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Daniel Ellsberg

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Daniel Ellsberg, others arrested at Hiroshima Day protest at Lawrence Livermore; interview transcript

We’re doing what we can to make people aware that that shouldn’t be happening in this country or any other country without having to arrest people to do it, without saying, “This is without our consent, you have to do this over our bodies, it has to be done in the course of arresting Americans.”

screenshots - photo credit: Jim Stevens/Bay Area News Group,

Mercury News story, photo gallery and video here; follow-up interview on The Scott Horton Program here, with transcript below the fold. Read below the fold...

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Daniel Ellsberg reaction to Bradley Manning trial

Daniel Ellsberg was interviewed this morning on The Scott Horton Show. From the program notes:

Exclusive: the first reaction of Daniel Ellsberg, author of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, to Bradley Manning’s acquittal on charges of “aiding the enemy,” but conviction under the espionage act, why journalism is still threatened, Manning’s motives, the positive consequences of his leaks – for instance ending America’s occupation of Iraq once and for all, and the importance of whistleblowers to a free society.

Transcript below. Listen to the podcast here. Read below the fold...

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HuffPo: Mike Gravel, Senator Who Disclosed Pentagon Papers, Backs Edward Snowden

...and says don't waste your time on Congress!

From Ryan Grim's recent interview of Mike Gravel on Huffington Post:

Ellsberg has suggested Congress dig into the matter of NSA surveillance of Americans, but Gravel, while noting his deep admiration for Ellsberg, said he didn't see the point.

"It's just a waste of time when you see the reaction of [Intelligence chair Dianne] Feinstein, of Harry Reid, the Republican leadership, the Democratic leadership." he said. "Anything that would come out of a select committee wouldn't be worth the powder to blow it to hell."

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Bradley Manning is Grand Marshal! Scenes from the Pride Board meeting, San Francisco, May 7, 2013

"Forget the Pride committee. The community has spoken: Bradley Manning IS Grand Marshal."

Bradley Manning is Grand Marshal! Pride Meeting 7 May 2013
YouTube posted May 9, 2013 by MayaMediated

YouTube info: Includes the only photos from inside the meeting! "They say court martial! We say grand marshal!" Why did Pride cancel making Bradley Manning Grand Marshal of Pride 2013? Why did they ban the press from their meeting? Sure looks like the corporate sponsors want a nice, squeaky clean party with no reminders that Pride is about fighting for human rights and that the celebration honors a RIOT. Forget the Pride committee. The community has spoken: Bradley Manning IS Grand Marshal. Read below the fold...

Chris Floyd Poem: The Good Corporal (for whistleblowers)

Good corporal, good corporal, now what have you done?
You’ve laid out the dead in the light of the sun.
You’ve opened the door where the dark deeds go on,
Where the fine words of freedom are broken like bones.

Good corporal, good corporal, you tell us of crime
Done in the name of your country and mine.
Of torture and murder, corruption and lies,
In a land where no echo will carry the cries.

Good corporal, good corporal, now who do we blame
For the horrors you bring us, for this undying shame?
Should we lay all the guilt on the grunts with no name,
Or the high and the mighty who rigged up this game?

Good corporal, good corporal, don’t you know the fate

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