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Is Occupy Just an Event?

and not a movement? This is the question that Matthew Noah Smith makes in an essay titled "Living Politically" on the site to which Lambert recently directed us that had the essay "Occupy Philosophy".

He believes that Occupy was an important "event" in that it captured our imaginations more than other important protests such as the one that shut down the state government in Wisconsin. And the "why" of how it did that is important. Read below the fold...

Blast From Yer Past, no. 2: Shut Up And Vote

(Here's another slight oldie, another piece reproduced as stickers and slapped all over the streets of Denver and Minneapolis during the '08 convention protests, but which is still pertinent today...)

Read below the fold...

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If You're Going to Dump Obama, Here's Some Advice

After reading the entries by metamars, Jeff Roby, and others calling for a "Dump Obama" movement, and after reading the questions put to me in those threads, I decided to analyze what these guys are trying to do and come up with some advice for how to grow a "Dump Obama" crowd into a cohesive, well-organized, nationwide movement. Read below the fold...