so-called rubber (coated)bullets with birdshot pellets or steel ball bearings inside. They heen through all this before. My next article will be interviews of Tahrir voices.

January 29:

"It does not matter that [president] Morsi is Muslim, what matters is what he is doing to our country," 18-year old university student Dana tells me while walking to a protest with her brothers & sister. And, for emphasis, she added that "of course, most protestors in the country are Muslim as well." — at Tahrir Square, Cairo.

February 1:

More protests across Egypt scheduled for Friday, February 1. Again, it will be a test of strength for Morsi & protestors. Teargas sounded throughout the night and every night while in Cairo and Suez region continues its defiance of curfew. Just back to San Francisco, [p][/p]reparing more reports...

NOTE Looking forward to Carl's articles -- though for my own sake, I wish he were still reporting from the ground!

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