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30 T coin

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What's Wrong With You? An Open Letter to Congressional Dems and the President

Dear Dems and Mr. President,

I've been a lifelong Democrat. But now, I don't know anymore. I'm still registered alright; but when I look at your behavior, I think I'm a freely floating voter resource now, and I'd probably respond to a poll as one in that amorphous blob of independents that stands for “the two parties suck; but we don't agree on much else.” I'm sorry about that. I really had high hopes after the 2008 election, that a new period of Democratic resurgence had come, and that the Reagan era had ended. Read below the fold...

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Beyond the Debt Ceiling: The $30 Trillion Plan for Ending Borrowing and the National Debt

Congress provided the authority, in legislation passed in 1996, for the US Mint to create platinum bullion or proof platinum coins with arbitrary fiat face value having no relationship to the value of the platinum used in these coins. These coins are legal tender. So, when the Mint deposits them in its Public Enterprise Fund account at the Fed, the Fed must credit that account with the face value of these coins. Read below the fold...

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