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Aaron Swartz

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A Walk Across New Hampshire For Aaron

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz, the computer coder and Internet freedom activist, who committed suicide while facing prosecution on federal hacking charges. So, today, in Aaron's memory and for the causes he believed in, Harvard University Professor Lawrence Lessig is walking across New Hampshire Read more about A Walk Across New Hampshire For Aaron

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Transcript: Lawrence Lessig on "Aaron's Laws - Law and Justice in a Digital Age"

[The Unknown Transcriber has done a --- oh, heck, I can't use "superlative" any more -- stunningly excellent job transcribing this [applause]. I especially like how Lessig contextualizes Swartz's death as a consequence of corruption. It's all about the rents, baby! --lambert]

This is the full transcript of the "Aaron's Laws" talk given by Lawrence Lessig at Harvard on February 19. A good summary, by Harvard second-year law student Eric Rice, of the talk is here.

Outline of talk:

(1) Aaron
(2) Aaron's works – B©, ©, A©
(3) As a citizen
(4) The "crime"
(5) Godzilla meets Jefferson and Thoreau
(6) Aaron's laws
Closing: Aaron and us

Audience Q&A
#1 - The arrest, MIT and Secret Service, and Abelson report?
#2 - What to do about prosecutorial overreach, especially for those who don't have Aaron's connections?
#3 - Easy for lawyers to make things worse, how to make things better?
#4 - MIT Office of General Counsel running things, not educators? Lawyers huge part of the problem?
#5 - Aaron's third law – how to clean up campaign financing?

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Does suicide have a hierarchy of tragedy?

Aaron Swartz' suicide has produced an outpouring of grief and anger from many quarters. The disproportionate nature of the charges filed against him produced a lot of Who Breaks a Butterfly Upon a Wheel? commentary. Read more about Does suicide have a hierarchy of tragedy?

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