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Whither the Green Party

Green Party Victories

ARKANSAS: Fred Smith ran unopposed for State Representative District 50 (Crawfordsville) after a court ordered the votes of the Democrat to not be counted (partisan race)
ARKANSAS: Alvin Clay for Mississippi County Justice of the Peace, District 6, 53% (partisan race)
ARKANSAS: Kade Holliday for Craighead County Clerk, 62% (partisan)
CALIFORNIA: Bruce Delgado for Mayor of Marina (Monterey County) 62.58% (incumbent; nonpartisan)
CALIFORNIA: Phyllis T. Greenleaf for Trustee, Board of Education, Live Oak Elementary School District (Santa Cruz County), 2nd of 3 candidates for two seats, 33.5% (nonpartisan)

Jill Stein Filed Injunction Against Comm’n on Prez Debates

From Jill Stein’s website:

Last week Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was arrested, along with VP candidate Cheri Honkala, attempting to get into the presidential debates in Hempstead, New York.  This week her fight continues with a lawsuit filed today [October 22] against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), claiming that the CPD, Democratic National Committee, and Republican National Committee, together with the Federal Election Commission and Lynn University, had deprived her of her constitutional rights to due process, equal protection, and free speech, as well as her statutorily protected civil rights.

snip Read more about Jill Stein Filed Injunction Against Comm’n on Prez Debates

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How the Steel Workers made Bain Capital THE issue


Laid Off Steelworker in Anti-Romney Ad Says He Is Not Voting for Obama

The United Steelworkers' initial accusations regarding the GS Technologies plant closing have proven explosive enough to potentially derail Romney’s presidential bid. Their effectiveness also suggests labor's new strategy of doing its own political actions separate from the Democratic Party is starting to pay off.

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Republican National Convention: Preview


Florida: Water Pistols No; Hand Pistols Yes!The Republican National

Convention (RNC) has placed a ban on water guns, but not handguns. Maybe they're expecting the Wicked Witch of the West to show up?

Gun ban at Republican National Convention in Tampa won't happen, Gov. Rick Scott refuses to sign ban

Gov. Rick Scott has refused a request to prohibit the carrying of guns in downtown Tampa during the Republican National Convention this summer.

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Illionois' 10th Congressional District

The Moveon/Progressive candidate went down in flames. More from a local blogger, be sure to check out the comments.

Anyone know anything about this district? Will there be any emergent party candidates in the general election? Read more about Illionois' 10th Congressional District

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2012 will be more about actual problems than phantom movements

It's funny that professional left now describes those who have been too critical of Democrats. Read more about 2012 will be more about actual problems than phantom movements

A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

(from )

an open letter to President Barack Obama
from his Primary Challenger, Aldous C. Tyler

Greetings, Mr. President,

When I consider where this nation was four years ago, I can’t help but shake my head and smile at how things have actually turned out. At this point back then, the only real question in Presidential politics seemed to be who would get the Republican nomination for President to run against Hillary Clinton, who was assumed to be predestined for the Democratic nomination. Those of us who even knew of you, sir, had no real hope of getting you past the Clinton election machine, it seemed. Read more about A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

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The Democratic Party is irrelevant, example #79806341 Read more about The Democratic Party is irrelevant, example #79806341

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Best political commentary ever Read more about Best political commentary ever

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They're not sock puppets, they're social media copywriters

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Jim Messina's fabulism


Isvestia has an article about Democratic fears that Obama will bring the party down, some excerpts and observations:

“In my district, the enthusiasm for him has mostly evaporated,” said Representative Peter A. DeFazio, Democrat of Oregon. ...

...His own economic advisers concede that the unemployment rate, currently 9.1 percent, is unlikely to drop substantially over the next year, creating a daunting obstacle to re-election.

This confirms our opinion that he has no intention of doing anything for ordinary Americans. Read more about Jim Messina's fabulism

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Obama's reelection strategery


The Political Strategists Advising the White House Are F***ing Retarded

Political strategists are advising the White House to frame the debate in terms that will appeal to independent swing voters, who are considered crucial for Obama’s reelection effort next year in battleground states such as Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Colorado.

The big fight in Ohio is the repeal of SB5, and Obama has been conspicuous by his absence on that. I am guessing that Ohio voters have noticed. Read more about Obama's reelection strategery

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Your violent kleptocracy in action

From Booman of all people:

When I think of an ideal Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib scandal doesn't immediately leap to mind. But it looks like that is who DSCC Chairwoman Patty Murray has recruited to run for the open Senate seat in Texas.


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