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Black Friday

Walmart: Crystal Bridges Museum Prank, Bentonville, AR

Arkansas Times:

Seen this? High-tech pranksters have used the good name of Crystal Bridges, the Alice Walton-backed museum in Bentonville, to draw attention to a union protest of Walmart employment practices in a Black Friday event that has drawn a court effort by the retailer to shut it down.

Walmart: Barre, VT

Searching for Occupy meets the Vermont Raging Grannies on Black Friday in Barre, Vermont. They serenade those protesting for the Walmart workers rights with a little ditty called "Found a Walmart" Read more about Walmart: Barre, VT

Walmart: Mount Vernon, WA

Walmart: Quincy, MA

As strikes and protests spread to 1,000 Walmart locations nationwide, MassUniting's very own Darrin Howell lays it out for 650+ Walmart customers waiting in line for the 1:00AM Black Friday store opening in Quincy, MA. Dozens of Walmart workers and community allies gathered to send a message to company management: "It's time for change at Walmart!" Read more about Walmart: Quincy, MA

Walmart; Towson, MD

Protestors gathered on "Black Friday 2012" at the Walmart in Towson, Maryland to protest the company's unfair practices to workers and challenge the mentality that places the value of things higher than the value of human beings. Read more about Walmart; Towson, MD

Walmart, Paramount, CA

Walmart: Portland, OR

Walmart: Northern California

Walmart: Piscataway, NJ

Walmart: Los Angeles, CA

Walmart, Los Angeles CA.

In Los Angeles, around 30 strikers line up to march on Black Friday.

Via. Read more about Walmart: Los Angeles, CA

Walmart: Chicago, IL

Walmart: Paramount, CA

Walmart: Dallas, TX

Walmart: Lakewood, CO

Organization United for Respect (a grassroots group that advocates for Walmart associates) held a walkout and demonstration at the Colfax/Wadsworth SuperCenter on Black Friday 2 Read more about Walmart: Lakewood, CO

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A New Zealand View on Black Friday compares America’s Black Friday to “something you might see might see amid a humanitarian crisis, a war or in the aftermath of a natural disaster.”

They link to a video which originally appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald website (the Australian accent is a giveaway):

Read full article here: Stampedes and gun threats during Black Friday

Cross posted at The Most Revolutionary Act and Open Salon Read more about A New Zealand View on Black Friday


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